Top 15 Music Streaming Apps in 2023 [Android & iOS]

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There are quite a lot of music streaming apps out there, offering different features and granting users access to unlimited listening hours. However, when we talk about the best music streaming app, this is quite specific and points to the “Best.”

This article is in two parts; the first part lists the best music streaming services/apps available across platforms. While the second part explains how to directly download YouTube music videos to MP3, as well as remove DRM protection from your audio files.

Part 1: Top 15 Music Streaming Apps in 2020

1. Spotify (Free or $9.99 per month)


Apparently, Spotify remains the overall best music streaming service and No.1 top music streaming app; it provides a wealth of handy features and is available for everyone irrespective of your region. Also, the Spotify music streaming app is available for Android and iOS device users – there is also a software app for Windows users. Spotify’s app is free to download; however, you need a Spotify Premium account to enjoy limitless music streaming and features.

A new (optional) feature allows Spotify users to integrate the app with Facebook and easily share their playlists. Also, the "Group Session" feature is handy, and you’ll enjoy curated radio stations’ streams, podcasts, and more on the Spotify app.

Available on App Store (iOS) and PlayStore (Android)

2. Pandora (Free or $9.99 per month)


Pandora is one of the most popular best music streaming service; it lets you listen to podcasts, music, and lots more. The Pandora music streaming app packs a bunch of features, as well as flaunts a super-intuitive interface. You can also access Pandora music from different platforms and systems, including Apple TV and some Android boxes. You are allowed to skip tracks and give thumbs up or down on the Pandora app. This on-demand streaming service is a perfect alternative to Spotify premium as it allows free music streaming.

Available on App Store (iOS) and PlayStore (Android)

3. Apple Music (Free for 2 months, $4.99 or $9.99 per month)


Quite specific (meant for Apple device users) but still available to Android users, Apple Music is undeniably the best free music streaming service for people who own Apple devices. The service works with iTunes and allows Apple HomePod owners to request music with voice. Nevertheless, while Apple Music looks to offer the best music streaming app for iOS device owners, it doesn’t support some handy sharing buttons/features available on Spotify.

Furthermore, the Apple Music Android app isn't working as smoothly as the iOS app; but this is what to expect as the service is primarily designed for Apple users.

Available on App Store (iOS) and PlayStore (Android)

4. YouTube Music (free or $9.99 per month)


Over time, YouTube music has advanced to become not just Google's biggest music streaming service but one of the most popular streaming services for everyone. Users have access to tens of millions of songs and various handy features to personalize their streaming experience. Interestingly, on YouTube Music, you gain access to official albums, music videos, singles, remixes, live performances, and lots more entertainment directly from your Android or iOS mobile smartphone.

The service is also available on other platforms such as Alexa (Amazon), Nest (Google), and Sonos soundbars. If you’re looking for an app to stream music from YouTube, this is an ideal option.

Here we also selected top 12 Best YouTube to MP3 converters for you to easily download, convert or transfer YouTube videos to MP3 for offline listening.

Available on App Store (iOS) and PlayStore (Android)

5. Deezer (free or $9.99/month)


Deezer is worthy of being mentioned about the top best music services in 2020 – the features offered by Deezer are impressive and match what you see on other top music streaming platforms. The Deezer mobile app is available for Android and iOS users. Plus, Deezer allows its users to download music and listen offline for free. If you on Deezer’s family plan, you can block songs with explicit lyrics. There is also a Hi-Fi streaming option with 16-bit FLAC quality; this goes for $19.99/month

Available on App Store (iOS) and PlayStore (Android)

6. Tidal (free or $9.99/month)


Owned by the infamous hip-hop star, Jay-Z, Tidal offers a lot of important music streaming features that compete with what you get from Spotify, Apple Music, and other top services alike. It is available for smartphone users, and the mobile app features a clean, easy-to-navigate interface. Tidal is arguable one of the best platforms to stream music, podcasts, and more entertaining stuff.

Available on App Store (iOS) and PlayStore (Android)

7. Amazon Music (free or $9.99 per month)


Just like any other top best music streaming service, Amazon Music allows smartphone users to take advantage of its mobile app to enjoy unlimited music streaming from various locations. The service offers free music streaming, but you need Amazon Music Unlimited subscription to enjoy all the features provided by Amazon Music.

Available on App Store (iOS) and PlayStore (Android)

8. SoundCloud (free or $9.99/month)


Among the people that would love using SoundCloud is indie creators. There are quite a few add-on features offered by SoundCloud, and some users can upload stuff to SoundCloud for other users to enjoy. With SoundCloud Go, you will enjoy on-demand streaming and access to over 10 million trending songs. SoundCloud boost of having over 150 million tracks in its catalog, which makes it the largest music streaming service.

Other entertaining stuff to enjoy on SoundCloud includes DJ mixes, podcasts, personalized collections, and more.

Available on App Store (iOS) and PlayStore (Android)

9. Primephonic (free or $7.99/month)


The best music streaming app should contain insurmountable tracks to keep you going for a whole day or more. Well, PrimePhonic boasts of being having the largest collection of “classical” tracks. The service offers a 14-day free trial and opts to subscribe to its premium package to enjoy unlimited streams. PrimePhonic is a worthy mention as one of the best music streaming service providers. Users enjoy an intuitive interface, a well-designed music library, and more features.

Available on App Store (iOS) and PlayStore (Android)

10. TuneIn (free or $9.99/month)


TuneIn is a comprehensive streaming service provider – its users enjoy free internet radio, music streams, sports, podcasts, news, etc. There are over 600 free radio stations available on TuneIn and lots of interesting tracks. However, TuneIn isn’t an on-demand streaming service like YouTube Music and the other, but it's best for sports addicts, and music/podcast lovers.

Available on App Store (iOS) and PlayStore (Android)

11. Qobuz (free or $14.99/month)


It’s a new streaming service (launched in February 2019) but already contains tens of millions of interesting tracks. Qobuz lets you stream 24-Bit hi-res audio and provides a better alternative to some top free music streaming apps. The Qobuz free music streaming app is available for Android and iPhone users.

Available on App Store (iOS) and PlayStore (Android)

12. iHeartRadio (free or $4.99/month)


As the name connotes, this is a streaming service that lets you listen to online radio; however, it is also one of the best music streaming services you’d love to use in 2020. iHeartRadio offers a mobile app that is available for smartphone users. The iHeartRadio catalog contains loads of interesting tracks and online radio stations. Sports, podcasts, and comedy streams are also available on the iHeartRadio music streaming app.

Available on App Store (iOS) and PlayStore (Android)

13. JOOX (free or $2.95/month)


Unfortunately, Joox is not for everyone; it is a region-specific music streaming service provider. People who can use the Joox free music streaming app are people living in HongKong, China, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Nevertheless, JOOX can be the best music streaming service for people who can access and use it. It hosts millions of songs, free radios, podcasts, and more.

Available on App Store (iOS) and PlayStore (Android)

14. Napster (free or $14.99/month)


Formerly Rhapsody, Napster is a top music streaming service provider that offers pretty much features you’ll love to explore. With the Napster Music app, you will enjoy on-demand music streaming and access to all the app features. The ad-free experience offered by Napster is superb, and users can enjoy internet radios, too.

Available on App Store (iOS) and PlayStore (Android)

15. Gaana (free or $3.99 per month)


The Gaana mobile app should be among your top considerations when searching for the best music streaming app. It doesn't only allow you to stream music, but it also lets you stream other entertaining stuff from virtually anywhere. Nevertheless, Gaana is an India company; thus, what you’ll discover on the app is mostly Bollywood stuff.

Available on App Store (iOS) and PlayStore (Android)

These music streaming apps are apparently the best you can trust to have the genres you love listening to. Most of them also offer extensive features that help shape your streaming experience and allow you to personalize what you listen to.

Part 2: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Download Music from YouTube to MP3?

Nowadays, downloading stuff from YouTube isn't difficult; whether you want to download a YouTube music video or a movie, there are several software apps to use for that. However, the DVDFab YouTube Downloader software looks to be the best software for downloading stuff from YouTube. The software comes with a nicely designed interface and lets you download YouTube movies or music videos in MP3 format. It is quite an advanced software that lets you choose between downloading a YouTube music video as MP3 or MP4.

Steps to download music from YouTube to MP3:

  • Install DVDFab YouTube Downloader and launch the application

  • Select YouTube from the main interface

  • Paste the link to the YouTube Music or search for the music

  • Play the music video and click on the “Download” button

  • Select “Audio.”

2. How to Remove DRM from Apple Music

DRM protection restricts the usage of tracks from Apple Music streaming service. However, with a DRM removal software, you can remove DRM protection from Apple Music files and convert them to any other audio format of your choice.

3. Where can I stream music for free?

Most music streaming apps allow you to stream music for free for a limited time; however, you'll be clocked with a limited number of streams. So, while you can stream music for free, you need a subscription to continue streaming at the end of the free-trial period.

Part 3: Conclusion

These are the top 15 best music streaming apps that are on fleek at the moment. The apps allow you to use a free version for a limited number of days; afterward, you will need to sign-up for a subscription plan to keep enjoying unlimited streams.

Also, if you need to download music from YouTube, the DVDFab YouTube Downloader works perfectly for this purpose, and it supports other video-hosting platforms, too.

Music and movie are the best wonderful part of human life, so today we also prepared a tutorial to watch movie online with 8 fantastic methods, you can check it right now to find your favourite one.

Now grab some snacks, and enjoy a cozy afternoon with music and movies.

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