Best Pornhub Downloaders and How To Download Pornhub Videos

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StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro
StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro
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Pornhub is well-known for providing great pornographic content, and the website is used to stream such content online. If you want to download these videos to your storage, we might need to install Pornhub video downloader HD. This kind of pornhub downloader software can help you download Pornhub videos for free. Apart from that, you can also use various online websites such as Pornhub video downloaders for free.

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In 1943, an American Psychologist, Abraham Maslow, published research regarding motivation in human beings. His discoveries focused on human beings being motivated by their basic needs. The theory was later well-recognized as Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, and it recognized sex as a basic physiological need along with food and breathing.

No doubt, sex has always been one of the many things that can drive human beings, and porn can be considered a revolution in the history of sex. There was a time when the best way to access pornographic content was to rent DVDs. Several video-sharing platforms were explicitly designed to provide such content as the internet became common.

Although hundreds of platforms provide such services, Pornhub has always maintained a different fan base among its users. Here we are about to elaborate on how to download Pornhub videos. But before getting into that, let's find out why we need to download such content.

Why Download Pornhub Videos from Pornhub?

Launched in 2007, Pornhub has always maintained a large amount of traffic, mainly because of the variety and quality of the content it provides to its users. Almost all pornographic sites provide their services for free, but still, some people may try to download porn videos from them.

There are a couple of reasons behind downloading pornhub videos in most cases. Firstly, people might want to access videos even when they are offline. The second reason is quite interesting, and it involves people who admire good porn and want to have a copy of it as some kind of trophy.

Download Videos by a Using Pornhub Downloader

The most appropriate way to download a Pornhub video is to log in to the website. You can easily download porn videos without any problem or buy some of the videos by logging in. But in case you do not want to use any of these methods, don't worry, because we have got you covered.

Here we have discussed some of the video downloaders Pornhub that can assist you in downloading videos from Pornhub.

1. StreamFab Video Downloader

streamfab pornhub video downloader

StreamFab Video Downloader is undoubtedly one of the best downloaders to download adult videos from any streaming site, such as XVideos, XTube, Pornhub, or download YouTube videos, Facebook videos, Vimeo videos, and more. StreamFab provides an easy passage to download videos. Use the following steps to download Pornhub videos while using StreamFab Video Downloader:

Step 1: Download the program and install it on your PC.

Win Download

Mac Download

Step 2: A search bar can be seen in the top region as you launch it. Copy the link of a Pornhub video and then paste it into the search bar.

download pornhub videos

Step 3: You can start downloading by pressing the "Download" button.

Also, the software can act as a browser, thus allowing you to open Pornhub. Thus, you can download the video of your choice without having to go through pasting links one by one. The software is not entirely free, and you might have to buy the Pornhub premium downloader version.

2. Y2Mate DRM Downloader

Y2Mate DRM Downloader: Download Videos from Pornhub

Y2Mate Downloader provides the simplest solution to downloading videos from streaming platforms. The program can help you download videos from around 1000 different sites, and these sites may even include Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc. The software offers an easy and fast downloading experience, thus downloading videos within no time.

  • Install Y2Mate DRM downloader on your system.
  • Launch it and paste the link of the video you want to download in the search bar.
  • Press download and the download will start.

Like StreamFab, Y2Mate can also be used as a browser to go through websites and browse videos. Y2Mate also provides an online service that can help you download videos from almost any site without having to download or install the program to your system.

3. VideoHunter

Pornhub Downloader: videohunter

As the name indicates, the video hunter software provides a way to save videos from online streaming platforms. One of the most beautiful things about VideoHunter is that it is user-friendly and provides speedy performance, and it can download videos from more than 1,000 video streaming platforms.

The procedure to download is simple. Like the downloaders discussed below, you need to install and launch VideoHunter and paste the video link you want to download. As the video opens, press the download button and start downloading.

While using VideoHunter, you can download videos in different formats ranging from 360p to 8k at maximum. Also, it enables you to download multiple videos at a time. You can use it as a free Pornhub downloader or buy a premium account.

4. Pro Video Downloader

Pro Video Downloader provides two in one service for downloading. You can either save and install the program on your PC or use it as an online tool to download videos. The search bar can be seen on the website's home page, and paste the link there and start downloading your video.

You can also download and install it to your system, thus allowing yourself an easy and efficient way to download it. It allows you to save multiple videos at a time. Furthermore, the program is compatible with many porn websites, including xHamster, XVideos, Redtube, etc.

Download videos on Pornhub By Using Online websites

Although installing a free Pornhub downloader is an easy and proficient way to download Pornhub videos. Still, some people are not professional and want to download one or two such videos. Using a Pornhub downloader online might be the best for them instead of installing software on your PC.

Here we have discussed some of the Pornhub online downloaders that can help you download Pornhub videos.


Pornhub Downloader: yesdownloader

Yesdownloader provides the service of downloading videos for various websites, including Dailymotion, Pornhub, Redtube, etc. Also, it allows you to download videos in different formats ranging from mp3 to 4k.

The most beautiful thing about yesdownloader and most other Pornhub online downloaders is that they are free. The website provides accessible, reliable, and fast download of Pornhub videos. So if you are searching for a Pornhub downloader free, this is the way to go. Discuss below is a step-by-step process of downloading Pornhub videos:

  • Open
  • A search bar appears on the front page of the website.
  • Copy the URL of the Pornhub video you want to download.
  • Paste it in the search bar and press the "Convert it" button.
  • Choose the format of the video and start downloading.

2. Keepvid Video Downloader

KeepVid Video Downloader: pornhub video downloader hd

Keepvid video downloader is also being used as an online Pornhub downloader. The website was designed to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms, but it still works fine for Pornhub. Apart from that, it can also help you upload videos on various platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

  • Open Keepvid video downloader on your browser.
  • Copy the URL of the Pornhub video you want to download to the search bar of the website.
  • Press the "Go" button after copying the link.
  • Chose the quality of video you want to download and start downloading.


The website is not designed only for Pornhub videos; instead, it can download from almost all kinds of streaming services. Thus, you can download porn from any platform by using It also allows you to select the quality of video you want to download.

The download process is simple and is almost the same as discussed for previous websites. You just need to open the website and paste the link to the video you want to download. Also, it allows you to pick the quality of video you want to download.


Pornhub is being widely used to stream porn videos online, but some people might want to save those videos to their collection. Downloading Pornhub videos can be a bit tricky, and we have discussed some of the Pornhub free downloaders developed to download Pornhub videos. Furthermore, there are also Pornhub online downloaders being used for the same purpose. And among all the downloading tools mentioned above, we highly recommend you StreamFab pornhub video downloader.

Google's People Also Asked Questions (FAQS)

Are there any extensions to download Pornhub videos?

Yes, various extensions can be added to a browser to work as a Pornhub downloader. The Y2Mate downloader discussed above also provides services as an extension. The download process is simple, and you need to use the link of the video in the extension after it has been added to the browser.

Is there any limit to the number of videos downloaded per day?

There is no concept of limit as far as online Pornhub downloaders are concerned. But in the case of some software, you might have to buy a premium downloader after a specific number of downloads.

Is it safe to download Pornhub videos?

Downloading Pornhub videos is similar to downloading any video online. But still, some websites may harm your system through malware. The software and websites mentioned above are entirely safe to use.

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