Top 6 YouTube Downloader App to Try in 2023

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StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro
StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro
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Ever since people knew that YouTube videos can be downloaded, they are in search of the YouTube downloader app. If you are new to this term, let us make things clear. A YouTube video downloader app helps you download videos from the video streaming platform easily and effortlessly. If you are in search of such a YouTube music downloader app, then this article will definitely help you. Read below to know more.

List of the Best YouTube Downloader App

Below is the list of the best YouTube video downloader app for you. Have a look.

Elmedia Player

Elmedia has the ability to be the best YouTube downloader app right now in the market. It is a YouTube video downloader app as well as a media player that allows you to watch videos online without any popping ads. Users do not have to full their device memory by downloading the videos. In addition to this, users get the option to download the video, too.

youtube downloader app elmedia


  • Extract MP3 from YouTube videos
  • Download online videos
  • A-B Loop
  • Record a series of screenshots
  • Take screenshots
  • Mirror
  • Use Video Tuner
  • Flip vertically


  • The tool works well as a media player and can be replaced with your default media player.
  • Copy any link from Playmotion, YouTube, or Vimeo, and users can download or play it in this app without any irritating ads.
  • The tool supports a huge number of video and audio formats.
  • Users can use their video content to display on the big screen using this app.


  • Complex features are hard to understand for new users.
  • This app does not work with all the devices and hence has compatibility issues.


The next YouTube downloader app for PC in our list is Pulltube. The app comes with everything that a user needs. The tool has subtitles support, one-click download, audio extraction, customizable format, and trimming features. To download YouTube or any video, users will need to drop the link or paste it into the app. If you want to download YouTube to MP3, you can check the post.

youtube downloader app Pulltube


  • Browser plugins
  • Video trimming feature
  • Gestures and shortcuts


  • The trimming feature of the app helps in saving a lot of memory for the users if they need only a specific portion of the video. Users can trim the video before downloading it.
  • Users can also download a video along with subtitles or download them separately.
  • The app allows users to extract audio or immediately convert it to available video formats.


  • The UI is not that simple to understand and not user-friendly.


AnyTrans is a YouTube video downloader app for PC that also acts as a file transferrer. You can use this app to move your videos across different devices as well as download videos from more than 900 platforms.

youtube video downloader app anytrans


  • Copy playlists and more
  • Complete app transfer
  • Convert video on the go
  • Fast speed


  • The app can be used to back up data, sync files between devices, move photos from one device to another, as well as download videos.
  • Supports almost all the operating systems.
  • Users can select their favorite format before downloading.


  • Complex features are hard to understand for new users.


This app helps users to download YouTube videos without even launching the YouTube website. The tool provides the option to search YouTube videos right within the app and users can enter keywords in the in-built browser. All users have to do is to save the video on their device in the format and quality they wish for.

one of the best youtube video downloader apps downie


  • Extract audio from video
  • Save video from social media
  • Download YouTube videos
  • Pair with video converter
  • Search right in the video downloader
  • Download MP4 or just the audio
  • Save 4K YouTube videos
  • Simply drag-and-drop an URL
  • Post-process with Permute


  • Users can convert their videos to any format within the app.
  • The app’s search feature is the plus point. Users do not have to copy and paste the video URL like other apps.
  • The app can download audio and video from more than 1200 platforms.


  • Users do not get the option to preview the video in the app after or before downloading.
  • Users also do not get the option to trim a specific section of the video.


Last, but not least, KeepVid is a well know and popular downloader that also acts as an editor, audio downloader, and converter. In addition to this, the app supports almost all kinds of streaming platforms such as YouTube content, Instagram videos, and even Netflix movies. Apart from the downloader recommended, you can also download YouTube videos with single clicks in different ways.

one of the best youtube downloader apps keepvid


  • Extract audio from video
  • Save video from social media
  • Download YouTube videos


  • While using this app, there is no limit on how many videos users can download.
  • Prior to downloading, users can select to download audio only or change the resolution.


  • When you try downloading using this app, malicious ads might pop up.
  • The app claims to download from websites such as Apple Music and Netflix. This is banned according to the platforms’ Terms of Use.


Airy is a YouTube video downloader for users who work with media files every time. The app comes with a clean UI and is simple to use. All you need to do is paste the video URL, select the resolution, and save the video from YouTube.

youtube downloader app airy


  • Browser integration
  • Download MP3 directly from YouTube
  • Download entire Playlists
  • Quality preference
  • Download YouTube subtitles
  • Access restricted content


  • The tool offers gives the chance to download a range of videos easily along with the option to download music playlists from YouTube.
  • The tool is super simple to use and beginner-friendly.


  • The tool is costly.
  • Supports only YouTube platform for downloading videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Y2mate com trustworthy?

Y2mate is a free app used to download YouTube videos for free. Even though it is free, users have claimed that the app is not a safe download due to the malware. The website comes with various irritating notifications and ads, which result in other potentially harmful and suspicious websites when clicked on.

Is YouTube downloader legal?

Yes! Most programs with the features to download videos are safe and legal. It all relies on how users select them to use. On the other hand, there are a number of safety concerns comprised when it comes to online downloaders. However, if you use these apps to download copyright content, then it is against the law. Using such apps for downloading copyright-free content is always legal. Downloading copyrighted content without the permission of the owner is illegal.

How to use YouTube downloader?

The most used method that is followed by almost all YouTube downloader apps is “copy and paste the link.” Some apps also provide browser extensions that allow users to capture videos while they are browsing the Internet. Some video downloader tools have an in-built browser so that users can search for videos right within the app.


Having said that, you just had a look at a list of the best YouTube downloader app. Users can use any of these apps to download their favorite YouTube videos at any time.

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