10 Best YouTube to DVD Converters

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Given the fact that YouTube is one of the excellent options for the best video experience, it should astonish you to find why it makes a largely searched video platform. However, if you are checking out the best options for an excellent experience in converting YouTube to DVD, there are a few great options that prove to be effective in how to burn YouTube videos to DVD. If you are wondering if you can download YouTube videos to a DVD, you will find it interesting to note that there are several options that can be helpful.

DVDFab DVD Creator – Best YouTube to DVD Converter

DVDFab DVD Creator is one of the excellent options for burning almost every format of video into DVDs. You can also use the videos onto DVD ISO files and folders. It is one of the high-end DVD maker software tools that can be used for creating the DVDs from a downloaded video, a camcorder, or any other video format. That would make it a prime solution in how to burn YouTube videos to DVD.

A few features that make it a great solution can include:

  • Creation of DVD Menu: DVDFab DVD Creator lets the users create a DVD menu and helps you customise it into your own style. The availability of a huge number of built-in templates can further be an advanced feature you would find impressive.

  • Support for any video format: You can convert practically any video into DVD disc, ISO or folder irrespective of the original video format. All output video formats such as DVD-9, DVD-5, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL, and DVD-R DL are supported. The video formats supported would include MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV and other formats.

  • Intuitive menu templates: Menu can be one of the most critical factors for an improved playback experience. You have a huge number of templates to check out. The built-in menu library can be one of the excellent options you can check out.

  • Flexible and customisable usability: You can customise the content of the DVD as per your preferences with the templates available. You can even add your own background art or thumbnails.

  • New age technologies: The software makes use of new age technologies to arrive at the best DVD creation with advanced technologies such as multi-threading, multi-core CPU usage and the newest hardware acceleration technology.

How to convert YouTube to DVD using YouTube to DVD Converter?

Converting your YouTube videos into DVD should be simple and easy with DVDFab DVD Creator. The steps here should help you how to copy YouTube video to DVD.

Step 1: Install and launch DVDFab DVD Creator

DVDFab DVD Creator is a part of DVDFab Suite. If you have already installed DVDFab Suite, click on Creator mode at the top.

DVDfab DVD creator

Step 2: Choose DVD Creator from the menu switch.

Inside the Creator menu, you should find options to create a DVD, a Blu-ray or a UHD disc. Choose DVD Creator.

DVDfab DVD creator

Step 3: Import your files

Import your YouTube videos with the help of several options. You can use the drag and drop feature or pick the option to Add files from local. Remember you have to download the YouTube video to your local drive. DVDFab Video Downloader can be a great option to download YouTube videos onto your computer.

DVDFab DVD Creator

Step 4: Configure the menu and other settings.

Click on Advanced Settings option and configure your DVD. You can configure the type of DVD (either DVD5 or DVD9), aspect ratio, video quality and other parameters.

DVDFab DVD Creator

Step 5: Apply Menu template

If you want to create a professional video, you can configure the menu structure for the best viewing experience. Click on Menu settings and configure your navigation menu.

DVDFab DVD Creator

Step 6: Create your DVD

Insert a disc in your optical drive. Ensure the output drive is selected properly and click on START. Your DVD creation will begin. Wait till it is completed. You will find the process status through a progress indicator.

DVDFab DVD Creator

9 Best Alternatives to YouTube to DVD converters

Having checked DVDFab DVD Creator which should be your ultimate choice for the best experience in how to copy YouTube video to DVD, we will now check out the alternatives available in how to convert YouTube to DVD.

1. Freemake YouTube to DVD Converter

Freemake has been one of the prime options for video conversion needs on Windows. The software recently went paid, but retains a few features under the free plan. A good number of device specific presets makes it one of the prominent options for your needs in converting your videos and double ups as the best free YouTube to DVD converter.



  • It can decrypt or encrypt your videos as per your preferences
  • Lossless video quality
  • A fast and free DVD creation and conversion option in how to copy YouTube video to DVD

2. DVDVideoSoft YouTube to DVD Converter

It can be an excellent option to learn how to convert YouTube to DVD. It also lets you download YouTube videos and then burn them onto a DVD. It also offers you customisation options, but you would need to go premium for the option. This software picked by DVDvideosoft is also a good DVD burner that contains a simple interface to operate.

DVDvideo soft


  • Multistream downloading options
  • No spyware or spam involved
  • Customising your videos before burning

3. aTube Catcher

aTube Catcher is one of the excellent options for an enhanced and improved option for downloading and burning YouTube videos. It also offers you access to create DVDs that can be played on high-resolution monitors. A simple free YouTube to DVD converter, it provides you with simple options for the purpose.

aTube catcher


  • It also lets you download your videos
  • High-quality resolution.
  • Drag and drop feature for adding files
  • A simple tool to burn YouTube video to DVD

4. WinX DVD Author

WinX DVD Author is one of the excellent options for downloading YouTube videos in different resolutions such as SD, 720p, and 1080p. You can convert your downloaded videos into DVD in a faster manner. A completely free solution, it is one of the best options for YouTube to DVD converter.

winxdvd author


  • Highly customisable
  • Options to add subtitles and background music
  • YouTube download options and burn YouTube video to DVD

5. iSkySoft DVD Creator

Entirely compatible with Windows 10 and other previous versions of the OS, it can be the best way to burn YouTube videos to DVD. The tool provides you with a distinct functionality in terms of easy navigation.

iskysoft DVD Creator


  • You can import YouTube videos onto the software
  • Simple editing options
  • Separate the DVD into different sections as per your preference

6. ImgBurn

ImgBurn offers you a standard disc burning functionality on Windows. A free software, it provides you access to DVD Decryptor features for an improved performance. You can burn both DVDs and ISOs using the software.



  • Wizard option for setting up the program which should be an added advantage.
  • Complete customisation of the software
  • Six different modes and 13 settings options

7. Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

If you are looking for an improved DVD burning software with simple features for an individual, the Ashampoo Burning Studio Free can be the best you can go with. In addition to DVD creation, it also provides you access to several bonus features.



  • Can even burn sophisticated discs such as Blu-rays
  • Support for more than 1700 DVD burner hardware.
  • You can configure the burn speed as per your convenience.

8. BurnAware

BurnAware is an entirely free, yet feature packed DVD burning software. It can create full fledged DVDs and Blu-rays with ease. The tool can also burn ISO images. The user interface is one of the excellent options that makes it a prime tool.



  • Lower CPU usage
  • Multilingual and cleaner interface.
  • Advanced options such as ISO levels and restrictions

9. DVDStyler

DVDStyler is one of the excellent options for converting YouTube videos to DVD. The easy to use interface can be what makes it a great choice. You can design your DVD as per your creativity levels. The open source and free software lets you create professional DVDs.

DVD styler


  • Pick your own DVD menu
  • Options to add subtitles and audio tracks
  • The interface that supports drag and drop.

How to upload DVD to YouTube?

If you are looking to rip a DVD or upload DVD to YouTube, yet another tool from DVDFab DVD Ripper can double up as a reliable choice for your needs. One of the best DVD Ripping software currently available, DVDFab DVD Ripper is equipped with advanced features and functions and also lets you upload DVD to YouTube.

DVDFab DVD Ripper can rip and convert the video files into any of the mainstream formats. You can either rip the video or audio files and play them on mobile devices or home theatre systems. It also lets you enhance the video quality through the Enlarger AI, which is an AI enabled solution to improve the resolution and video quality by 300 percent.

One of the prime features that make DVDFab DVD Ripper a valid choice lies in the fact that it can rip your DVD and upload it to YouTube from within the interface of the software. While DVDFab DVD Creator can help you convert YouTube to DVD, the DVDFab DVD Ripper is an excellent option for how to upload DVD to YouTube.

Some salient features of the software include:

  • Rich profile library: You can convert any DVD including different DVD formats and ISO folders. Pre-sets for a wide range devices such as iPhones, Android devices and other mainstream devices.

  • Metadata extraction: DVD Ripper from DVDFab can extract the metadata from the DVD and apply it back on the output video. This can be helpful in playing and organising your videos on tools such as DVDFab Player 6 or even media server tools like DVDFab Movie Server.

  • Completely flexible and customisable: DVDFab DVD Ripper offers a complete customisation of your output video through chapters, audio tracks and subtitles. Change any of the video and audio parameters to get the best video experience.

  • Multiple technology support: Batch conversion and multicore CPU usage are a few features that will make your video conversion simple and easy. The newest NVIDIA CUDA, as well as Intel Quick Sync, make the conversion speeds faster.

DVD Ripper from DVDFab is our recommended tool for an enhanced and improved experience to upload DVD to YouTube.

What makes DVDFab DVD Creator a great option when compared to the free software?

Well, we have discussed several methods and YouTube to DVD converter alternatives. But, what makes DVDFab DVD Creator one of the prime options lies in the fact that it offers you a great deal of comfortability and advanced features in how to make a DVD from YouTube.

Features DVDFab DVD Creator Other Free software
Batch conversion Yes Only in some cases
Video size limit No limitations Source video size limitation
Video quality Up to 4K Limited to the maximum of full HD
Conversion speed Faster conversion The conversion speed is limited
Template and menu customisation Yes Only in some cases
Video editing Yes Not full fledged

The comparison should provide you with a fair idea into why DVDFab DVD Creator is an excellent choice if you are looking to find how to make a DVD from YouTube.

The Concluding Thoughts

YouTube to DVD Converters is one of the best options for improving your video creation experiences. While you have a vast number of exceptional options that prove to be effective and efficient, DVDFab DVD Creator assists you in creating a genuinely professional DVD with the videos you have downloaded from YouTube. In essence, the options for adding a custom menu, end and opening credits and background music are a few factors that make it a powerful YouTube to DVD converter.

DVDVideoSoft also picked out Top 10 DVD copy and ripper software for you to copy your precious DVD or rip DVD to video files to save easily. Check out those options and get access to the best experience in getting access to an improved and professional options in how to make a DVD from YouTube.

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