Top 10 DVD Copy | Ripper Software Review 2023

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Lossless Backup or Compress any DVD and Output to Blank Disc Directly.

1. Why Need to Copy or Rip DVD?

For disc collection enthusiasts, there might be occasions when you want to copy DVD to computer for later playback with player software rather than home disc players. Meanwhile, it’s a convenient and efficient way to copy DVD movies from your friends to avoid buying piles of stacked discs stored in your room. Sometimes, you may intend to copy DVD to hard drive as ISO/folder for lasting storage, since discs are easy to scratch or get lost due to improper preservation. Above all, most commercial DVD discs contain copyright protections, therefore you need professional DVD copy software with a view to copy protected DVD content.

Similarly, if you anticipate watching DVD video on multiple devices like tablets and smartphones, it’s highly imperative to rip DVD and convert DVD to digital formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV and M4V for the ultimate goal of smooth and stunning playback on your portable and mobile devices. On this occasion, DVD Ripper software comes in handy to fix your problem.

2. Top 5 DVD Copy Software Selected by DVDVideoSoft

An indisputable fact is that there are countless DVD copy and ripping programs prevailing on the market. Hence, it’s really a spot of bother to pick out the best from all possible options, just like hunting for a needle the desirable one to copy DVD to DVD or rip DVD to digital fit fros

2.1 DVDFab DVD Copy

Price $54.9; bundle plan; free trial
Available on Windows and macOS
Copy Protections remove RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, RipGuard
Features Copy DVD to blank DVD disc, or as ISO/folder on hard drive
6 Copy mode: Full Disc, Main Movie, Clone/Burn, Merge, Split and Customize
Copy DVD with lossless 1:1 ratio quality or compressed DVD to smaller size
Customized options to produce perfect output

With easy-to-use and intuitive interface, this best DVD copy program fully deserve the optimal solution to copy/clone/burn DVD within 3 simple clicks with a blazing fast speed and high quality. Besides, all standard DVD discs/ISO files/folders can be supported as input formats. You can choose to copy DVD source to any blank DVD-9/DVD-5 disc, ISO/folder, or compress DVD-9 to DVD-5 discs.

By the way, if you wonder how to copy a DVD fast and well, the following simple tips are for your reference:

Step 1: launch DVDFab DVD Copy and load DVD (disc/ISO/folder) source
Step 2: select one copy mode and customize output DVD
Step 3: start to copy DVD

If you mean to copy DVD Windows 10 or copy DVD Mac, this DVD copier/cloner/burner will bring you unexpected results, a good helper for novices and experienced users. What’s more, with this best free DVD copy software on 30-day free trial basis, the output DVD content can be played with standard home players or player software. You can turn on GPU acceleration within this DVD copy software while copying a DVD to make the process faster and more stable.

2.2 DVD Cloner 2020

Price $59.99; lifetime plan
Available on Windows & Mac OS
Copy Protections remove regular DVD copy protections
Features Copy DVD to blank disc or as ISO/folder on computer
6 copy modes and lightning copy speed
Customized options to create lossless output quality

This professional DVD copy software can decrypt DVD and clone DVD to any blank disc or as ISO/folder with diverse modes for playback on media devices. However, you need to pay for its upgraded module at a cost if you aim to copy DVD to computer within half an hour.

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2.3 Xilisoft DVD Copy 2

Price $39.95; free trial
Available on Windows & Mac OS
Copy Protections Remove any region codes
Features Copy DVD to blank disc or as ISO/folder on computer
Copy modes: Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize
Clone DVD movies in perfect 1:1 ratio lossless quality

This DVD Copy program is a stable and fast solution to clone/copy DVD, which endows you with customized features to copy home DVD movies in any region code without any damage or loss. It supports DVD video and ISO/folder as input formats to make perfect DVD copy. Nevertheless, it misses minor customized features like splitting one larger disc into two smaller-capacity discs.

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2.4 Winx DVD Copy Pro

Price $39.95; free trial
Available on Windows
Copy Protections remove RC, CSS, RCE, UOPs (FBI warnings), Sony ARccOS
Features Copy DVD to blank disc or as ISO/folder on computer
Copy modes: Full Disc, Main Movies, Customize, Clone and Burn
Support latest DVDs and repair corrupted/ARccOS bad sectors

This DVD copy software gives the power to copy DVD to DVD for safe storage and copy DVD to computer as ISO file/folder for later burning, burning and ripping, via full compatibility with the latest DVDs with any region codes. However, it fails to compress larger DVD files to fit in with smaller-capacity disc.

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2.5 Leawo DVD Copy

Price $29.95; free trial
Available on Windows
Copy Protections Remove CSS and common protections
Features Copy DVD to DVD disc or as ISO/folder with no quality loss
Copy modes: Full Movie, Main Movie, Customize
Support CSS-DVD and common DVD discs

This easy-to-use DVD copy software allows users to copy DVD to computer for playback or copy DVD to hard drive for simple storage. It can copy DVD-9/DVD-5 to DVD-9/DVD-5, or compress DVD-9 to DVD-5 with nice quality.

3. Top 5 DVD Ripper Software Picked by DVDVideoSoft

3.1 DVDFab DVD Ripper

Price $54.9; free trial; bundled plan
Available on Windows and Mac OS
Copy Protections Remove all copy protections like RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, RipGuard, Cinavia, CSS, etc.
Features Rip all DVDs (discs/ISOs/folders) to videos/audios of various formats playable on multiple devices
Customize output content via Advanced Settings and built-in video editor
GPU hardware accelerations to quicken the conversion process
Extract audio files from DVDs (discs/ISOs/folders)
Work with Enlarger AI to upscale video from 480p to 1080p
Underpin various device presets like Apple, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei...
Share converted content onto YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo
SRegular update and timely online help on DVD ripping issues

This best free DVD ripper, on 30-day trial basis, gives you the power to convert DVDs (discs/ISOs/folders), both commercial and home-made, to lossless digital files of various formats (2D/3D videos like H.265/H.264, MKV, MP4, WMV, M2TS, DTS, MPEG-4, FLV, AVI, TS; audios like MP3, MP4, M4A, WMA/WMA10, WAV, AAC, DTS and OGG) without a hitch. Even so, this best DVD ripper is able to work seamlessly with AI video enhancer to upscale video resolution and quality radically, which will bring unexpected viewing experience

Thanks to its intuitive interface, this simple-to-use DVD ripping tool has no learning curve. If you are curious about how to rip DVD to digital files with this best DVD ripper, go to the following simple guideline.

How to Rip a DVD with this powerful DVD Ripper:

Step 1: launch DVDFab DVD Ripper and load DVD (disc/ISO/folder) source

Step 2: choose one profile and customize output video/audio

Step 3: start to rip DVD

Note that you can personalize the output content through the Wrench icon (Advanced Settings) and Pen icon (Video Editor). Trimming, cropping, merging and rotating clips, add music, watermark and subtitles, or adjust brightness and contrast, you have the final say.

3.2 WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Price $29.95; free trial
Available on Windows and Mac OS
Copy Protections remove RC, RCE, CSS encryption, UOPs, Sony ARccOS
Features Rip DVDs to various digital formats for free playback or storage
Hardware acceleration to speed up ripping and conversion process
Edit video like trimming/cropping, adjusting audio volume and add subtitles

Winx DVD Ripper in Platinum version allows you to rip DVDs (commercial and personal) to digitalized formats that are playable on diverse mobile devices. However, this DVD ripper for Mac and Win fails to edit video in the aspects of adding watermark, and adjusting output contrast and brightness. Besides, you need to pay the bill for full-licensed platinum version so as to enjoy advanced features.

3.3 Wondershare Uniconverter

Price $39.95; lifetime/business plan; free trial
Available on Windows and Mac OS
Copy Protections Remove/bypass RC, Sony ARccOS, DVD CSS, Cinavia Protection
Features Convert DVDs to various video formats like MP4 and MOV
GPU acceleration to create fast conversion process
Full set of customized tools to personalize output

Unlike other DVD ripping tools, this DVD converter tries to strike a balance between DVD ripper and video converter, but still lacks full features in terms of single module. Nevertheless, as a free DVD ripper, it is inferior to its rival products since only one third of the whole DVD can be ripped. How frustrating! For this reason, you might need to blaze a new trial.

3.4 Aimersoft DVD Ripper

Price $29.95; lifetime/business plan; free trial
Available on Windows and Mac OS
Copy Protections Encrypt RC, CSS and Sony ARccOS, RCE, and Puppetlock
Features Rip DVD (disc/ISO/folder/IFO) movies to popular video formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV for personal playback or transform DVD to online formats like FLV, F4V, SWF
Extract audio tracks or background music from DVD to MP3, M4A, WMA, AC3 and OGG
GPU acceleration and customized options (trimming, watermark, subtitles and visual effects)

This DVD Ripper allows users to rip DVD (commercial and home-made) and convert to mainstream video/audio formats readable by iPhone, Apple TV, PS3 and Xbox 360. Note that trouble might occur when it comes to ripping DVD folders or ISO files.

3.5 Leawo DVD Ripper

Price $29.95; free trial
Available on Windows
Copy Protections Encrypt RC, RCE
Features Rip DVD and convert to video/audio formats like MKV, MP4, MP3, M4A
Convert DVD for personal use on multiple devices or upload to YouTube
Built-in video editor and 3D movie creator to customize output (trimming, watermark, subtitles and visual effects)

This Window-based DVD Ripper software is capable of ripping and converting DVD to common video and audio formats that can be playable on multiple devices. Above all, you can customize output content via setting parameters, built-in video editor and visual effects. However, if you are a Mac user, you had better seek other alternatives to rip DVDs.

4. How to Remove DVD Copy Protections with Professional Tools?

When it comes to copying protected DVDs for playback on computers, or storage on hard drive, DVD Copy software with protection removal feature shall be given top priority. Based on overall consideration, here recommend you the best solutions to remove DVD copy protections once for all.

4.1 Passkey for DVD

Price $44.9; lifetime plan; free trial
Available on Windows
Copy Protections Encrypt RC, RCE
Features Remove all-known DVD copy protections
Compatible with DVDFab DVD Copy/Ripper, WinX DVD…
Rip encrypted DVD to hard disk or image file for later use
Constant update to accept the latest new protections
Customized settings to enhance user experience

If you aim to remove DVD copy protections such as RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, ARccOS and RipGuard, Passkey for DVD works well to make all DVDs accessible for smooth playback with region-specific drive or player software like DVDFab Player 6 without any hassle. Note that this DVD copy protection remover cannot remove new protection 2.0 and Cinavia, which will be resolved in the next part.

How to Remove DVD Copy Protections (for Common Types)

Step 1: run DVDFab Passkey for DVD and choose DVD on the main interface
Step 2: load DVD source to be decrypted
Step 3: rip DVD to hard drive/image, or copy DVD

4.2 DVDFab Cinavia Removal

Price $34.9; lifetime plan; free trial
Available on Windows and Mac OS
Copy Protections Cinavia Targeted
Features Auto-detect and remove Cinavia watermark completely and permanently
Work when copying DVD with Main Movie and Full Disc modes
Produce near-lossless AC3 audio track, no inferior to the original
Compatible with all Cinavia affected devices
Integrated into DVDFab DVD Copy module and Full Disc/Main Movie mode

This powerful Cinavia remover can remove Cinavia watermarks embedded in the audio tracks completely and permanently. Even an updated firmware with new detector will not trigger the watermark.

How to Remove DVD Copy Protections (for Cinavia watermark)

Step 1: launch DVDFab DVD Copy, choose Copy module and Full Disc/Main Movie mode

Step 2: select the audio track embedded with Cinavia watermark and click the Cinavia logo to be slashed

Step 3: start to remove Cinavia watermark

These are the professional and most reliable solutions to remove protections when copy protected DVD with DVDFab DVD Copy software. Just feel free to choose the suitable one as per actual needs.

5. Wrap Up | DVDVideoSoft

In this article, you have gained a full picture of top 10 DVD Copy and DVD Ripper software that will help you copy DVD to computer or hard drive and rip DVD to digital files. If you are longing to copy protected DVD, you are suggested to choose DVDFab DVD Copy since it works seamlessly with DVD Copy protection removal tools for the purpose of remove copy protections thoroughly. Besides, 6 copy modes will satisfy all your needs. Otherwise, other alternatives like Leawo DVD Copy will be optional because it is quite cheap but does not work for Mac OS users.

Meanwhile, when you are unhappy with the video quality of ripped DVD content, you can choose DVDFab DVD Ripper to rip and convert DVD to video, and further upscale video with the integrated AI powered video enhancer, Enlarger AI. That means you can kill two birds with one stone. Of course, if you merely seek simple functions to rip DVD, you can try other options like Aimersoft DVD Ripper.

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