3 Best PDF to URL Converters for Android & Mac

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Do you want to learn about "how to make a URL for a pdf? If yes, this blog post is specially written for you.

Creating a PDF URL is the best way to share your files if it is too large to send as an attachment. But how to create a URL of a PDF document? The answer is here in this blog article.

You must use an online PDF conversion software to convert a PDF to a URL link. You can find them by just browsing on Google. However, the most competent ones may not be traced in this simple research. So, we have mentioned some of the best and most compatible free upload pdf to URL converters of 2022. But first, we would like you to learn the method of this conversion using the built-in text editor of windows versions.

How to Make a PDF a URL Using Default Text Editor in Windows?

Follow the simple steps to convert pdf to URL with the by default text editor in windows;

  • Open the HTML file: You first need to create an HTML file with lines, as shown in the screenshot below. Using any preferred editor, such as Windows' Notepad Text Editor, can do this.

convert pdf to url online free

  • Create a Hyperlink: Now type "Click here to download the PDF" to create a hyperlink that supports others to download it directly. If this is placed in the HTML file's folder, you should change "PDF_Name.pdf" with the PDF file's name. And if your file is on your desktop, you should enter its location to locate it.

how to convert pdf to url

  • Identify title: Identify a title for your file, and the navigator will save it with the indicated name.
  • Test the Hyperlink: After creating the link, change its core code. When you access the webpage, click on the link, and it will be automatically saved in your workspace.

How to Create a URL Link for A Pdf Document Using an App?

1. Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement - convert pdf to url

How to create a URL for pdf?

Let's find the answer here;

Wondershare PDFelement is the best selection to convert pdf to URL online. The software will keep your data safe during the process. You can also use it offline. What you need is to upload the output HTML file to your web server with the help of the site's FTP tool.


  • You can edit, change or remove your text, pictures, and other things in your PDF file.
  • The application will help you to preview your file.
  • Its PDF security functionality like digital signatures, password encoding, and watermarking work to secure your important information.
  • Its conversion tool will allow you to convert PDF files to different formats, including office files or images.
  • You can also use this software to create and fill forms, digitize scanned documents, sign forms, etc.
  • The pro-OCR feature will allow you to edit a non-editable PDF while changing the file into its digital equivalent.
  • The users can compare two PDF files for quick difference finding between both.
  • It is the best tool for batch processing, such as conversion and OCR work on multiple files simultaneously.

How to turn a pdf into a URL - Single file conversion

Wondershare PDFelement is a practical application to make it simple to create excellent web pages. It is a naïve user-friendly software and is perfect for those who don't know how to create a web page. You can follow these easy steps to create your web pages within seconds.

pdf to url converter

  • Download and install the application from the official website. Click on the "open" function and select a PDF file. This way, you will import your file.

how to create a url for a pdf

  • After uploading your file, click on the file option, then "export to" and HTML. After it, select the destination to save it.

upload pdf to url

How to download a pdf from a URL - Batch file conversion

  • Install the software, open it and upload your files.
  • Click on the batch-processing feature and then PDF converter.
  • After it, select the different PDF files to convert PDF to URL by clicking 'Add.'
  • Once the process is done, select "to HTML" and hit the "Apply" button.
  • You are done.

2. Hipdf

how to turn a pdf into a url using Hipdf

Hipdf is the best application to answer the question "how to give a pdf a URL?" It comes with a powerful conversion engine to translate PDF data to a clear HTML code. You can then upload this file to an online server or file sharing service, after which a URL can be created for sharing purposes. Follow these steps to finalize this process with Hipdf and a working cloud storage service like google drive or Microsoft's drive;

How to create a URL for a pdf using Hipdf?

  • Go to hipdf PDF to HTML conversion page and upload your PDF document. Tap on "All tools'' and choose the "PDF to HTML" module.
  • Hit the blue "Convert" button and wait for the process to be done.
  • Click on the "Download" button to attain the converted HTML file.
  • Finally, drop the HTML file to any signed-in cloud storage service and copy the send link to your clipboard.

You can also paste this URL into an email or a browser address bar. It will respond according to which device is being viewed.


  • It is a fast and free application to use.
  • It offers 100% accuracy.


  • It is not secure to use for desktop purposes.
  • It does not work on slow internet.

You can also check how to convert a pdf to a URL link?

3. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat - pdf to url converter

Compatibility: Desktop, Mobile, Web-based, Mac

If you are thinking about "How to create a URL for a pdf on mac, " this is the best pickup. Adobe Acrobat will support you to convert PDF to HTML in both online and offline mode. The users can select to convert one HTML or multiple pages according to their requirements. It clarifies that this is also good for batch conversion.

The application will perform outstandingly on both native and scanned PDFs. The powerful OCR system makes it stronger than its competitors. You can edit your PDF files before converting them to HTML. This error-free PDF to HTML converter will deliver fast and high-quality results for native and scanned PDFs.


  • The application allows you to convert batch files at once.
  • You can use its PDF editing options as per your needs.
  • It will deliver you super-fast and high-quality results.
  • It comes with OCR functionality and layout, and formatting retention.
  • You will get password-secured PDFs output.


  • Its paid version is very expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to convert pdf to URL using Wondershare PDFelement?

Here are the basic using steps to convert pdf to URL link online;

  • Firstly, upload the PDF file while clicking on the "Open files" option. It will also support drag and dropping functionality.
  • Now click on the "To HTML" option.
  • It will show you a "save as" pop-up window. You can click on it and select the desired place or folder to keep your file.

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