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Use the best photo merge app and photo merge software and stitch multiple photos into seamless images. Learn how to merge two photos and how to merge photo libraries with the help of free tutorials, several available in multiple languages. Get specialized software for android as well as Mac along with several free merging software. Here are the top 10 best and user-friendly picks.

The photo merge app allows you to combine multiple images so as to get a single HDR photo that is seamlessly fused. Ideal photo merge software will let you merge multi-exposure bracketed photos to make a single HDR photo. It will also help merge standard exposure type photos to make a panorama,

It is usually landscape and panorama photographers that use photo merging as, in order to create a panorama, you have to stitch photos together that, once well aligned, ultimately give a grand view. Apart from that, several other photographers including architecture, sports, and fashion among others, also widely use merge photo software to get stunning results from contrasted images by bringing them immaculately together.

Here are the top 10 photo merging software options that we have picked for you.


photo merge app Hugin

This software allows you to align together a collage of photographs into an enveloping panoramic image. You can merge together multiple and overlapping pictures and do much more.


  • Has a functional interface
  • Allows you to create textures and blend masks
  • This is a free software
  • Compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows


  • The stitching process can also fix distortions in the source images
  • There are several online tutorials available in multiple languages to assist with the entire process of merging. You can photo merge free of cost with this


  • The software is in constant development, so one has to be on the lookout for publishers of binaries of development versions
  • The user interface is not very easy to use

Price: Free (Open Source)

Panoweaver 10

photo merge online with Panoweaver 10

Panoweaver enables you to merge and view the panorama in 2D mode as well as get a 3D comprehensive tour which you can then view on your device. It is quite popular as it supports source images shot by all camera types.


  • Immersive photo tour experience for you and once published can easily be viewed on tablets and phones anytime anywhere
  • Supports a series of user-defined components such as control buttons, background music, transition effect and much more
  • Gives you copyright protection with ceiling/floor logo customizing etc.
  • GPS customization supports latitude, longitude and NorthPan in panoramas


  • Supports multiple languages- English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish and Italian
  • Easy to operate with powerful functions and adaptive to various devices


  • Both versions are quite expensive
  • Outcomes in the trial version are watermarked

Price: $149.95 USD/ $399.95 USD


how to merge photo with PanoramaStudio

This photo merging software has a standard as well as a pro version and is available for both Mac and Windows. The pro version gives you additional options such as ultra-wide-angle and fish-eye lenses and is the complete solution for the creation of panoramic images.


  • Allows manual post-processing of all steps
  • You can connect interactive panoramas with virtual tours with the help of hotspots
  • Features auto-photo exposure correction
  • Allows auto-alignment of the single as well as multi-row image panoramas of a maximum of 360 x 180 degrees


  • Get seamless blending of mosaic images into panoramic images
  • Get additional filters to allow image editing


  • Leaves a lot of unused space around the finished image
  • No button to adjust the width of the final image

Price: $39.95 USD/$79.90 USD (+ free trial)


photo merge app PhotoStitcher

A particular favourite with beginners, this software offers a gamut of tools to alter images with its extremely user-friendly interface. It helps to automatically merge your photos, including oversized images in pieces, into a panorama.


  • Combines multiple overlapping images of varying resolutions, shooting angles and perspectives, automatically
  • Scans oversized images that are larger than the scanner window
  • Features automatic image completion and exposure blending
  • Supports 64-bt operating systems


  • Supports working with multiple overlapping images that were clicked from multiple shooting angles, resolutions as well as multiple perspectives.
  • Simple, intuitive, user-friendly interface with state-of-the-art image stitching engine


  • Images are not saved at very high resolutions
  • Not much control over the result

Price: $19.99


merge photo with photoshop

The Photoshop photo merge is a powerful software which, with its plethora of features has the capability of merging photos seamlessly. You can use the Photomerge plugin option where you can add individual photos to merge. If you are an occasional panorama creator, this is your ideal choice.


  • Available for Windows or Mac with cloud-based software options
  • Merges individual photos with the additional feature of geometric projection where you can pick a few options
  • Features Perspective whereby you can focus on a strong central area and build the panorama around it
  • Gives several layout options


  • You do not need separate software to fine tune your image as you are already working on Photoshop
  • Works with raw files


  • The controls of Photomerge plugin are not very detailed
  • This is not the best option if you want a photo merging solution for commercial panorama offerings.

Price: Begins at $9.99 per month

GigaPan Stitch

This Portland, Oregon headquartered company offers software that is popular with landscape and panorama photographers. This functional panorama stitching software helps put together images from multiple rows and columns. Top Image Resizer Apps for Windows are also your powerful tools.


  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Helps create high resolution, interactive gigapixel panoramic images
  • Works together with the GigaPan Epic Hardware
  • The software is simple and basic


  • Gives you a 14-day trial period before you make your commitment
  • It is robust and easy to use and helps merge images into a panorama even if you have images across many rows


  • Proprietary in nature as it allows for usage only in conjunction with the GigaPan hardware
  • Very basic software

Price: Free

Panorama Stitcher

merge photo by Panorama Stitcher

This is wonderful software especially for those using a Mac. There is also a free mini version available for use although it allows merging only five images together. If you want to merge photo libraries using Mac, this is your best bet.


  • Supports High-Resolution Image Creation for big-sized photo prints
  • State-of-the-art algorithm attributes advanced editing options
  • Supports auto-alignment and panoramic projections
  • Gives preference of disabling exposure alignment


  • Very user friendly
  • Supports very large source photos


  • Available only for Mac users through the App Store
  • Panorama visual uniformity may get affected by the exposure alignment disablement option

Price: $15 USD (free trial version)


photo merge app AutoStitch

AutoStitch helps you merge together multiple photos seamlessly into a panoramic image without the need for any user input even to sift through the images. The software creates a panorama by recognizing and selecting matching images and then piecing them together, automatically. You can read our another post Best Image Cropper Tool to know more.


  • This software is functional on Windows as well as Mac OS X
  • Finds matches automatically with the help of its SIFT algorithm
  • Advanced blending algorithms enable it to form seamless panoramas
  • Makes use of spherical projection technology and can stitch full range view of 360 x 180-degree image panoramas


  • No user input is required. The program does it all
  • Great for photographers who do not wish to control every aspect of the creation and are not very well versed with panoramic images


  • Distortions may be visible when multiple views of a planar surface are merged
  • Multiple panoramas not recognized in the demo version

Price: Free


merge photo by ptgui

This is pro-level, fast photo stitching software that is very user-friendly. It can process a gigapixel panorama in all 25 seconds.


  • This professional-level photo merging software helps to stitch panoramas from across multiple rows and columns.
  • Automatic Seam Placement, Fill-Holes function
  • Viewpoint correction, masking
  • PTGui Pro comes with an amazing Batch Stitcher, which can provide control points for setting up image panoramas.


  • It is super fast and is the best version for beginner level photographers
  • It is fast, automatic, Powerful and allows spherical, HDR, and Gigapixel panoramas


  • Expensive
  • Free trial versions give resulting images with watermarks

Price: $154 USD/$305 USD

Image Composite Editor

photo merge app image composite editor

Microsoft’s ICE is an extremely friendly and Intuitive software, especially after its 2.0 upgrade. An in-built guide will help you through all the steps to create high-quality panoramic images.


  • Auto-completion
  • ICE conjure up fantastic image panoramas out of the video ‘stills’
  • Supports spherical, cylindrical, stereographic, Mercator, planar, and orthographic panoramas
  • The final panoramic image outputs may be saved in the formats like TIFF, JPEG and PSD/PSB


  • The creation of gigapixel image panoramas is possible
  • It is functional on both Windows 8 as well as Windows 10


  • It is difficult to get hold of the proper download link of version 2.0

Price: Free


What do you mean by photo merge and how to merge two photos?

This is the process of combining several photos into one continuous image. A photo merge software can seamlessly assemble photographs by tying them both horizontally as well as vertically. There are several online tutorials available that guide you on how to merge photos, including apps and software.

Do stitch and merge mean the same?

While there is no difference on the surface, if you dig deep, you will find that stitch provides more configuration options.

How do you apply adjustments during HDR photo merge?

To apply adjustments like Profiles, Spot Healing, Color Grading, etc., ensure that they are made to all images. Alternately, make sure that the image with the adjustments is the “most selected” image before you choose PhotoMerge > HDR.

what is the best photo merge app android?

Photo Blender is the best photo merge app android that perfectly works with your android smartphone.


Whether you are merging photos to create panoramas for a fun hobby or on a professional or commercial level, the process can sometimes be daunting. There is, however, a wide range of photo merge software that is both user-friendly and packed with features that will help you get started and you can merge photos to gear up your hobbies. Here is the best pick for you and photo merge online enables you to learn and make fun. So, dive right in and stitch those magical images like a pro!

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