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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its use cases that are being developed and used currently are way more than what we could even think of ten years ago. It defines the pace of developments in this relentless field. At present, we can use AI to produce Art, Music, Dance, Voice, Pictures, and Data Visualizations. Honestly, use cases of AI are countless, and they are ever-increasing at an unrealistic pace.

Today, we'll be exploring some of the best AI portrait generators, websites, and apps, to create fantastic art from your pictures, popularly known as AI Portraits. This form of AI-created art is prevalent these days and especially those fascinating AI Portraits. So, without any further thinking, join us on this fantastic journey.

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1. What is an AI Portrait?

What is an AI portrait? In general, an artistic form of your picture developed with modern AI-powered technology is known as an AI Portrait produced by AI Portrait generator where all the hard work is done by the technology autonomously. To a layman, a portrait AI is a digitally drawn painting of your photo. AI-created art can vary dramatically depending upon the set of filters and techniques applied.

For instance, some of the AI art makers are crafted to generate the best-looking classical 15th-century paintings from your photos, whereas some are designed to blend modern art and pastel portraits. These AI portrait generators are equipped with dozens of filters and templates to turn your pictures into an AI-generated masterpiece within a few seconds.

The fun part is that you do not need to do much besides clicking a stunning picture of yourselves or uploading an existing one. Let’s simply get started and see the ten best websites/apps to generate your next fascinating AI Portrait.

Top 10 Websites/Apps to Generate AI Portrait

1. Deep Dream Generator

If you've never been into AI Portrait things, then Deep Dream Generator will genuinely amaze you with loads of deep and thin styles, among which Starry night, Oil Painting, Mosaic, and E. Munch (Scream) are popular ones to select from. When you're done using styles from these two sections, there is a Deep Dream section for you which opens up an entirely new horizon of art to you.

deep dream -- ai portrait genrator

You can play with the Deep Dream as much as you want, such as changing the inception depth, tweaking dream types and neural network types. Exploring deeper levels of deep dreams is amazing with this AI-powered Deep Dream Generator. If you're familiar with the google deep dream computer algorithm, you can relate this to it a bit.

The AI portrait maker platform is also amazing to explore new art forms and trending styles where you can explore the best filters, and top dreamers and become one.

2. AI Gahaku

This site portrays that AI Gahaku is the artist behind portraits generated from here and if it is the case, it is proficient in painting! Once you've uploaded your photo, you can apply any style like Renaissance, Pop Art, Expressionism, etc. that you like to craft your masterpiece. It is effortless to get yourself indulged in this AI art generator.

al gahaku - ai portraits

Compared to the Deep Dream AI portrait Generator, you will find this AI Portraits generator is slightly more comfortable to use. You just need to upload a photo and select the style. However, it is less flexible at the same time as besides toggling styles from Novice to Maestro; you can hardly tweak things here. You should give it a try if you want to quickly create a painting of your own without putting in much effort.

Maybe you are also interested in DVDFab Video Enhancer AI.

dvdfab video enhancer ai

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI is an AI-based tool for video quality enhancement and resolution enlargement. With AI models that are trained by a neural network plus super-resolution technology, automatically enhance videos or movies with poor image quality and low resolution. Free Download

3. Artbreeder

Artbreeder is a fantastic AI-powered tool to breed any number of images and form a piece of art that is amazingly breathtaking. It is such a tool that can eat up your hours and hours without any effort. Once you get yourself comfortable with creating art, you would be unstoppable. Unlike Deep Dream Generator, Artbreeder is capable of mixing multiple images and their characteristics into one single image, giving you customizations on top of it.


The way it seamlessly blends multiple pictures into one is a breathtaking form of art in itself. Mix-matching is fun here, and once you've cross-multiplied images, you can change them and cross-blend them with other ones too. It is not just a place to blend faces, and you can try and blend anything, the results will be amazing.

4. AI art generator is another excellent tool to criss-cross two images and make a perfect blend out of them. It is more often used to create an art of your face, similar to another piece of art and does the job pretty well. Instead, you can use it to blend two images flawlessly regardless of what it is. The art form created by this AI art generator is mostly dependent on the photos that you select. - top ai portrait generator

It is pretty much straightforward to create beautiful artwork from this website in just three steps. Upload the photo, select any available style you like or upload one of your own and wait. The downside of this tool is that you do not get output instantly, like other AI portrait generators out there. The expected waiting time is ten minutes, and it would be best to look for a mail when your art is ready.


Our next AI portraits generator is known for the best selfie portraits and artistic painting filters and effects. You'll find tons of incredible styles to choose from and apply them to make your own creative picture with that filter. Its AI algorithm is well enough to handle images with backgrounds as well. It will smoothly remove the background from your photo and apply the filter sleekly. - ai portrait maker

Another fantastic thing about this AI portrait generator is that you can even download its iOS or Android app to your device to have a better experience if you tend to get addicted to it. The styles and designs provided by this AI art generator are alluring. If you're an on-the-go selfie taker, then you should consider trying this one out.

6. Visionist

The next entry on our list of best AI portraits creator is reserved by Visionist, which is equipped with AI algorithms working on neural networks to craft stunning AI portraits from your images. As it is an app, you can expect intuitive customizations and editing facilities at your fingertips from it. There are three abstract levels in each style, and it is capable of producing high-quality output up to 4K resolution.

visionist - ai portraits

For some, editing and tweaking some adjustments are vital, and without them, it feels incomplete. This app provides you with the power of editing your AI portraits, and you can even adjust the strength of the selected filter. However, there's a catch. This app is only available for iOS users, and there is no news regarding its Android version for now.

7. GoArt

Coming next in our list of top AI portrait generators is GoArt AI Photo Effects generator which creates beautiful paintings from your images with simplicity. GoArt is competent enough to process and output images of print quality. It is widely used for landscape photos but performs well with portrait pictures as well. Some popular filters you get access to are Van Gigh, Monet, Expressionism, Structuralism, and Pastel.

goArt - best ai art generator

It has creative and classic filters so that you can choose the modern or classic effects for your picture. GoArt also promises to add two new filters in the app per week for their users. GoArt has the benefit of various platform availability as you can also use it on its website, and it also has an iOS, as well as Android app which is more user-friendly than its web version.

8. NightCafe

NightCafe is an outstanding AI-powered online Art Generating web app that implements neural style transfer technique to develop stylized versions of our uploaded image. It has an amazingly crafted set of filters and styles to blend your image into a masterpiece in no time.

nightcafe - ai art generator

Thus, Nightcafe is another swift AI portrait generator tool with a bizarre set of filters, styles and features with all new and improved interface. The only reason we choose to include it a bit lower in our list is that it is required to sign up and create an account to create art and you are restricted to produce four artistic pictures per day at maximum.

Overall, if you do not consider producing an erratic volume of artistic pieces, then this tool might be more than enough for you. As NightCafe is a Progressive Web Application (PWA), you can use it as a native app for any platform that runs chrome.

9. Picas

Paired with deep neural networks and artificial intelligence, Picas is an AI Portraits creator that refactors existing images in the form of famous artworks. It provides an array of inbuilt filters and is free to use. Picas is straightforward to use and has more than 50 filters to opt from to create your personalized artistic picture.

picas - ai portrait generator

Picas has a clean UI that lets you create artistic images quickly without any registration or login and provides quick social share buttons; thus, you can edit and share a photo within a minute. It is available free for use for Android, iOS and web platforms. Overall, this is also one of the tools where you can instantly create art in under a minute. Consider bookmarking this if you're always in a hurry.

However, as compared to the web version, you will get more control of editing in the mobile app so consider using it if you want that perfection.

10. Deep Art Effects

The final hybrid AI portraits generator in our list is Deep Art Effects. This specific deep AI art generator can be considered a professional-grade tool. Therefore, it is not entirely free to use. With this tool, it is even possible to enlarge the resolution of the original image four times in a lossless manner with the help of AI. Its AI-powered techniques are also capable of colorizing old Black and White photographs autonomously.

deep art effects - ai portraits website

Its elegant yet intuitive interface enables you to create and edit artistic forms of images effortlessly and gives you the power of editing the art individually you prefer. For innovative developers out there, it also provides an API with comprehensive filters and image technologies so that it can be integrated for business purposes.

This fantastic professional-grade AI portrait maker is available for iOS and Android device users as well as for desktop users.

3. AI in Video: Enhance Video Quality Exponentially with DVDFab Enlarger AI

Before we move on to conclude today's topic of AI-related art, let us dive into another compelling use case of AI. We're talking about AI in the video, and leveraging deep learning capabilities of artificial intelligence, it is now possible to scale the resolution of existing videos up to four times, i.e. from 480p to 1080p and from 1080p to 4K.

DVDFab Enlarger AI is the first of its kind standalone video upscaler that provides professional-grade video resolution increasing software. Using neural networks, this tool primarily recognizes the existing pixel map and processes required additional pixels adjacently. Following this procedure, DVDFab increases the resolution of the original video up to 300% and makes it sharper without any distortions or visible grains.

dvdfab enlarger ai

Through its rigorous algorithm, Enlarger AI precisely enhances picture detailing and retains original colors in the video. It also maintains saturation, contrast and brightness, within a perfect equilibrium such that there are no perceivable color changes.

Here we also picked the best 13 AI Facial Recognition Apps or Software for you to experience the magic of AI technology!

4. Final Verdict

Thus, we came to an end of this thrilling journey of exploring use cases of AI in art, particularly in the image and video editing. To begin with, we reviewed the current top ten AI Portrait generator websites/apps for you after testing almost a dozen of them. We witnessed how AI, deep learning, and neural network technologies are being implemented to produce breathtaking classic or modern styled portraits from any image.

Finally, we saw how AI is enabling video resolution enhancement with the help of deep learning. DVDFab Enlarger engineered the technique to increase video resolution exponentially by adding pixels to the adjacent pixels in the video. The pace at which developments in AI are taking place and how we are witnessing an erratic number of new use cases of AI each day depicts that the future is totally unpredictable!

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