Top 5 Methods for DRM Removal from Video, Music and eBook

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StreamFab All-In-One
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If you're someone who likes to tinker with their mobile devices, then you might have come across with something called DRM or Digital Rights Management. Well, it's a system that gives you the ability to determine how people will consume your content. How does it work then? Well, it needs specific encoding, packaging, playback and a license server.

With the growing demand for digital content, popular companies have now started using DRM to protect their content and keep the users stick to their service. For instance, Apple and Spotify use DRM protection so even if you download their content, you will still not be able to share it or play it using your own choice of player.

Well, some users are okay with it and the rest are not just like you. Well, we decided to cover up some popular tools or software that you can use to remove this DRM protection. Let's take a look at our 5 favorite DRM removal software to find the answer to how to remove DRM from Apple music, iTunes movies, Kindle eBooks as well as PDF.

1. Top 5 Methods for DRM Removal from Video, Music and eBook

Note: It is worth noting that removing DRM protection is against the terms of service of many popular companies out there. In no way, we are promoting the same. This is just an educational piece of content.

No.1 Calibre DRM Removal for eBook

Calibre DRM Removal is designed for all your ebook needs meaning you can finally remove that encryption from purchased Kindle books. Calibre is so popular that it is available on all the major platforms that include Windows, Linux and Mac. It even works on Android and iOS which is insane.

remove drm from video, music, and ebook

Calibre makes use of various plugins - one such plug-in is Apprentice Alf's DRM Removal Tool. You can use this to remove DRM protection from your purchased ebooks. The software, when combined with this plugin, works flawlessly and works as claimed. If you stick in the middle, then there are tons of guides available on the web. With that said, if you want us to cover that, you can let us know in the comments as well.

If you're looking to remove DRM protection from Kindle ebooks, then this is where your search might finally end. This tool is also a must-have for those who have an extensive e-library of books from multiple sources and devices. With this tool, you will be able to easily organize them in one place while also accessing them in your favorite reader.

  • Available on all the major platforms
  • Designed specifically for unlocking or removing DRM from ebooks
  • Completely free of cost

You can learn more about Calibre DRM Removal by visiting their official webpage.

No.2 StreamFab DRM M3U8 Downloader

Found an online video that you want to download for offline viewing but it is protected by DRM M3U8 encryptions? Well, StreamFab DRM M3U8 Downloader can do the job for you. It is a professional downloader that supports users to download 1080p MP4 videos from websites implemented with DRM M3U8 encryptions.

Win Download Mac Download

remove drm from video

This is powerful video software that not only removes DRM from videos but can also do many great things for you. Below is a list of major features of this DRM removal software.

  • Download videos from websites applied with M3U8 protections;
  • Automatically detect the videos played in the inbuit browser;
  • Choose the video quality of your choice for the download;
  • Remove ads from the downloaded streaming videos;
  • Download user-selected subtitles for easier understanding;
  • Download videos as universally compatible MP4/MKV format;
  • Download videos in batch and at super-fast speed;
  • Burn the downloaded videos to Blu-ray format

No.3 TuneFab DRM Removal for Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify

After covering a dedicated tool for ebooks, it's time to talk about DRM removal solutions for music apps such as Apple Music, Spotify and even iTunes. The all-in-one solution for all your music needs is the TuneFab DRM Removal. They have dedicated tools for all these apps under their products portfolio and well, all of them are free to use.

drm removal software

TuneFab DRM removal has already received positive criticism from major publications such as MacUpdate and Softpedia. Furthermore, the company promises to deliver 24*7 email support along with lifetime software updates. All of these make it a value for money offering.

It is available for both Windows and Mac and seems to work flawlessly without any complications. Coming to the software, the conversion process, user interface and everything is pretty easy and you can easily figure it out. The company claims 5x faster conversion speed which is something we cannot comment on. With that said, it's one of the best tools out there to remove DRM from Apple music.

  • Supports both Windows and Mac
  • Remove drm from apple music, iTunes and Spotify
  • 5x faster conversion speed
  • Sleek user interface
  • Completely free

You can learn more about TuneFAB DRM Removal by visiting their official webpage.

No.4 ePub DRM Removal

ePub DRM Removal is yet another software designed to remove protection or encryption from ebook files. As the name suggests, the tool works for epub file format which if you're unaware, comes with Adobe DRM protection. Basically, if you have any epub ebook file that was opened in Adobe digital editions then you can use this tool to remove the DRM.

epub drm removal software

If you're not a big fan of epub, then you can also convert the format to read your ebook on Kindle or simply convert it to PDF. Just like most tools out there, you can either use the free version or settle yourself with the paid option. Both of them work exceptionally well and do the conversion job nicely.

When it comes to support, we're looking at Google Playbooks, Kobo books, OverDrive eBooks, and other epub books opened in digital editions. Sadly, there is no support for iTunes books - for that, you should stick with the DVDFab DRM Remover.

  • Works on both Windows and Mac
  • Support all the major ebook libraries including epub opened in digital editions
  • Both free and premium options are available
  • Drag and drop support to make things easier for you

You can learn more about the ePub DRM Removal from their official webpage.

No.5 DRM Video Converter for Mac

Lastly, in the list, we have DRM Video Converter for Mac developed by AppleMacSoft. You can remove DRM from purchased iTunes movies/TV shows along with M4V to MP3 conversion. As per the website, the tool claims 30x faster conversion speed which again is something we cannot confirm. With that said, the conversion was indeed quick and efficient with this DRM removal software, which is a solid plus point.

remove drm from movies

One key thing this software does is removing the 24-hour limitation on iTunes rental movies. This means that you can remove the DRM from iTunes movies and then convert it to MP4 allowing you to watch it whenever you want. We personally liked the user interface of the software which matches just like other Mac software.

Unlike others mentioned above, this tool does not have a freeware version meaning you cannot use limited sets of features for free. The tool comes with a price tag of $44.95 at the time of writing this. Although you can go ahead and download the trial version to see if you like the DRM removal software or not. Unlike the others, this one only works on Mac which might be a dealbreaker for many users out there.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Batch M4V to MP4 video conversion
  • 30x high-speed conversion
  • Works on Mac only

You can learn more about the DRM Video Converter for Mac by visiting their official webpage.

2. Conclusion

With that said, these are some of the best DRM removal software out there that can easily remove DRM protection from copyrighted digital content. As mentioned earlier, if you're looking for a solid DRM removal tool for your videos, then you might be better off with StreamFab DRM M3U8 Downloader software. For ebooks, Calibre is one of the best tools out there and it's so good that you don't even need to find the alternative.

If you're a music buff, then you can go with TuneFab which is designed for all music streaming tools. ePub is still one of the most popular ebook file formats which is why we decided to cover that aspect as well. In the end, we will recommend trying out the freeware version of each software before settling with any.

We will now conclude this listicle on the best DRM removal tools for Video, Music, eBook and more. If we somehow missed some worthy option, then you can let us and our readers know by hopping down in the comments.

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