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StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro
StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro
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YouTube to MP4 conversion has become a populous trend for YouTube video fans. YouTube is a strong steaming service for tutorials and music videos, audio, audio stories, and many more. We listen to music videos, watch movies, learn skills through various tutorials on YouTube and download what we need to save on our storage. We need to convert YouTube to MP4 which is one of the best video formats for YouTube to save and play the video on any device available to us. We will cover the best YouTube to MP4 converter for your long-term beneficial aspects.

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Why a YouTube MP4 Converter is Required?

YouTube download MP4 conversion is required for many reasons. To watch YouTube videos online, you need a live internet connection, which you do not get everywhere. Sometimes you need to save YouTube content to watch later, or the content irks your learning habit. But all the time, live videos or audio cannot serve the purpose. Not all kinds of devices support YouTube content. We need the conversion and an MP4 converter to convert YouTube to MP4 and thus serve the platform's purpose.

Do you need a solution? A YouTube MP4 converter is the best answer. Here are a few reasons why you need a YouTube MP4 converter:

  • If you convert the required videos to MP4 for your professional usage, you can access those videos anytime from any of your devices. It's a great advantage that you can access what you need the most at any given time.
  • If you download a YouTube video to MP4 and save it in the storage, you can repeatedly watch the video without spending internet data. So here, you can save the data for your repeat watch of YouTube videos.
  • There is a huge collection of educational videos on YouTube. To educate yourself or teach something important to your kids, you can convert YouTube video to MP4.
  • For your personal requirement or enjoyment, you can use an MP4 converter on YouTube and enjoy unlimited music videos, movies downloaded from YouTube to MP4.
  • You can use MP4 on multiple devices
  • MP4 is flexible for high-compression mode resulting in reduced file size. It will be adjustable to low-space devices.
  • MP4 allows metadata to be attached to your files.

The best YouTube to MP4 converter: convert YouTube videos to MP4

StreamFab YouTube Downloader

As a built-in browser facility provider, StreamFab YouTube Downloader is the best MP4 converter available in the software market. This program can not only support you downloading YouTube videos in MP4 format, but also allow you to choose different video qualities to download.

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The Features of this YouTube to MP4 converter:

  • Built-in browsers allow you to browse the videos and select what you want to convert to MP4 format.
  • The mobile app version will provide you the conversion service on Android, iOS devices which you can access anywhere
  • Along with YouTube, the software can download and convert videos from other sites as well
  • The highest 8k resolution and 320kbps audio quality make your watching and listening experience to a great extent
  • If you want to save the download video in the original format, the software will do it for you
  • The fastest process of conversion makes your job easy and smooth going


  • The built-in browser helps you to browse millions of videos of your choice
  • Can convert any video to MP4 format without hassle


Occasionally users may encounter issues while downloading Netflix videos

Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter or AVC can convert YouTube to MP4 format in a hassle-free manner. You can convert any file size to MP4 conversion with AVC and save it to your accessible storage. Other than YouTube, AVC can convert video files to MP4 on Vimeo or other social media platforms. AVC provides you two options to convert the YouTube video to MP4 format, and you can choose which you can manage.

youtube to mp4 converter anydvd video converter

The Features of AVC

  • Can convert to multiple formats
  • Maintain a highs-speed conversion with CUDA
  • There are video editing functions in case of video download and saving to the storage


  • Support multiple formats
  • The free plan is available


  • Lessor minimum features in audio conversion
  • It's a slow software

Winx Video Converter

Winx Video Converter comes up with the functionality to reduce maximum file size without harming the original video. The software can convert video files to MP4 format and helps you to watch and save on your device. The software supports 200+ video inputs which help you to convert in any size.

youtube mp4 converter

The Features of Winx Video Converter

  • The software supports multiple formats for the conversion
  • It has a fast processing speed, which reduces your time-consumption
  • A simple and easy interface that allows the beginner to start converting YouTube to MP4 format


  • Support multiple video formats
  • The interface is user-friendly


  • Convert YouTube to MP4 takes much time (45+ minutes)
  • The free trial version is limited

4K Video Downloader

Supporting YouTube to MP4, 4K Video Downloader helps the users to convert YouTube video to MP4. The software is easy-to-use for professionals and beginners and can convert unlimited YouTube videos to MP4 formats.

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The Features of 4K Video Downloader

  • The software offers in-depth tutorials for the beginners
  • It supports multiple formats for the conversion of YouTube or other social media platforms
  • It can convert the entire YouTube playlist to MP4 format


  • Supports multiple formats for the conversion
  • Offers thorough steps tutorials for the beginners


  • It is not mobile-friendly
  • The free version comes with few features and does not support frequent convert YouTube to MP4 format

aTube Catcher

Honored as one of the popular YouTube to MP4 converters, aTube Catcher is quite popular among young YouTubers. Compatible with various formats, the software can download YouTube MP4 format and save it to storage. You can convert YouTube to mp3 with aTube Catcher with quality retain.

youtube to mp4 conversion

The Features of aTube Catcher

  • It has a high-speed conversion to MP4 format
  • The software has various editing options for video download
  • The software can convert YouTube videos into batches


  • The software maintains high speed during conversion
  • User-friendly interface, both for beginners and Pro users


  • The download process is slow
  • Not all the tutorials have good content or presentable style

With all these five software, you can convert YouTube to MP4 unlimited content and store them in storage.

If you have questions regarding MP4 converter YouTube or YouTube converter to MP4 free, you can ask us. The information will help you to decide which software you should select to download YouTube video MP4.

FAQs: To know the software you should select

Which YouTube converter to MP4 online is free software?

There are many YouTube to mp4 converter online websites that are available for free. Among them, StreamFab YouTube Downloader, Winx Video Converter, and aTube Catcher are capable of providing outstanding results in conversion.

Does YouTube converter MP4 free of charge retain good quality?

Yes, the YouTube video converter mp4 free of cost retains good quality. Some o advanced features enhance the quality in MP4 format.

Can I convert YouTube to MP4 iPhone while retaining the original quality?

Yes, it retains the quality while you convert YouTube to MP4 iPhone. Try to convert from your iPhone but if not possible, then check the compatible software with iPhone, which can convert YouTube to MP4.

Can I convert YouTube to MP4 HD or YouTube to MP4 1080p resolution?

Yes. You can convert YouTube to MP4 HD or YouTube to MP4 1080p resolution. Select the software that offers the functions. Follow the instructions and convert your YouTube video file to your desired format.

Concluded Part

The YouTube platform is flooded with YouTubers' video and audio creations. They entertain us with their skill. If you want to refresh your mood and watch or listen offline, you can use a YouTube MP4 converter. YouTube to MP4 format will allow you to tune your favorite song on any of your devices with the highest quality. YouTube MP4 converter can be your great supportive tool to provide you with the best song with HD picture resolution on your iPhone. Hum your favorite song available on YouTube and take a break from your monotonous routine. While converting the YouTube video formats, there're also various ways to download YouTube videos to MP4 with simple steps.

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