Top Image Resizer Apps for Windows to Resize Images

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Good quality images have one drawback. The size of these images can be too large for your devices to handle and process. Hence, users are always in search of an image resizer. A good and simple image resizer reduces the size of the image and keeps the resolution intact, thereby providing users with output without quality loss. If you are in search of such online image resizer tools, this article is best suited for you. Read below to know more.

Top Image Resizers

Below are some resizer image Mac as well as Windows apps for different operating systems that will help you efficiently reduce image size.

Light Image Resizer

Light image is one of the best free image resizer tools available for Windows. This app has the ability to resize different size images without quality loss. In addition to this, this image resizer for Windows can easily resize images one by one and convert image file formats. Apart from this, users can use it as a batch image resizer tool to resize various images in a single go. The tool is easy to use for all kinds of users.

light image resizer


  • Convert and compress photos without quality loss. It is an image resizer without losing quality.
  • Resize pictures, photos, and images.
  • Efficiently convert JPG to PDF.
  • Create email-suited images.


  • The tool shows support for numerous formats such as PSD, PCD, PPM, PNG, TGA, RGB, and many more.
  • The tool also acts as an advanced photo editor.
  • The tool shows the original & the final image next to each other so that users can see the difference between both the images.


  • Users can face errors or glitches while resizing big-size images.

FILEminimizer Pictures

Sometimes users might need to resize an image in order to add it in an email or any other document. At such time FILEminimizer Pictures is one of the best image resizer free option available at your disposal. The only drawback of this tool is that it is not a bulk image resizer. This means it cannot resize various images in a single go. In addition to this, users have the limit to resize only 500 images. On the bright size, you can use this image resizer download software to convert big-size images to a compressed JPEG format.

image resizer FILEminimizer Pictures


  • The tool keeps the original file format as is after resizing.
  • The tool is able to compress BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG, and EMF pictures and images.
  • The tool comes with Facebook integration, thereby allowing you to upload and compress images directly from the social media site.
  • The app has 4 different levels of file compression.
  • The tool reduces the file size of JPEG images.


  • The tool is best suited for resizing photos on Windows 10
  • It helps in optimizing and compressing images to save memory without any loss in quality.
  • The drag & drop feature makes the whole process hassle-free for users.


  • Users do not get the option to select output formats.
  • UI is not impressive and user-friendly.

Image Resizer

Image Resizer is one of the best image pixel resizer tools in the market. It acts as a bulk image resizer and also has the ability to rotate, flip, change the format, and rename various images in a single go. Users can add a whole folder or separate images to resize without any loss in the quality of image. With the extra editing options such as predefined dimensions for images, the tool is one of the best options for Windows OS.

image resizer


  • The tool allows adjusting image orientation.
  • It performs batch or single image editing to lower the size of images.
  • The tool has predefined dimensions for quick downscaling and upscaling of photos.
  • It can convert images and download them in different formats.
  • The app can rename various images in a single go.
  • It has an easy and simple user interface.
  • The app is compatible with different versions of Windows.


  • In addition to bulk resizing, the app also performs batch file conversion and renaming.
  • Image Resizer easily readjusts images with the wrong orientation.


  • A little costly.


PicPick is a simple image resizer for Windows that allows image resizing as well as helps in capturing full-screen windows. Even though this tool is not a free online image resizer, it is developed for designers, home users, and the average computer users. If you need to resize various different images at once on Windows 10, this tool comes in handy.

image resizer picpick


  • The tool allows you to share edited images.
  • The app allows the editing of images.
  • Users can take screenshots of an entire window, an active window, or a specific region on their desktop using this tool.


  • The app provides different features such as adding shapes, text overlay, making irrelevant sections pixelate and blur.
  • It contains different features such as crosshair, magnifier, and pixel ruler, among others.
  • It can also be used as a designing tool to create enhanced results.


  • The UI of the app is too complex for new users.

Icecream Image Resizer

Icecream Image Resizer is not an image resizer online tool but an offline app and is well suited for Windows. The tool comes with preset profiles to assist reduce image size in a simple and enhanced way.

simple image resizer icecream


  • The app supports bulk image resizing.
  • The app shows support for drag & drop functionality.
  • The app has an intuitive and clear user interface.


  • The app automatically detects the image orientation and saves the original aspect ratio of the image.
  • It is very easy to use and has a compact UI, which helps in resizing various images at a single go.
  • The app is small in size and also does not use much battery and other resources of your PC.


  • The free version comes with basic features and users have to shell money to get hold of advanced features.

Image Resizer for Windows 10

Image Resizer for Windows 10 is Microsoft’s app and can be downloaded from Microsoft Store. It is one of the best image resizer apps for your PC for simple and basic operations.

image resizer for windows


  • The app offers great results when it comes to image resizing.
  • It is free to use and download for Windows users.
  • The tool offers basic image editing features such as flip and rotate, among others.


  • The tool supports locking and unlocking the original photo’s aspect ratio.
  • It is a perfect tool to resize different images in a single go.
  • The app gets frequent updates to improve the user experience.


  • The app has very basic features.
  • It is not suitable for professional use.

Radical Image Optimization Tool

Known shortly as RIOT, Radical Image Optimization Tool is a popular resizer used by different users. The app comes loaded with different features for image resizing. The tool lets users make adjustments in the image without quality loss and creates an enhanced output. The outcome is quite impressive.

image resizer Radical Image Optimization Tool


  • The app has a clean interface, thereby making it very user-friendly.
  • The app is known for its quick resizing of images.
  • It accepts all kinds of file formats such as PNG, JPEG, and GIF.
  • The app has the ability to adjust contrast, brightness, and invert the image.
  • It supports batch image resizing.


  • The app supports a huge variety of graphic formats such as JPG, PSD, PNG, GIF, & many more.
  • It drastically lowers the file size without hampering the image quality.
  • Users can preview results in real-time.


  • The app is too complex to use and can be tough for new users to learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best image resizer?

Apart from the apps mentioned above, these are some more apps that can help in resizing images.

  • BeFunky
  • Free Image & Photo Optimizer
  • Online Image Resize
  • Social Image Resizer Tool
  • Photo Resizer
  • ResizePixel

How do I make a photo smaller?

A number of listed above supports adjusting the resolution and size of the images. You can use them to make your photo smaller in size and resolution. In addition to resizing a photo, image sharpening is also what the users want to learn.

What is standard image size?

The photofinishing industry uses 4 inches × 6 inches as a standard size to print and save photos digitally. For more information about image enhancement solutions, you can check another post.

Final Words to Image Resizer

In a nutshell, we just had a look at top image resizer apps that users can use to optimize and resize the images. You can also use these apps and start resizing your images.

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