Top 11 Social Media Apps to Consider for Your Brand in 2023

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Top Social Media Apps to Consider for Your Brand in 2022

Social media apps and platforms have an equal role for customers and marketers. Digital platforms gain more attention in a current pandemic. Most people who got stuck in the home due to lockdown pushed to spend time on different online forums. Everything nowadays has become online, like online sales, purchases of groceries, clothes, and other home essentials.

Top Social Media Apps to Consider for Your Brand in 2022

Many people set their businesses online. Remarkably, people did not stop their financial growth even in the pandemic. A news report states that around 72% of people have increased their use of social media in this COVID time. We have a breakdown of these most-used apps to let you know their worth to advance your business in 2022. list of social media apps

Here is a list of mostly operated social media apps in 2021; let's checkout;

Top 11 Social Media Apps to Consider for Your Brand in 2022

1. Telegram - one of the best alternatives to conservative social media apps

Telegram - one of the best alternatives to conservative social media apps

Launched in: 2013

Telegram earns the top rank in the social media world for private messages. It has strict and potential privacy policies that bring it to an expanded level. Privacy checks and strictness are prominent characteristics of Telegram. The app is a convenient way of communicating different brands with potential customers.


  • The free, amazingly working app contains self-destructive and encrypted texts.
  • Different brands and companies use its channel for broadcasting messages.
  • This from the new social media apps allows you to lock their specific chats, mute notifications, and preview.


  • Many companies construct their chatbots on this fantastic platform.
  • It has private cloud storage for each user.


  • Chats are not encrypted

2. Reddit - one of the top social media apps

Reddit - one of the top social media apps

Launched in: June 23, 2005

We take this platform as the second on our suggested list. It is all free and very convenient for mobile users. The excellent forum connects several intellectual people in various groups. People can share their thoughts, photos, and suggestions over a specific issue.


  • This great app took place in the top 10 social media platforms.
  • People from the whole world connect through this forum and discuss many unique and social topics.
  • This app features comments, upvote posts, and downvote posts.


  • The users can join in their desired and relevant debates.
  • It creates a modest subreddit forum where users can build and engage with their communities.


  • Confusing rules

3. LinkedIn - from the best social media apps

LinkedIn - from the best social media apps

Launched in: 2002

Professionals usually operate this app to boost their profile and business as well. This old but gold featuring app is significant in yearly top 10 ranking social media platforms. Different companies are seen broadcasting the employment at their place and searching for devoted talent.


  • The app lets you establish your profile, and it looks like a curriculum vitae.
  • It emphasizes your talent, skills, education, experience, and personality.
  • This from the best social media apps for adults is a great spot to find employment or hire young talent in your company.


  • It is an excellent spot to showcase your leadership in the industry and its products.
  • You can connect with other members and follow your desired activities on the platform.


  • Unobjective claims, a lot of spam messages

4. Instagram - from the best social media apps

Instagram - from the best social media apps

Launched in: 2010

Millions of worldwide people are on Instagram. It is a sensational modern film revolving around the youth. It lets people share their interests, photos, stories, videos, and live chats. For engaging more individuals, Instagram is developing its features frequently.


  • Instagram establishes IGTV that supports longer videos.
  • It allows live streaming to chat with friends globally.
  • Private Texting feature.


  • Business companies can create their profile for product promotion.
  • It gives affluent analysis about likes, views, and posts.


  • Referred to as the most addicted platform.

5. Twitter - one of the most popular social media apps

Twitter - one of the most popular social media apps

Launched in: March 21, 2006

It is a real-time blogging platform that updates its features frequently. The many app developers appreciated that the platform had a short limit for word typing. Twitter acknowledges its users to things occurring throughout the world. It suggests you follow public figures and other people relating to your interests.


  • Most advertisers reveal that 80% of social requests related to customer services work on this app.
  • All your desired content lives here; explore and enjoy exclusive videos, sports, political news, and more.
  • It is the heaven of trending hashtags.


  • A private chat box lets you text friends and fans.
  • Just hit the Go Live option and run your live streaming.


  • Limited post character's support

6. Snapchat

snapchat - best social media apps

Launched in: September 16, 2011

This smart app won the hearts of millions of users. It does not just attract people due to filters but also permits sharing short video clips and photos via message. Social media forums like Instagram adopt its features of filters and lenses to make their stories look beautiful.


  • It has lenses, filters, and 3D Bitmojis that modify your pictures into cool ones.
  • Snapchat allows sending a text or photo to 16 individuals simultaneously.
  • It has the unique feature of checking astrological compatibility with your companions.


  • Snapchat turns boring stories and dull, ordinary photos into beautiful, eye-catching content.
  • You can check the shared content on its cloud storage without payment.


  • Limited audience

7. Pinterest - one of the popular social media apps

Pinterest - one of the popular social media apps

Launched in: December 2009

Pinterest also has a major contribution to providing graphical digital content worldwide. It earns popularity due to providing quick services and excellent, attractive content among millions of its users. Millions of users are fans of the creative content and ideas that exist on Pinterest.


  • You can share photos on this platform.
  • There are numerous lifestyle hacks presented by people that can inspire anyone.
  • You have the chance to search the popular and recommended objects here.


  • Pinterest lets you invite your companions over a specific collection or discussion panel to join you.
  • There is the option of creating ideas, purchasing many premium objects like photos, videos, or tutorials.


  • Specified to images.

8. WhatsApp - one of the most popular social media apps

WhatsApp - one of the most popular social media apps

Launched in: 2009

WhatsApp does not require any introduction as it already has retard the popularity of many messaging and content sharing apps. It reduced the user's collaboration with the Facebook messenger app and won the top place among other social media forums.


  • You can make group audio and video calls via this app.
  • Messages also appear in an offline state.
  • There is a great WhatsApp web option that allows you to use your account on the computer.


  • The app lets you back up all deleted content, e.g., texts, audio, video, and photos.
  • You can share documents of any format, location, and contact number.


  • No option to hide from a user.

9. TikTok - from the newest social media apps

 TikTok - from the newest social media apps

Launched in: 2016

TikTok is another famous platform that has a place in the top 10 media apps. In 2018 the TikTok became the top downloaded app worldwide and suppressed the popularity of even Facebook and Instagram-like apps. There is also a lot of TikTok downloader in the market that you can choose.


  • It is a rapidly proceeding app and is adored for its music video sharing feature.
  • It has outstanding AR features that offer tools for beautiful and eye-catching editing.
  • A TikToker can create duet videos with a stranger user of TikTok.


  • TikTok has the simplest and easy interface that even a 7-year-old kid can operate.
  • Supports different languages.


  • Hectic nature

10. Facebook - at the top in all social media apps

Facebook - at the top in all social media apps

Launched in: February 2004

It is the top trending platform with the most fantastic large user base from the last decade. Facebook supports stories, audio, video, images, and documents. It has a technique or algorithmic rule to support meaningful, positive, and interactive content shared by someone.


  • Notify you about your memories and suggestions to share with fellows.
  • You can follow the favorite person like an artist or even a brand.
  • There is more chance to find a person on Facebook than search directories.


  • Facebook marketplace offers sales and purchases of your favorite brands.
  • You can play online games with Facebook companions.


  • Insecure privacy

11. YouTube - one of the most used social media apps

YouTube - one of the most used social media apps

Launched on: February 14, 2005

It is known as the most emerging video streaming platform. You can share personal videos, music videos, and movie clips. You just search the name in the search section of the YouTube platform, and you will get a huge list of search-related content.


  • Here you get life hacks, tutorials, educational content with useful information.
  • A lot of kid's entertainment material is here.


  • Accessible
  • Large screen interface
  • Dark mode


  • Account disability without any reason


Above is just a list of popular social media apps 2020 and 2021, and you are not forced to join every platform. We suggest that these platforms have an influencing role in providing different topics, both negative and positive. Out of the above, you can take Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and others as a digital platform for boosting a brand's productivity and other business strategies.

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