MOV vs MP4: Which Video Format Is Better?

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MOV and MP4 both are video file formats with lossy compression. Comparing and deciding between MP4 vs MOV is not that difficult if you know the purpose of the use. MP4 was introduced in 2001, much later than MOV that was made available for public use in 1998.

Although both formats are file containers, there are specific differences in MOV vs MP4 quality, MOV vs MP4 size, and Mov file vs MP4 file supported platforms.

This article is a detailed comparison. MOV vs .MP4 formats in terms of quality, file size, and compatibility. Plus, you will also get to know which format should you choose n the basis of your needs.

Furthermore, this article also emphasizes that converting one video format to another is no more a hassle with outstanding video converter software programs like DVDFab Video Converter.


Whether you want to share funny videos with your friends or promote your business or services, the best way is to engage your audience is to make interesting videos. There are various video file formats available out there. Whether video editing is one of your hobbies or creating videos professionally, using the correct format for your videos is very important.

In this article, we will discuss MOV vs MP4. These two video formats are most commonly used for editing videos on Mac. Videos in MOV format can be played on a QuickTime movie player and are commonly used to save movies, videos, and other media formats. On the other hand, videos in MP4 format can be played on various Operating Systems and Media Players.

Without wasting a second, let us move ahead and find out MP4 vs MOV, which video format is a better choice.

MOV vs MP4-Which Format to Choose?

Before comparing and making decisions regarding MOV vs MP4, let's quickly look at each of these formats.

What is MOV Video Format?

MOV is a digital file container video format developed by Apple. It is also called QuickTime File Format, QTFF because the videos in this format can be played on QuickTime movie players and saved videos.

MOV stores data using the track idea, which is commonly used to quickly store various video files, movies, and dates. To reduce the size of the videos, it employs lossy compression to enable storage, resulting in the best possible video quality after compression. Moreover, MOV utilizes a sophisticated and advanced algorithm supported by various versions of Windows OS and Mac.

What is MP4 Video Format?

MP4 is also known as MPEG-4 Part 14 and is a widespread multimedia format since it can be played by almost every media device and operating system.

MP4 format is based on the MOV file as it utilizes lossy compression to compress and reduce the size of the file. This type of compression has minimal impact on the quality of your media file, but it provides a lot of flexibility, which is a big plus point for this Video format.

MOV vs MP4-What are the Differences between the two formats?

No doubt MOV and MP4 both formats make use of lossy compression. However, they have a few significant differences in MOV vs MP4 quality, MOV vs MP4 size, and supported platforms. Let's move ahead and discuss these differences in detail.

MOV vs MP4 Quality

MOV format for video files released for public use in 1998 consists of high bitrate video files with slight or overall no compression. Although they have a substantial file size, they are high-quality video formats.

On the other hand, MP4, introduced for public use in 2001, is also a file container. It consists of compressed video files, but the quality of those videos is quite similar to the uncompressed files.

So, if we talk about MP4 vs MOV quality, MOV and MP4, both files have high quality.

MOV vs MP4 Size

If we compare MOV vs MP4 size, MP4 is generally smaller and more compressed. On the other hand, the file size of MOV format videos is often more extensive and slightly higher in quality.

MOV file vs MP4 file Supported Devices

MOV and MP4 formats support different devices, which is probably the main difference between them. MOV file format is specific to Apple users and is an Apple file format for Quicktime.

Whereas MP4 supports almost all media players, platforms, and operating system and possess an international standard due to t its high quality and smaller file size.

When to Use MOV format?

MOV can be the right choice of video format for you if you are working in a professional environment, television or films. This is because professional editors usually prefer MOV codecs.

Moreover, MOV formats contain all data required to edit videos files. It is handy and can contain combined-media files, including 360-degree animations.

When to use MP4 format?

Since MP4 is a standard file format compatible with various platforms, you can use it to share Video files across the web or social media. Whether you are a Mac, Windows, or Linux user, this format is a good option because it produces high-quality files with smaller sizes.

Best Software for Format Conversion

Now you must understand both video formats, MOV vs MP4, and which one would be the right choice for you according to your particular requirements. However, sometimes an Apple user may need to share a video file, but what if the other editor doesn't have a platform that supports MOV format. You might need to convert the MOV file into MP4 format in such cases.

For this purpose, you would need the best and highly professional video converter such as DVDFab Video Converter.

DVDFab Video Converter allows you to convert the format of your video files to another format easily and quickly while maintaining the quality of the file. You can use this fantastic tool to convert your MOV files to MP4 within a matter of minutes.

Let's move ahead and find out which steps are involved in the conversion of MOV to MP4 using the DVDFab Video Conversion tool.

mov vs mp4 converter

How to Convert MOV to MP4 using DVDF ab Video Converter?

Follow these steps to convert MOV to MP4 format using DVDFab video converter.

Step 1

Download and install the software program.

Upload the video to be converted.

Step 2

Perform required advanced settings like video editing, changing the bit rate, resolution, or image quality by clicking on the wrench symbol located beside the imported file.

Step 3

Select the output format, which is MP4 in this case.

Click on the Start button.

Step 4

The MOV format of your video file will be converted to MP4 format in no time.

Track the progress of the conversion process using the progress indicator.

Step 5

Once the conversion is finished, you can save your file on your device. You are all ready to share your MP4 file to any platform you want.

DVDFab Video Converter is undoubtedly an effective and trustworthy third-party program that allows you to convert your files into numerous formats easily and quickly without compromising the quality of your video file.


Now that you know the differences and uses of MOV and MP4 video formats, deciding regarding .MOV vs .MP4 is no more a tough row to hoe. Choosing among MP4 vs MOV entirely depends upon where you are using your video file. If you work as a professional editor, you require the highest quality. MOV is the format you should go for. But, if you want a format compatible with most platforms, playback devices, video-sharing, and social media sites, MP4 is the one for you.

And in case you have your files in MOV format, and you have to share them to a platform other than Apple's, DVDFab Video Converter is right there for your rescue. Convert your MOV file to MP4 or vice versa within a matter of minutes using DVDFab Video Converter.


MP4 vs MOV, which is a better format for YouTube?

MP4 is a better video format for YouTube because its files are compressed into JPG into a movie file. The quality of the video file is high, and the MP4 format is compatible with all platforms.

What if you have a file in MOV format and want to share it on Windows OS?

Since Apple only supports MOV, you must convert your MOV file to MP4 format before sharing it on other platforms like Windows OS. This conversion can quickly be done using a Powerful third-party converter program like DVDFab Video Converter.

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