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Smartphones are a major part of our lives now. And with every passing day, Androids are really getting more innovative. Listening to music at full volume helps many of us fight anxiety and depression. But often, the android volume is just not loud enough for us. Therefore many volume boosters for android have been launched in the market.

These boosters enhance the volume without destroying the audio quality. The article below discusses the 6 best Volume Boosters that are supported by Android, iOs, Windows, and Mac. Trying any booster that feels like someone smashing things inside your ear identifies as a pathetic volume booster. A proficient volume booster does not destroy the user's experience. Many volume boosters allow you to adjust volume with lock screens and enhance up to 500%.


Headphone Volume Booster is an excellent invention in the world of Volume enhancers. Many Laptop comes with excellent hardware, but their audio quality is just down. First, you need to ensure that the Windows are up to date and that the audio setting is set to default. Try a volume booster if trying the full volume does not give the desired volume.

You might be in the mood to hear some loud music for your workouts or jamming sessions, and the audio volume is just not right. Whether you are using Android/iPhone or Laptop, there are chances that you might need a volume booster to give you a wonderful user experience, and that does not destroy the audio quality too.

6 Best Volume Boosters for You 2022

This guide is for you if you are looking for some volume booster that does not change audio quality. The following includes all sorts of volume boosters.

DvdFab Adjust Volume Tool

DVDFab Toolkit

You might have come across a situation where the volume of your file is either too low or too high. With the DVDFab Volume tool kit, you can adjust the volume according to your need. It supports Windows 7, 8, 10. You can slide left and right for adjustment. No expert skills are required. It is compatible with both audio and video files and can adjust volumes of files in batches. One drawback is that after running it on your PC and importing files to adjust the volume, you need to download them. You cannot adjust the volume in an ongoing video. The premium version costs $26.99 per month. Now boost the volume of the video/audio file up to 500%.

Super Volume Booster

Super Volume Booster

It supports all media types such as games, music, and videos. The best thing about Super Volume Booster is that it keeps the volume clean. It supports external headphones, Bluetooth and can enhance volume brilliantly. Install this from the Play store today. This app is best for increasing volume naturally, and you can boost it up by 60%. Also, it is a lightweight app and has fewer chances of crashing. The fantastic feature is that it works fine with a loudspeaker the same way with headphones. Super Volume Booster increases the bass of the music and amplifies your favorite song

Volume Booster Pro

Volume Booster Pro

If you want a Volume booster that can function with one click. Volume Booster Pro is the free volume booster ultimate option. You can change and adjust all volumes in one go. You don't have to do volume setting separately for each feature, such as adjusting the volume of calls, alarm, music, etc. It is compatible with both Andriod and Tablet. The performance is outclassed, making this app reach 4.8 stars on the Play store. It is a free source for increasing the bass of your audio. You can restore the volume in one click. There's a significant drawback: the multiple ads popping up might destroy users' experience.

Precise Volume ( + EQ/Booster)

volume booster: Precise Volume ( + EQ/Booster)

Precise volume ( + EQ / Booster) is the best volume booster app that helps you adjust the volume the way you want. You can try adjusting any volume level from 0 to 100k, but it comes with a level 15 setting in Andriod. You can activate the automatic adjustment volume option. It comes with features that do not kill the users' experience and keep the volume control for headphones. It supports Bluetooth and does not require to root. It does not support a lock or off-screen feature that can be used to adjust the volume. You have to open the app every time you need to make changes to the volume. But when you plug in the headphone, you need to adjust the volume as it starts at 100%.

You can create presets for different apps within the phone. You can also use 100 increments wisely. So every time you connect a device via Bluetooth or plug-in headphones, it will ask you to select the preset to function. You can boost volume very high with fine audio quality.

Ultimate Volume Booster

Ultimate Volume Booster

Ultimate Volume booster is the best volume booster chrome. You can add the extension to your chrome. If you are a loud music lover and looking for a suitable chrome volume booster, then Ultimate Volume Booster is for you. You can efficiently operate it and do not need expertise. It is very useful during workouts or when some background music is needed. It perfectly works with Bluetooth and external headphones. It is safe and does not destroy your headphone with high sound. On the official site, it claims a boost of 600%. Changing the volume too loud will bring back the volume to normal. It does not change the volume at once unpleasantly, but you can increase it smoothly with a slider. Add the ultimate Volume Booster on your Windows and Mac and enjoy bass music with high quality audio.

3D Boom Volume Booster

3D Boom Volume Booster

3D Boom Volume Booster is the ultimate volume booster Windows 10. This premium booster can transform your experience of music. Since its launch in 2007, it's been a commercial success and is praised by music owners and makers. You can purchase it for $14.99 for two Window PC only.

It supports both Windows and Mac. If you want some high-quality volume booster that does not change the quality of the music or file and increasing the volume does not feel like screaming, then buying the subscription is a wise option. They offer a free 30 days trial. The music in the headphones will feel so soft and realistic. It does not affect the external speakers with high volume. The sound enhancer distributes the sound equally and produces rich audio.


Is your low music volume ruining your mood? You have the full volume on your Android and Laptop, and still, the volume is too low. Don't worry; try volume-boosting apps and tools from the play store. Read out the above article to help you solve your problem. You don't need premium boosters for high results. A lot of free application also does wonders. For Windows and Mac, you can try adding volume booster extensions. Make sure you add a safe and legal extension that won't hack your system when adding extensions. Many extension results in leaving the system corrupt and full of viruses. The thing about extensions is that you can remove them if you don't like the result and add a new one. The extension setting is so simple and does not require much expertise either.

Try the above mention volume boosters and let us know which one worked out best for you.

People Also Ask

Can you boost volume on Android?

Yes, you can boost volume on Android by downloading volume-boosting apps from the play store. All the above-mentioned boosters are tired and tested. For a better guideline, you can check out the article above.

Is there a volume booster that works?

Volume Booster Groodev works completely fine when looking for a volume boost. It enhances the volume of your Android. You can boost the volume by 50% and listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Equalizers are in build to balance the audio.

Which volume booster is best for Windows 10?

There are a lot of volume boosters for Windows in the market. Some of the best volume boosters include Sound booster, Boom 3D, Fx Sound. You can opt for a premium version also. The benefit of the premium version is that the data and system remain safe.

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