Xilisoft DVD Copy Software Review

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Lossless Backup or Compress any DVD and Output to Blank Disc Directly.

DVD Copying is one of the excellent options and provides you access to creating a copy of your DVD in a 1:1 ratio. While there are several DVD Copy tools available, it should be practical enough to find a tool that indeed provides you access to a very simple and easy to use interface. Xilisoft DVD Copy is what would provide you access to a simple yet powerful performance in creating a copy of your DVD with ease.

Xilisoft DVD Copy – An Overview

One of the simplest DVD Copy and Cloning software, Xilisoft DVD Copy offers you a very faster and stable DVD Cloning efficiency. It can help you create copies of your DVD in a 1:1 ratio, and can also let you save the backup copies in an ISO image format.

It comes with a host of customisation options making it a versatile tool for your DVD cloning needs. You have access to multiple modes such as full disc mode, main movie mode, or even customised mode. Ability to create and copy subtitles and audio tracks is what would further improve your experience further.

The excellent design and a great set of features are what would further enhance your experience ever. One of the strongest service providers with the faster video copy functionality, it is definitely one of the best DVD Copy software options you can check out.

The Prime Features Offered by Xilisoft DVD Copy

Having understood the prime features offered by Xilisoft DVD Copy, it would be worthwhile to check out a few of the prime features offered by the software.

Ability to copy DVD from any region

The Xilisoft DVD Copy software is capable of handling practically any DVD from any region without hassles. You no longer need to worry about the region when copying your DVD. It can be a perfect solution to create a region free DVD so that the DVD can be played on any DVD player irrespective of whichever region it may be designed for.

High-end Customisation Options

The tool lets you personalise your DVDs to your liking. Unlike a host of other DVD copy tools that copy the discs as it is, Xilisoft DVD Copy tool offers a high-end customisation option on your output disc. You can add up audio tracks, subtitles, and angles to your copied DVD, thus helping you create a completely personalised version of the DVD. The customisation options are integrated well into the software, which further enhances your experience.

High-quality Video Output

No matter whether you are checking out the options to copy to DVD onto another disc or saving it on your hard drive, you can be assured of a lossless copying with the best possible audio and video performance. You can be assured of the same experience as if you are playing the same original DVD!

A Simple to Use Interface

The easy to use interface is what would assist the newbies and experts alike in copying your DVDs without hassles. A simple three step functionality to copy your DVDs is what would provide you access to an enhanced experience ever. There are not many options to tinker with as part of your copying process. One of the DVD Video soft recommendations, it should definitely be your great options ever.

A Perfect Speed

The DVD copy speed is quite good, and you can be assured of an average performance. You will be able to get your 90 minute DVD copied in just around 40 minutes. That should be decent enough for a DVD Copy software.

How to Copy a DVD with Xilisoft?

Using Xilisoft DVD Copy for your DVD Copy requirements is rather easy and simple. In fact, the user-friendly interface is the key feature that makes it one of the sought after DVD Copy software.

Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Launch Xilisoft DVD Copy software.
  • You can pick between the three modes as per your preferences – Full Copy, Main Movie and Customise.

copy DVD to computer

  • Insert your DVD in your optical drive
  • Choose the source and output drives if they are not automatically selected.
  • Configure the other options such as writing speed, number of copies and other parameters.

Xilisoft DVD Copy

  • Once you confirm the appropriate settings, click on the disc icon at the bottom to begin copying your DVD.
  • Wait till the copy process is complete.

You can choose the output folder based on whether you want to copy DVD to computer or to another DVD.

User Experience and Other Features

The software is extremely easy and simple to use. That is indeed one of the primary aspects of the toll that make it a great solution for almost all your needs in an enhanced experience in copying your DVD.

The interface is extremely easy to navigate and quite intuitive in nature. Even the newbies should be able to handle the DVD copy feature one of the prime options. You simply need to insert a disc, make a couple of simple settings and begin to copy DVD to computer or otherwise.

Just in case you are stuck in any stage, support and help are just one click away. The website has a well laid out FAQs and tutorials for answering every sort of questions you may have. You can also contact them through email if you cannot find resolutions to your questions through the knowledgebase available on the site.

Xilisoft DVD Copy also provides you access to an enhanced experience in terms of converting your DVD movies onto different formats as per your preferences and liking. You can convert your videos into several mainstream formats so that they can be easily played on your favourite devices and platforms without any trouble with the help of Xilisoft Video Converter.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best DVD copy experience, the Xilisoft DVD Copy is one of the efficient options you can check out. You do not get access to any advanced features on the tool, but the simple interface offered for the enhanced DVD copy functionality can be a great option for your needs.

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