11 Best Movies on Tubi Right Now 2023

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Tubi,founded in 2014, is a popular platform for top trending TV shows and movies. There are many movies out there to watch. But it's always hard to find your next favorite movie, so we've created a list of the best movies available on Tubi right now.

There are 11 movies that are currently trending on the platform and we have listed them down below for your convenience. Use this list to plan out your watchlist for the week and get closer to finding your next favorite movie.

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11 Best Movies on Tubi Right Now 2022

We are providing you with a list of good movies on Tubi. These 11 movies can attract you with their strong storylines and stunning graphics. Now, let's check out what are these good movies on Tubi to watch 2022.

1. Let the right one in – from the best horror movies on Tubi

good movies on tubi

This movie gathers horror, romance, and art in one place. It explores its specifications' limits and fits people who love many topics in one film. If your mood is to watch an entire horror movie, search for another. But it can be an excellent spot for one who wants a simple and delegated love story with some taste of horror and thrill. Let the right one amuse the people disappointed in modern vampire tales.

2. Memento – one of the good movies on Tubi right now 2022

Memento – one of the best movies on tubi right now 2020

A great expectation is that a full-action movie of Christopher Nolan will be shown in theaters in July 2020. So wouldn't you like to move back if a consultative director offers to watch it? The movie has this much thrill all about Leonard Shelby or Guy Pearce as it is shown that he cannot memorize new things. After the death of his wife, he looks for the murderer. Well, after that, the other work of Nolan is not very productive. Memento has a lot of suspense to give the viewer back-to-back things they miss in the first turn.

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3. Go Fish – one of the good movies to watch on Tubi

good movies on tubi

The film was featured lesbians for the first time telling their stories. This movie was shot on its budget and earned a lot of money. After that, it was said to do business on lesbians and make their stories. It has just fun, love, and historical means. It was a black and white movie. The movie is all about a girl named Max. She wants to set it up for herself and prevent others from doing so. With a Greek Lesbian choir, she found her true love. That makes an aesthetic that becomes an LGBTQ+ classic.

4. Akira (1988) – one of the best action movies on Tubi

Akira (1988) – one of the best action movies on tubi

One of the best anime films is Akira, which has impressive action sequences. No doubt the spot of Akira is in the past, but it also takes some future moments. A biker group saves Neo-Tokyo from an army project and nut in the middle in the scenes.

5. The Reports on Sarah and Saleem – from the best Tubi movies

The Reports on Sarah and Saleem – from the tubi best movies

A Palestinian man with the job of deliveryman starts dating an Israeli woman. Though the man already has a wife, he starts loving the rich café owner. This movie covers the true story of Saleem, the delivery man, and Sarah, the café owner.

6. Stories we tell – one of the good movies to watch on Tubi

Stories we tell – best on tubi

In 2015 when the movie launched on cinema houses and the internet, it grabbed the attention of many people. This movie takes a hit spot in the top ten Canadian films. The main story's focus is on a single person's life. Sarah Polley acted this role beautifully. She has a role in investigating a rumour related to his birth. She faces the people's bad talk about her birth that she is an illegitimate child.

The family members she currently lived with told the story of her parent's affair. The whole movie is like an examination in which people tell the same story in different ways with lies.

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7. Zombie with a Shotgun – one of the best thrillers on Tubi

Zombie with a Shotgun – one of the best thrillers on tubi

This from the best thriller movies on Tubi belongs to horror, action, and thriller movies. This excellently constructed movie has a central role of a man infected by the zombie virus. In the starting scenario, you will see the man with his girlfriend go on a journey to enjoy private, love moments. During that journey, he faces the trouble of zombies' flood.

8. Non essere cattivo - best movie on Tubi

Non essere cattivo - best on tubi

This Italian picture takes the time of the 90s where two best companions chase high dreams. Vittorio and Cesare, two closest friends, fight, party at one place, and get in trouble together. They found solutions for each other's difficulties and made their bond stronger with time.

One of the companions wants to leave the other effectively. While watching drama, you will suddenly see them imparting knowledge to each other. Director Claudio Caligari produces an amazing picture with a meaningful story. Don't be bad was the last movie of his life. He delivers well-crafted movies that have drug-oriented topics.

9. Neds – from the best documentaries on Tubi

Neds – from the best documentaries on tubi  

Neds is a drama of the coming era revolving around the life of John McGill. He is a student with extraordinary intelligence in his mind and courage for a bright future. If we make this a simple word, that intelligent student became a "thug." But the word thug also has a specific word, Ned. Ned stands for Non-educated Delinquent. It is an offensive and bad word used in Scotland for lower-level criminals.

John McGill's story belongs to the time of the 1970s. A significant contributing factor to his criminal life was the negative parenting relationship—bullying in the institute and company with his brother who grabbed him from the criminal community. This drama exposes all the things that push John towards this bad lifestyle. Peter Mullan directed this fantastic drama and starred in it as an actor.

10. Heartstone – from the best Tubi movies

Heartstone – the best movie on tubi

The drama story defines the coming era perfectly. The drama shooting occurred in the backward fishing village of Iceland. You can see a group of young boys roaming around in summer. They take a gasp at the fishing village that was different from the harsh climate of Iceland. Boys develop bonding with their friends and discover more adventure.

Out of all boys, a guy starts feeling something weird in his heart for fellow friend Kristian. Kristian already loved a girl. The drama covers the beautiful scenery of amazing coastlines and playgrounds. You will experience great joy watching boys wrestling with friends in the playground and spending leisure time with no worries of the world.

11. Maurice – one of the best movies to watch on Tubi

 Maurice – one of the best movies to watch on tubi

James Ivory creates this lovely drama from Maurice's novel written by E.M. Foster. The story covers the time of the 20th century. Maurice Hall and Clive Durham became friends during their studies at Cambridge University. Clive fell in love with Maurice, and he is also a wealthy, charming, and handsome guy at the institute. Their loving relationship grows steadily and quietly with some memorable moments. But in England's conservative and bitter society stunted their love, and complications occurred one after another.


In this article, we introduced 11 good movies on Tubi, hope these best Tubi movies 2022 are what you are looking for. Most importantly, hope this article gives you a hint on how to play and download these good movies on Tubi 2022. Now, what are you waiting for? Just select and play a Tubi movie! It's a relaxing time now!

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