4 Ways to Download Pornhub Videos For Offline Playback in 2023

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Streaming videos online is not always a good choice, so most people prefer enjoying videos offline. But some streaming platforms such as Pornhub do not allow their users to download videos unless they sign up by paying money. If you are one of the users who are looking to download Pornhub videos and enjoy them offline, then this is the right place.

Four Methods to Download Pornhub Videos Offline

Below are some methods that will help you know how to download videos from Pornhub. And we also recommend you some great tools for each method. Read below to know more.

Method 1: Record Pornhub Videos via Screen Recorder

Instead of downloading Pornhub videos, recording videos might be one of the simplest and hassle-free methods to keep Pornhub videos private. All you have to do is start a Pornhub video recorder, play the video on Pornhub, and start the recording. Once the recording is done, it will be saved automatically on your PC and you can enjoy watching the video at any time. You can use the built-in recorder or you can download any third-party app to record the video and save it.

Method 2: Download Pornhub videos by Using Online Platforms

You can try online platforms if you want to use a different method for Pornhub video downloading. Several platforms show support to download Pornhub videos for free. Most of the time, platforms that can download YouTube videos also can download Pornhub videos. Follow the below steps to know how to download Pornhub videos free by using the online platform. One of the best pornhub video savers is y2mate.


To download Pornhub videos offline, you just need to follow the below steps:

Step 1: To download Pornhub videos online, visit the website and copy the video URL.

Step 2: Now, on a new browser tab, visit any online downloader website and paste the link in the search box.

Step 3: Select the video quality and format as per your requirements.

Step 4: Tap the download option, and select the "Save Video as" option. After specifying the download folder, your video will start downloading and will be saved.

Step 5: If you want to save the video on your smartphone, simply connect it to the PC and transfer it to your phone.

Method 3: Download Pornhub videos with a professional downloader

If you prefer using a Pornhub video downloader for high performance, then you can try StreamFab YouTube Downloader. This video downloading software makes it easier than ever to download videos not only from adult websites, such as Pornhub, Xvideos, and PornTube, but also from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other 1000+ websites.

pornhub video downloader

Designed with many great features, this professional Pornhub video downloading software almost offers everything you need. Here is a simple list of major features of this Pornhub video downloader.

  • Get access to over 1000 streaming sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Save downloaded videos as the original formats.
  • The highest 8K video quality and 320 kbps music quality for your choice.
  • Background playback and download.
  • Auto-download from subscribed YouTube channels.

To download videos on Pornhub, you can follow the below steps which are simple and easy.

Step 1: Install this Pornhub video downloading software on your device. When you enter its main interface, you can easily notice a search bar on the right top.

Win Download

Mac Download

Step 2: Browse the Pornhub website to find a video you want to download. Then copy the video link and paste it to the search bar. Click your enter tab.

Step 3: As a result, you can see a download button on the screen. Click to start the Pornhub video downloading process which will be finished very quickly.

Note: If you are an iPhone user, you can save the video on iCloud or the Camera Roll. Users can even download videos from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with the StreamFab downloader app from their iPhones. In addition to this, such apps can download videos from different video streaming platforms on your PC. This means that users get to enjoy seeing their favorite videos from anywhere, even when they are offline. The major advantage of such apps is their ability to provide super-fast and efficient download speed. Fast speed download videos quickly and in no time your videos are downloaded on your device.

Method 4: Get Pornhub videos downloaded by Using Browser Add-ons or Plugins

Users can download private Pornhub videos using any browser extension, add-on, or plug-in. Once you have downloaded the plugin, all you need to do is follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open the video you want to download on Pornhub and tap the video downloader add-on

Step 2: Select the video quality and formats from the drop-down list.

Step 3: Tap the Download button. The video will begin to download on your PC.

Step 4: If you want to save the video on your smartphone, simply connect it to the PC and transfer it to your phone.

download pornhub videos with browser add-ons

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pornhub safe? Is it safe to download Pornhub videos?

Being one of the most asked questions, this query is all that users ask on the Internet. In simple words, yes. In terms of data security and safety, Pornhub is safe to browse and use. As far as the question remains to downloading videos, downloading any copyright video is against the law.

Does the Pornhub downloader app store downloaded videos or keep track of the download histories of the users?

Most of the apps do not store videos or copies of downloaded clips. All videos are hosted on the servers of Pornhub. Hence, the apps do not have the right to store such information. In addition to this, most of the apps do not keep track of the download histories of users, thereby keeping them anonymous.

How do I download videos from Pornhub?

Pornhub does not let its users download its videos until they purchase a premium plan for a website. On the bright side, some apps and services allow downloading from Pornhub, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can use these services for your purpose. Just remember that downloading copyrighted videos for personal use is against the law. On the other hand, if you think of using it for other purposes, you’ll need consent from the original owner.

How to download Pornhub videos as MP4 and not TS files?

A simple solution to this is to tell FFmpeg to make a .mp4 out of a .ts it by using "copy" for the audio and video streams. This makes it very easy and simple because it does not do any encoding or re-encoding.


Pornhub does not allow its users to download videos unless they purchase a premium plan for a website. It is also illegal to download copyrighted videos for personal use.

But after reading this article, you have now seen several methods for downloading videos from Pornhub. Browser extensions, add-ons, and plugins are all options. You can also download videos from Pornhub using online services. Lastly, you can use software or an app to download private Pornhub videos. Here we strongly recommend StreamFab video downloader to download pornhub videos, because of its reliability and simplicity.

Finally, we want to emphasize that this article strictly adheres to the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and thus does not support the dissemination and production of devices, technology, or services designed to circumvent measures that restrict access to copyrighted works.

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