DVD Cloner Review 2023

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Lossless Backup or Compress any DVD and Output to Blank Disc Directly.

If you have a lot of DVDs in your collection, one of the prime issues you would normally fae would be how to take care of them. The physical discs are bound to be affected by several issues such as breakage, scratches and even bad sectors. It is the best options to clone DVD to another disc or your hard drive is the best way to help you save your discs and memories on them. DVD Cloner is ideally one such software that has proved its essence and efficacy over the years.

Let us check out DVD Cloner and other DVD Clone reviews to help you choose the right one for you.

DVD Cloner 2020- An extensive Professional DVD Copy Software

DVD Cloner is a reliable, simplest and easy to use tool for the best DVD cloner tool. An extreme level of customisation and high-quality copying are a few features that have proved it to be one of the best professional DVD Copy software as per several DVD Clone reviews.

DVD Copy Software

Some of the high-end features offered by DVD Cloner would include

You can simply burn the contents of an entire disc to a new blank disc. The software removes all the DVD protections on the disc in one go when you begin to clone DVD using the tool.

  • Support for multiple formats

Support for all DVD formats is yet another plus point on the tool. It supports DVD-5 to DVD-5, DVD-9 to DVD-9 in 1:1 ratio.

  • Easy to Use

No matter whether you are a novice or an experienced user, you will find DVD Cloner simple and easy to use. The options such as one-click copies make it easy to clone DVDs without hassles. If you an expert, you can use the proper mode for better customisation.

  • Better customisation

A huge customisation offered by DVD Cloner further makes it a good choice to go with. You can pick a few specific sections of the DVD to copy or decide to copy the entire disc. The customisation options provide you with a complete control over your copying process. You can even remove the extra chapters and movie trailers.

  • Speed and efficiency

The optimised DVD burning engine has been designed to offer a faster DVD burning capability. A standard DVD movie should be copied within a span of 40 to 50 minutes. The actual speeds will be dependent on the compression quality that you have configured. The time would also be dependent on your hardware.

How to Clone DVD with DVD Cloner?

The steps involved in how to clone DVD with DVD Cloner is easy and simple to follow. Most of the steps are self-explanatory.

Follow the steps as here below to understand how to burn DVD with DVD Cloner–

  • Install and launch DVD Cloner. You can download DVD Cloner for the official link.

  • Insert the disc you want to copy or clone in your optical drive

  • DVD Cloner will open in Express Moe by default. You can switch to Expert mode if needed.

download DVD Cloner

  • Pick Copy to D5 if you want to compress the DVD into DVD 5 format or Rip to MKV to rip the DVD to MKV format. You may also clone DVD in 1:1 mode without any compression. To do this, you should switch to Expert mode.


  • Wait till copying process is completed. You should get a progress indicator.

  • You will find the Smart Analyser to cracking all the protections on the disc and copy the contents of the DVD.

copy the contents of the DVD

Best DVD Cloner Alternatives for free

While there are several Top 10 DVD Copy | Ripper Software Review portals available, we thought of sharing a few good DVD Cloner alternatives just in case you are not comfortable using DVD Cloner for any reason.

  1. Burn4Free

While it is free Burn4Free comes with the features akin to those on any professional DVD Copy software. It lets you burn your DVDs in just two clicks.


Features -

  • A concise and easy to use interface

  • No adware, spyware and other malicious components despite being free

  • You can copy videos, audios and even data to your computer hard drive.

  • An extremely good speed.

  1. ExpressBurn

If you are on a Mac, ExpressBurn should be a great solution and provides you access to a high degree DVD burning on a Mac device. The high-end DVD Copy tool is specifically designed for Mac OS X.


Features –

  • The speed offered by ExpressBurn is one of the best tools

  • It can copy audio, video and data files from CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc formats

  • Extensive customization options

  • Ability to copy discs in 1:1 ratio

  • Support for multiple formats such as AVI, MPG, VOB, WMV, MP4 and more

  1. DVDFab

DVDFab Suite is one of the huge options for all your video-related tasks, and DVD Copy is one of the modules on the tool. It can backup a wide range of DVD formats such as DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL.


Some features offered by the tool include

  • Endless Copying optionsIt offers you several DVD Copy options that include clone DVD with a 1:1 ratio for lossless DVD output, compress DVD-9 to DVD-5, and copy DVD-9 to DVD-9, DVD-5 to DVD-5 and DVD-5 to DVD-9.

  • Multiple copy modesYou can choose from among 6 copy modes – Full, main Movie, Clone/Burn, Merge, Split and Customise.

  • User-friendly UI The DVDFab DVD Copy comes with a user-friendly interface along with multiple language support.

  • The decryption of encrypted DVDsThe DVD Copy software can ideally handle all the DVD protection protocols with ease. Support for newer protections with due updates is yet another plus point.

  • Top-notch speeds​​​​​​​DVDFab DVD Copy provides you access to a high-end speed performance quite unseen on most of the other tools. Support for multi-core and batch conversion options further enhance your experience.

Well, DVD Cloner does provide you with access to a host of advantages and features in terms of an enhanced DVD Copy functionality. Check out the tool and its best DVD Cloner alternatives to arrive at the right solution that meets your needs. You can also check out a few DVD clone reviews and information on best DVD software on our site.

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