Top 10 YouTube Alternatives for Background Play

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top 10 youtube alternatives that can background play

Everyone sees YouTube as the best platform to stream different kinds of digital content for free, but there are many other top sites that seem better than YouTube. Have you ever considered looking out for a conservative alternative to YouTube? If you have, then you will be conversant with some of the YouTube alternative sites listed in this article.

As you already know, the YouTube mobile app does not allow you to stream content in background except if you're a YouTube Premium subscriber. However, in contrast, some YouTube alternative apps allow you to do that!

This article lists the best YouTube alternative apps and sites that allow you to stream digital content in the background. Interestingly, some alternative apps to YouTube let you download YouTube to mp3. Let’s get started with this article.

Part 1: Top 5 YouTube Alternative Sites

1. D.Tube

d tube

D.Tube is a decentralized video sharing platform that flaunts a similar interface, just like YouTube. The platform offers quite a couple of good features that could make you ditch YouTube and start using D.Tube as your preferred platform.

When you’re a creator on D.Tube, you will earn in cryptocurrency, and payment is not based on how many views your video(s) generate. Also, while YouTube videos are stored in Google's data center, DTube videos are said to be stored on a distributed storage protocol – IPFS.

For anyone looking for a conservative alternative to YouTube, this platform, DTube, can be a nice option. With the DTube Viewer app, you can stream videos from this platform in the background.

2. MetaCafe


MetaCafe is a reliable alternative site to YouTube; however, it contains more short video clips. This site boasts of millions of monthly visitors and is one of the most popular video hosting platforms globally. On MetaCafe, creators can monetize their content and get paid for their contributions.

More so, MetaCafe pays its partners up to $5.00 per 1000 views. You can also download the mobile app to stream funny videos on mobile. This platform is simply an ideal alternative to YouTube in virtually all aspects. Furthermore, the interface looks great, and users can easily discover new/trending videos.

3. Vimeo


Apparently, you must have heard about Vimeo or even used the mobile app. Well, Vimeo is a conservative alternative to YouTube, and it provides many more options. The platform is quite user friendly; you can create your own videos on the fly, upload a video, or start a live video broadcast.

It is quite interesting that you can play files in the background when you use the Vimeo mobile app for Android or iPhone. However, this platform isn’t as benevolent as YouTube; you will need to subscribe to a paid package before you can enjoy most of its outstanding features. The free version isn’t bad, but it’s far limited than YouTube’s free version. Nevertheless, you can still consider this one of the best YouTube alternatives.

4. Veoh


When looking for the best YouTube alternative sites, Veoh should be among your considerations. It is a top-notch video hosting platform with quite better features to offer, as well as provide an intuitive interface. However, this platform comes as an alternative to YouTube because it provides you with premium movies for free.

The platform also has a flexible mobile app available for iOS and Android. Thus, you will be able to stream and watch your favorite videos while on the go seamlessly. Veoh is free to use, and if you wish to be a creator, you can monetize your account and earn money from contributing to the platform.

5. Daily Motion

daily motion

Daily Motion is one of the most popular YouTube alternative sites, the platform looks good for everyone, and creators can monetize their accounts. On Daily Motion, you will find a lot of resourceful videos and clips; also, you can search for videos based on categories, and there are filters to refine your search. This alternative site to YouTube has a mobile app that lets you view and stream files on the go.

More so, Daily Motion allows you to create a free account and stream all you want. It is not as advanced as YouTube but measures up as an alternative for those looking to ditch YouTube for another platform.

In case you are a mobile app addict, there are apps that allow you to stream digital content in the background. With these apps, you can stream YouTube and many other videos hosting sites in the background.

Part 2: Top 5 Best YouTube alternative apps

6. DVDFab Video Downloader App


DVDFab Video Downloader App is an all-inclusive video downloader that lets you download online videos from YouTube, Daily Motion, and many other video hosting sites. It also doubles as a “play YouTube in background Android app;" thus, you can stream YouTube music in the background using this mobile app. More so, the DVDFab Video Downloader App features an intuitive user interface. Plus, you can download YouTube playlists for free and directly to your mobile device.

In fact, this is a multifunctional mobile app for anyone looking for much flexibility in dealing with video hosting sites and platforms. Numerically, there are over 1000 sites supported on DVDFab Video Downloader App that you can stream and download files from; it is the best YouTube alternative app for Android smartphone users.

7. YouTube Vanced

youtube vanced

You cannot download videos with Vanced, but it allows you to play YouTube content in the background while you go on with other activities. The YouTube Vanced app is a stock Android YouTube app that supports quite a bunch of features you’d love to explore. It flaunts a nice interface and includes a lot of flexible settings to customize how you want to use YouTube.

YouTube Vanced does not require ROOT access – it is only available to Android users, and you can download it from the developer’s official website – YouTube Vanced.

8. New Pipe

new pipe

Apparently, New Pipe is one of the best YouTube alternative apps – it does not just allow you to play YouTube content in the background, but it comes with a variety of other features you'll like. The app is designed to provide users with a perfect ad-free experience while surfing YouTube for digital content.

Interestingly, NewPipe is totally free to use, and it is an open-source app covered by GPL 3.0 license. More so, NewPipe lets you play YouTube in the background without any stress. The app is generally useful; however, it does not support other platforms like the DVDFab Video Downloader app.

9. FlyTube


FlyTube falls among the top “alternative apps to YouTube;” it allows you to minimize YouTube and focus on doing other stuff with your mobile device. At the moment, this app is only available for Android smartphone users, and it flaunts a clear-cut interface that is easy to understand. This app's interesting features include its ability to allow you to choose from four (4) different popup sizes and the excellent playlist management.

With FlyTube app, you can access millions of YouTube content on the FLY. It is a pretty lightweight YouTube alternative app, and it is free to use.

10. Minimize Play in Background - Video Mini

video mini

This mobile app is an all-new video player that supports popups; thus, it allows you to play YouTube videos in popup interface so that you can access and use other apps on your device. The app is developed by Video Mini, and it proves to be a conservative alternative to YouTube’s official app for Android.

However, this application does not allow you to download YouTube videos – it can only play them in the background. Minimize Player is available for free on Google PlayStore; plus, it features a swift interface that anyone can understand.

What more?

So far, this article has listed the top best YouTube alternative sites and apps. It would be best if you also learn how to download videos and audios from YouTube. Basically, you can only save a YouTube content for offline viewing but cannot download them to your device storage.

However, with DVDFab Video Downloader software and mobile app, it is quite easy to download YouTube music videos as MP3 files – the software also doubles as a YouTube playlist downloader – it’s a completely versatile solution for managing YouTube videos.

Part 3: How To Download YouTube Videos?

Whether you are looking to download YouTube to MP3 or download a YouTube video in 4K quality, the DVDFab Video Downloader offers such flexibility. It allows you to batch download videos from YouTube in a clear-cut interface, as well as provides you with a bunch of resolutions to choose from.

download youtube videos

Both the software and mobile app version of DVDFab Video Downloader comes with extensive features for downloading files from YouTube and over 1000 similar video hosting platforms. This software is free to download; however, you'll need to upgrade to the paid version to explore all its professional features.

DVDFab Video Downloader is available for Windows OS and macOS computer users, while the mobile app is available for Android device users.

Batch download YouTube video up to 4k standard.

You can download multiple videos from YouTube at a go using DVDFab Video Downloader software. The interface allows for batch downloading and also provides real-time information. You can download an entire playlist in just one click, or copy and paste different YouTube URLs to download the content in high-quality video or audio format.

To download multiple videos on YouTube using DVDFab Video Downloader, follow the steps below:

4k standard

  • Download and install DVDFab Video Downloader software on your MacBook or Windows computer.

  • Launch the program and click on YouTube.

  • You can sign in to your YouTube account or surf as a guest.

  • Find the video you want to download, play it, and click the "Download" icon at the top-left edge.

  • Choose a resolution quality (up to 4K) and click “OK.”

  • Look out for another video and carry out the steps above; continue in this manner to download as many videos as you want.

  • Toggle to the “Downloading” tab to view all the downloading videos.

Download YouTube to MP3 to play in the background

If you wish to download YouTube music videos as MP3 so you can play them in the background (offline) while using your mobile device for other activities, bellows are steps to do that.

Using the software version

software version

  • Search for the music video on DVDFab Video Downloader

  • Click the download button.

  • Toggle to “Music” tab

  • Select an audio quality

  • Click "OK" to start downloading.

Using the mobile app (Android)

mobile app

  • Launch the mobile app

  • Search for the YouTube content you want to download

  • Play the video

  • Click on the “Download” icon

  • Choose a format/quality

  • Click “Download” to start downloading


DVDFab Video Downloader app is a YouTube playlist downloader and also doubles as one of the best YouTube alternative apps, after downloading multiple YouTube videos with it, you could actually convert YouTube videos into a DVD to keep memory.

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