Top 10 Blu-ray Decrypters to Remove BD Copy Protections

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A Blu-ray Decrypter software is a powerful tool that can help you copy Blu-ray and DVDs for personal use. Commercially available Blu-rays have a variety of copy protection mechanisms to protect the content from being copied in an unauthorized manner. A good Blu-ray Decrypter can help you address the concern and remove Blu-ray protection. Opting for an open-source Blu-ray decrypter can be a great option.

Part 1. Variety of Blu-ray Copy Protection Techniques

Commercial Blu-rays are protected with a wide range of Blu-ray copy protection techniques. There are different techniques used to cater to different scenarios. There are five significant categories of protection used.


DRM protection or Digital Rights Management protection is one of the basic Blu-ray protection. In fact, your pre-recorded Blu-ray discs will typically come with DRM protection. The protection is applied to the stream files on the Blu-ray disc that comes with the pre-recorded content.

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AACS encryption

AACS stands for Advanced Access Content System. This is the first level encryption and BD copy protection system used on a Blu-ray. The technique was developed by the consortium of companies such as Disney, Intel, Microsoft, Panasonic, Warner Bros., IBM, Toshiba, and Sony. It uses 128 bit AES encryption technique. It comes with Device key, Media Key block, and title keys which are then used to decrypt other files. The Blu-ray AACS decryption tools need to handle each of these keys.

BD+ protection

This is an additional protection technique used on top of AACS protection. The content is garbled, making it unreadable with the instructions provided within the disc to unscramble it. Compatible devices can unscramble the disc and its content. The repair instructions run on what is called BD+ virtual machine. This is special software that professional Blu-ray players work with.


Developed by Verance, the Cinavia protection is made compulsory on Blu-ray players since 2012. Cinavia adds an audio watermark in addition to the AACS protection. This helps prevent the theatre copies of movies and other video content as personal videos. The Cinavia protection differs for each of your disks.

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BD J or Blu-ray Java is a BD copy protection technique developed by Blu-ray disc Association. This technique makes the Blu-ray discs all the more sophisticated. It can be decrypted for a few of sophisticated devices such as Sony’s PlayStation.

Part 2. Top 10 Blu-ray Decrypter Software to Remove Blu-ray Protection

There are several best Blu-ray Decrypters that have become a prominent option that can be helpful in an efficient BD copy protection removal. While a host of them come with a built-in feature to help you decrypt the Blu-rays, you can even use a specialized tool to help you decrypt your Blu-ray disc.

1. DVDFab Blu-ray Copy

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is the best Blu-ray decrypter to help you decrypt and copy your copy-protected Blu-rays. The Blu-ray Copy tool lets you opt for more than five different modes and can be your best bet for the best free Blu-ray Decrypter software. While it isn't an open-source Blu-ray decrypter, it offers a free version.

You can use the tool to help you copy the content onto another Blu-ray disc or even as an ISO file. The different modes on the DVDFab Blu-ray copy can include

dvdfab blu ray

● Full Disc - The full disc mode is designed to provide a copy option for an entire disc. You can directly burn a Blu-ray disc onto a blank BD50 or BD25 discs. This will include main movie and other folders
● Main Movie – The mode is designed to copy the main movie and leave out the rest of the content. Of course, you can pick the option for Choose Other Titles to select multiple Blu-ray chapters on the disc.
● Clone/Burn – The Clone and Burn option can help copy the contents on a Blu-ray in a lossless 1:1 ratio.
● Customize – The customize option lets you pick the content based on what kind of content and which chapters would you want to copy. You can pick specific audio streams, titles and subtitles from among the other options.
● Merge – As the name itself should indicate, the option lets you merge multiple Blu-rays into one single disc.



A few features that would make DVDFab Blu-ray Copy a great choice can include a faster conversion speed with the help of hardware acceleration through Intel Quick Sync, Nvidia CUDA, and AMD acceleration.

DVDFab blu-ray decrypter

It can be your best option to decrypt Blu-ray ISO files with ease. It can handle all types of Blu-ray copy protection techniques and work efficiently with Blu-ray AACS decryption and other protections.

Besides, you can also extract encrypted audio from DVD with a good audio extractor.

2. VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper

A useful and efficient tool for decrypting your Blu-ray protection, VideoByte Blu-ray Ripper is available both in free and paid options. It can decrypt the Blu-ray without any issues in a simple to use interface, making it a great solution for BD+ copy protection removal tool.

VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper

● Support for more than 300 formats
● It can handle a wide range of options that include saving your files to folder, another disc and ISO image
● Customisation option for all your Blu-rays and the content therein
● Advanced technology in how to decrypt Blu -ray discs.

3. WinX Blu-ray Decrypter

The WinX Blu-ray Decrypter software can remove all the BD copy-protection techniques such as UOPs and other BD+ protections. It can even help back up your Blu-rays to M2TS. It can be your best bet for an effective BD copy protection removal.

winx blu ray decrypter


● Remove all Blu-ray encryption mechanisms such as AACS, MKB v 25, and BD+ copy protection
● Two copy modes – Full disc and titles
● Backup compatibility with almost all video formats

4. DVDFab Passkey for Blu-ray

DVDFab Passkey for Blu-ray is the best Blu-ray decrypter to decrypt your Blu-rays and help you remove Blu-ray protection through a Windows-based driver. It can remove the encryption from Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray movies.

dvdfab passkey for blu ray

If you are looking for a professional BD copy protection removal solution, then here is the most professional Blu-ray decrypter dealing with all kinds of BD encryptions. The DVDFab Passkey for Blu-ray can remove almost every type of Blu-ray protection except Cinavia. For Cinavia removal, you can opt for a specially designed Cinavia Removal tool from DVDFab. You can find it to be a great tool to decrypt Blu-ray ISO.


A few excellent features offered by the product include--
● Removal of any Blu-ray copy protection – You can remove almost all known BD+ protections. The list includes 15th generation BD+ and 3D BD+, AACS MKB v 26, and AACS bus encryption, Region Code, BD-Live, and UOPs for Blu -ray.
● Works with a host of tools – It can work with a host of products from DVDFab such as Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ray Ripper, and even the third-party tools such as ImgBurn, PowerDVD 7/8/9/ 10, and TotalMedia Theatre 3.
● Regular Updates – The software is constantly updated to provide you access to enhanced protection against Blu-ray copy protection. The software is updated to include the latest protection techniques.
● Flexibility in Settings – DVDFab Passkey for Blu-ray is an excellent Blu-ray Decrypter with a host of flexible setting options. You can change the Blu-ray playback order, remove unwanted PGCs and other settings with respect to languages ​​and subtitles.

5. AnyDVD HD

AnyDVD HD is a powerful DVD and Blu-ray decrypter freeware that can remove restrictions and BD copy protections from a Blu-ray with a few simple steps. The Windows-based application can even work with other third party DVD and Blu-ray ripping services.

anydvd hd

● It can remove the restrictions in the background without any intervention needed
● It can work with both Blu-rays and DVDs
● It can even remove the region codes optionally

6. DeUHD

DeUHD is a Windows-based driver solution to remove the Blu-ray protection on your Blu-ray discs. It can even rip your Blu-rays onto another disc or to an ISO folder. It can burn almost all your UHD discs. It should be your best bet for copying your movies.


● It can be your best option for home theatre enthusiasts.
● An excellent quality decryption and ripping capability
● It can only work with UHD Blu-rays and not with regular Blu-rays
● It decrypts the content without your intervention.

7. MakeMKV

One of the simplest and longstanding DVD decrypter, MakeMKV is completely free of cost and most reliable option. It can be your one-stop solution to convert your Blu-rays, DVDs and AVCHD discs. It can double up as a great DVD and Blu -ray decrypter freeware for all Blu-ray discs. You can use it for BD+ copy protection. If you are trying to find out how to decrypt Blu-ray, this should be your best bet in addressing the AACS decryption.

makemkv beta

● The software is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux
● MKV is the only output format you can get access to
● No video or audio changes
● Meta information retained by the powerful BD copy protection removal

8. MovieRescuer

MovieRescuer is yet another powerful Blu-ray decrypter service that can help you save your Blu-rays from getting scratched or damaged. It can help you backup or rip all your Blu-ray content without hassles. It can be your effective BD copy protection removal tool.

movierescuer blu-ray decrypter


● It can work with both Blu-rays and DVDs
● Backup your content in VOB or M2TS format.
● A lossless Blu-ray burning
● Quicker and easier decryption service

9. BurnAware

BurnAware is one of the popular DVD and Blu-ray decrypter freeware that can provide you with an enhanced experience in ripping CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays with ease and simplicity. It also comes with advanced features for professional users in AACS decryption software.



● Advanced options such as control of boot settings, UDF partition and versions, ISO levels and restrictions, session selection, CD text for tracks and discs, data recovering, disc spanning and direct copying.
● Fully featured and free option
● Works with a wide range of discs and disc formats

10. CloneBD Blu-ray Ripper

The CloneBD Blu-ray Ripper is an excellent option for the best open source Blu-ray decrypter software but offers you a trial version alone. It can help you remove the BD+ protection It can also help convert your Blu-rays into mainstream video formats.

clonebd blu ray ripper

● Convert video into more than 180 video and audio formats
● A 10X faster video conversion
● Powerful video editing option
● Easier interface for AACS decryption and other major copy protection techniques

Part 3. Is DVD Copy protection different from Blu-rays?

Blu-ray and DVD copy protection are almost similar options. Both the techniques are used to prevent a disc and the content therein from being copied in an unauthorised manner. The only difference between DVD Copy protection and Blu-ray Copy protection lies in the fact that they use different encryption and BD copy protection technologies. So, does DVD Decrypter work on Blu-ray?

DVD Copy protection makes use of three major copy protection techniques viz Analog Protection System, Content Scramble System or CSS, DVD Disc corruption, and Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM). CSS and CPRM are the major DVD Copy protection methods used. As for the Blu-ray discs, you will find the copy protection techniques such as AACS, BD+, and Cinavia.

The technique used in DVD copy protection removal is similar to the one used in the case of Blu-rays. Most of the Blu-ray Decrypter software services work best with the DVD copy protection removal as well. You can make use of an excellent DVD and Blu-ray Decrypter through the use of combined software solutions.

DVDFab Passkey for DVD is one such good example. It is specifically designed to work with your DVDs. You can even check out the DVDFab Passkey Lite as well for the purpose. The copy protection removal works well in the same way as the DVDFab Passkey for Blu-ray.

You can even make use of the other tools from DVDFab Suite such as DVDFab DVD Copy and DVDFab DVD Ripper which come with an in-built option of DVD decryption as well. They can be used for removing the DVD copy protection and rip or copy your DVDs easily. That should effectively answer your queries-does DVD Decrypter work on Blu-ray or how to decrypt Blu-ray.

The Concluding Thoughts

While Blu-ray discs are protected against copying and other unauthorised ripping with the help of several techniques, it is quite possible to remove the BD+ copy protection and copy or rip your Blu-rays or DVDs. Decrypting your Blu-rays and saving them as digital copies can be quite helpful in saving your files. This can perhaps be a great option to build your own movie library.

The Blu-ray Decrypter software tools outlined here should help you get access to an improved experience in decrypting your content and saving your files with ease. Of course, DVDFab Blu-ray Copy or Blu-ray Ripper along with DVDFab Passkey for Blu-ray can double up as a great choice with advanced features in how to decrypt Blu-ray or DVD.

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