Top 10 Free DVD Decrypter to Decrypt All Kinds of Copy Protected DVD!

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Lossless Backup or Compress any DVD and Output to Blank Disc Directly.

We usually decrypt DVDs to protect a DVD from being illegally replicated and curb piracy, especially in the entertainment sector. So, if you do have DVDs and are struggling to decrypt them, then you might want to know which DVD Decrypters you can use to help you. Thankfully, there are many free DVD Decrypters to help you. Here we have selected the 10 best free ones for you.

1. What is a copy-protected DVD?

DVDs that you buy from the market usually have some sort of protection to prevent their copying to another storage. You cannot copy the content of such a disk to the computer or another disc. A DVD with such protection is called a copy-protected DVD. There are primarily 4 types of protections used to generate copy-protected DVDs.

1. Analog Protection System (APS) scrambling - This protection system was developed by a company named Macrovision. When DVD Recorders detect this protection, they won’t start the recording and will display a message informing the user about the same.

2. Content Scramble System (CSS) encryption - This is a 40-bit stream cipher algorithm. It is a 3 part system including the disc, the drive, and the player. The disc has encrypted content and copyright information. The drive reads this encrypted content which is utilized by the player to decrypt the content to provide the audio and video. All these 3 participants in this system have to sign the CCA's license agreement.

3. DVD Disc Corruption - This technique exploits the fact that damaged DVD sectors can cause DVD writers to hang up during recording. Commercial disks are purposefully filled with back sectors that are skipped by DVD players but cause issues for recorders.

4. Region Code - This protection divides the earth into 6 regions. A DVD protected by the region code of one region, won’t play on players in other regions. For example, a DVD with region code protection bought in Brazil won’t play in Australia. This protection is enforced using the players which have the region code of the region they are bought in.

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2. Top 10 DVD Decrypters to Break Out Limitation

NEXT, we are going to provide a comprehensive top 10 DVD copy protection removal software review for you to choose the right tool for certain DVD copy protection removal.

#1 DVDFab Passkey for DVD


DVDFab Passkey for DVD is a Windows-based DVD decrypter that can remove all major protections that are currently used on commercial DVDs like RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, RipGuard, etc. It helps you play any DVD without worrying about region restrictions or any type of scrambling or encryption.

Win Download

dvdfab passkey for dvd

Additional Features

DVDFab Passkey for DVD comes along with a whole pack of applications included in the installation. You get tools to copy, rip, clone, and edit the videos. You can use these to burn copies of these DVDs or to create DVD folders on your local hard drive, which is good on the fly DVD decrypter for Windows users.

Regular Updates

You don’t have to worry about new protections coming in the market and your DVDFab DVD decrypter no longer working. To catch up with times, DVDFab Passkey for DVD gets regular updates at quick intervals to guarantee you protection removal on any new release.

Flexible Settings

In addition to working as a DVD copy protection removal software, it also takes care of a few other needs users usually have with DVDs. It helps you remove PGCs, modify the playback orders for the titles in the DVD, choose one application language if you have multiple of them on the disc, etc.

The only protections that it doesn’t remove are the new protection 2.0 and Cinavia. However, the Cinavia Removal tool is available as a separate purchase in the application.

#2 WinX DVD Ripper

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum has a free version and a paid version. The free version supports the removal of old protection but to remove the latest protections, you will need to buy the paid version. It can work as a DVD decrypter on a wide range of video formats. It gets weekly updates for its DVD decrypter so that you are always ready to be able to decrypt any protection on a DVD. You can use it to burn new discs which are protection free or create an ISO or folder on your local storage.

best dvd decrypter

A few common DVD Protections that this tool can remove are:
● Region Code
● Sony ARccOS
● Disney ARM

You can give this tool a try with the free version. But do remember that it has support for only a few older protections and the output video will also have a WinX watermark.

#3 DVDShrink

As the name says, this DVD cloning software is primarily designed to shrink DVD content. DVDShrink claims to be able to convert DVD 9 to DVD5. It is a free tool that in addition to shrinking DVD content, removes many famous protections from it. Protections such as CSS (most commercial DVDs used), RC, RCE, etc. can be removed using this application. One of its highlights is that it takes only a few minutes to rip a complete DVD.

dvdshrink: dvd decrypter

The downside of this free DVD decrypter is that being free software, it is not regular. Due to this reason, it is not able to remove the latest DVD protection mechanisms. Also, the interface is very basic which might not be to the liking of users who like an aesthetically good interface.

#4 MakeMKV

This is a free DVD decrypter for Mac, Windows and Linux. It can remove protections without affecting the content of the DVD. There is no loss of quality or audio-video tracks and chapters. The output file is in MKV format which you can play with VLC player or convert it to another format with a video converter.


It can remove AACS and BD+ protections from a DVD for free. You can set it to remove the extra content in the disc, like subtitles and audio tracks you don’t want. The software is currently in beta which is the reason it is free. But it might not stay like this forever.

#5 Pavtube ByteCopy

This free DVD decrypter is, without doubt, a good utility to help you copy or rip DVDs to blank DVD or computer. You can use it copy protected or unprotected DVDs to blank DVDs/ISO/DVD folder. It is capable of removing Sony Arccos or Region protection from DVDs.

pavtube bytecopy

You can also use it to rip video files directly to your computer in various formats like MP4, H.265, AVI, MKV, WMV, MPG, M4V, etc. The output file generated is a lossless version of the original. The application is available for both Mac and Windows operating system.

#6 DVDSmith Movie Backup

DVDSmith can copy your whole DVD or just the main movie from your DVD. It is also a free DVD decrypter that can remove protections like CSS, RCE, APS, UOPs, etc. The application goes through frequent updates to keep up to date with new DVD protection technologies being introduced.

dvdsmith movie backup

The output files generated have the same quality as the original quality on the disc. The files are stored as DVD folder on your computer hard drive and can be played by any good media player like DVDFab Player 6, VLC Player, or Windows Media Player.

#7 Freemake DVD Ripper

Freemake rips DVDs is H.264/AAC codec providing you 1:1 lossless video. You can use it for a variety of tasks like making a digital copy of your DVD, playing the digital copy on your smartphone or creating an ISO image for backup.

freemake dvd ripper

Before ripping DVD you can do basic video editing tasks like cutting or trimming videos, removing extra subtitles and audio tracks. And in case your DVD is protected, it works as a fast DVD copy protection removal software to remove non-corruption based protections. However, it seems more focused on removing Region-Lock protections so if you are looking to remove protections like Cinavia or protection 2.0.

#8 123 Copy DVD Gold

You might not have heard about this product but that doesn’t mean that it is behind its competitors at all. It helps you not just in digitizing your DVDs but provides video editing, video conversion, audio conversion, and DVD decrypter capability. It can create 1:1 lossless copy of your CSS or region code protected DVDs.

123 copy dvd gold

Before creating a copy of the disc on your computer, you can change the format of the video and share the output on any device or online. Its video editor can be used to create personalized videos with images, clips, and audio clips combined in one.

#9 Aura DVD Copy

Aura DVD Copy is a DVD Copy and Ripping solution that has DVD Shrinking and DVD Decrypter capabilities. With its advanced technology, it removes a wide variety of DVD protections including protections which use bad sectors as protection mechanisms.

aura dvd copy

It is available for all Windows versions after Windows versions after XP but not for Mac and Linux. You can also use it to erase rewritable discs. It is a premium software with 30 days money-back guarantee and great after-sales support.

#10 Leawo DVD Copy

Leawo DVD Copy offers an accelerated DVD ripping and copy process along with DVD decryption from CSS and Region Lock protection technology. You can copy in 3 modes - Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode. You can use to not just clone DVDs but to also create ISO and Movie folders of DVD on your computer. There are a lot more features which you might find interesting in this application.

3. How to Decrypt Blu-ray Copy Protections?

DVD Decryption is quite common when compared to Blu-Ray decryption. Only the best media software companies create good Blu-ray decrypters. Creating Blu-ray movies is an expensive activity for production houses and hence they also spend a lot on protecting any unauthorized copying on these discs.

So if you do decide to decrypt your Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, you must use the best Blu-ray decrypter in the market - Passkey for Blu-ray. Except for Cinavia protection, Passkey for Blu-ray provides a guarantee to remove all other protections from your Blu-ray and enables you to create protection-free copies. You can use it to fix ISO and Blu-ray folders created by other rippers which have playback problems due to some residual protections (like Screen Pass) that were not removed by those tools.

Except for Cinavia, Passkey for Blu-ray can remove all the latest BD+ protections including the 15th generation BD+ and 3D BD+, AACS MKB v 26, and AACS bus encryption, Region Code, BD-Live, and UOPs for Blu-ray. With just a single click, this Blu-ray decrypter will make your Blu-ray playable in any region. You can keep the decrypted Blu-ray on your computer in ISO or Blu-ray folder format. Or else, you can always burn it back to an empty Blu-ray sans any protection.

The output file generated can be further processed to do any editing, changing the video/audio codec or any other activity on any such multimedia processing tool. And like the best premium applications out there, the development team of Passkey for Blu-ray keeps pushing out updates for any new protections or algorithm changes that might arrive in the market to improve protection.

A summary of a few protections which Passkey for Blu-ray by DVDFab can remove so you can understand how much engineering knowledge goes into decrypted protected Blu-rays:

1. BD+ This Blu-ray protection system is so good that just because of this many media houses decide to use Blu-ray over HD DVD as their media carrier discs. When it was developed it was expected to take around 10 years before someone could break it.

This protection mechanism works with the help of a virtual machine that is embedded in the Blu-ray players. This allows the copyright owners to include some program in the Blu-ray discs which checks a few parameters of the host environment, verifies the player’s keys, and transforms some parts of the audio and video which won’t be playable otherwise.

2. AACS MKB v 26 This is encryption-based Blu-ray protection in which the content on the disc is encrypted. Along with the encrypted media content, the disc also has the Volume ID (VID), the Encrypted Title Key(s), and the MKB in an encrypted format.

The player has its Device Keys which are unique for each model. One of these keys is used to decrypt the MKB which gives the Media Key. This Media Key is combined with the Volume ID present on the disc to obtain Title Keys which are finally used to decrypt the multimedia content of the Blu-ray.

3. AACS Bus Encryption This encryption has been specially made for PC-based players. This adds PC player encryptions to provide a safer way of communication between the Blu-ray player and the disc. This encryption uses Dynamic Keys which makes any attempt to know the AACS keys useless.

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