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Human resources is a challenging department to run, and there are numerous responsibilities to negotiate between hiring, onboarding, scheduling, perks, and compliance. It's for this reason that specialized HR software has grown in popularity. These solutions are being used by businesses of all sizes to increase efficiency while also improving the employee experience.

What Is HR Management Software?

HR software is a digital solution for managing and optimizing an organization's everyday human resources duties as well as its overall HR goals. HR software allows HR professionals and management to allocate their time and resources to more productive and profitable activities. HR systems also span a wide range of fields for which software developers have created specialized or vertical solutions. You can manage personnel records using these technologies from a desktop application, a web browser, or even a smartphone app.

Key Features of HR Software

Applicant Tracking

This category is all about preventing you from losing your best candidates due to a sloppy onboarding procedure. You can track your candidates from the first meeting till the day they depart with the best applicant tracking (AT) software.

Performance Management

When determining which HR management platform to use, businesses frequently look at the solution's performance management capabilities. This is due to the fact that there are a variety of standard methods for assessing employee performance. Key elements to look for include evaluating personnel for bonuses and salary, as well as awarding them for certifications and skill growth.

Platforms for Business Learning Online

Ensuring employees' abilities are up to standard through efficient training is a significant component of helping them do well on performance reviews. There are two types of enterprise online learning platforms for businesses: tools built for training organizations that offer courses to third parties and tools designed for corporations that conduct training with their employees. The type of software you'll need, how you'll be charged, what integrations will be accessible and your complete list of features will all be determined by how you intend to use it. Enterprises and small firms that perform their internal training, on the other hand, tend to have limited access to online learning platforms.

Scheduling and Shift Planning

Scheduling and shift planning elements are essential for companies that manage several labor shifts. While this is frequently accomplished through the use of standalone apps independent from the HRMS suite, other suites also contain this functionality. The capabilities you require, as well as whether or not you can connect a dedicated solution with your comprehensive HR software solutions, will determine whether you choose one of those or a dedicated shift planning solution.

HRMS Systems

On top of all of these diverse disciplines, HR software companies add their own special sauce to spice up what they have to offer. Modules for posting job positions and tracking candidates, conducting payroll, managing time-off requests, administering or even providing benefits, and defining performance goals and reviews, depending on the vendor, could be included.

Choosing an HR Management System for Your Company

The finest HR software for small, medium, or large businesses is determined in part by your company’s size, needs, and budget. Companies that are satisfied with their current arrangements for AT, onboarding, shift scheduling, or performance reviews may not desire or require a core HR software with those features. Other vendors cater to specific industries or business types.

Here is the list of some of the best HR software programs.


hr software namely

Namely is a one-stop-shop for HR, talent management, payroll, and benefits administration. Businesses may quickly improve their HR operations while remaining compliant with the platform. It is used by over 1,400 organizations around the world. In fact, the program is referred to as a "people operations platform. Employee engagement is the goal of the software. It provides employees with simple access to all HR information they may require through an employee portal. The Namely mobile app allows you to access the program from anywhere. Namely can also be used to distribute company news, increase communication, and create a company directory.

It has certain pros and cons as follows-


  • A comprehensive human resource (HR) payroll and benefits solutions designed around the needs of small to mid-size businesses.
  • Strong employee management and performance review features.


  • An expensive option for larger businesses.
  • The Compensation section feels limited in tracking salary changes and performance reviews.

Automatic payroll systems (APS)

hr software solutions automatic payroll system

Payroll is their specialization, as the name suggests. But, APS is not a standalone payroll software; it is an all-in-one HR and payroll solution. APS includes HR capabilities for benefits administration, performance management, employee scheduling, recruiting, onboarding, compliance, employee self-service, and more, in addition to payroll. Healthcare, restaurants, wholesalers, nonprofits, manufacturing, hospitality, financial services, and other niche industries have their own solutions.


  • The Interface is simple to use
  • Flexible in design
  • There is a built-in payroll system.


  • There is no news feed available.
  • For small and medium-sized firms, this can be prohibitively expensive.
  • Different portals are required for system administrators and employees.

Bernie Portal

hr software programs Bernie Portal

BerniePortal isn't as well-known as some of the other HR solution now available. That should not, however, dissuade you from contemplating it. BerniePortal contains everything you could possibly need in terms of human resources information software (HRIS). BerniePortal should be at the top of your list if you want to leverage technology to better your employees' whole lifecycle management. You can even utilize BerniePortal to file IRS tax returns. While the software does not include payroll functionality, it can work in tandem with your current payroll system. It is also a free HR software that can be used for application tracking and recruiting.


  • It's simple to set up and understand.
  • Most small to mid-size business demands are covered by great core features.


  • Has several personality flaws that are present in competitor items.
  • The structure of subgroups might be perplexing.


one of the best hr software workday

Workday is a well-known HR software with a twist. Every aspect of the tool revolves around money. It allows you to manage your HR procedures from a single platform while always keeping your bottom line in mind.

In a wide number of industries, industry leaders use the software. Visa, Toyota, Salesforce, CE, Target, Charles Schwab, and Adobe are just a few of the well-known companies that use Workday.

Overall, Workday is quite adaptable. Human capital management, talent management, enterprise planning, payroll, and labor management, spend management, and more are all covered by the program.


  • Allows managers and employees to give each other feedback.
  • It allows businesses to upload required training modules.


  • Some of its user interfaces aren't very user-friendly.
  • It takes a few clicks and some research to find some basic information.
  • In comparison to other internal websites, its design seems antiquated.


hr software kissflow

It's a top pick for companies looking to better their human resource talent management.

Applicant tracking, employee onboarding, attendance management, absence management, leave management, and employee offboarding are all included in the platform.


  • The invoice approval process is simplified.


  • People are held responsible for their purchases.
  • Response time to technical difficulties is slow.

What I Looked for in HR Software

There are a few aspects to consider when selecting HR management software (HRMS): Is the user interface (UI) easy to use and doesn't require much training? Is the product, especially when it comes to data feeds, compatible with your present software? Is it expandable as your company grows? Is the vendor willing to provide the level of assistance you'll need if the program doesn't work? Once you've settled on your requirements and preferences, you can approach any of these vendors with a wish list. There is no such thing as universal human resource management software. Products have evolved to meet the demands of businesses dealing with a variety of difficulties. We also recommend you the post Top 10 Best Media Server Software.

Some companies require a system that allows them to recruit, hire, and onboard hundreds of new employees each month. Others are simply looking for a reliable payroll and benefits system. You have a better awareness of the situation at your organization than anyone else. Examine the options that meet your needs and choose the one that provides the most value for money.

The HR software list in this guide will be the best place for you to start your search.

  1. Namely — Best for employee self-service
  2. APS — Best for payroll
  3. BerniePortal — Best human resources information system (HRIS)
  4. Workday — Best for human capital management (HCM)
  5. Kissflow — Best for employee onboarding and applicant tracking


All organizations benefit from HR software. This notion holds true regardless of your company's size or industry. Before making a final decision, make sure you follow the steps indicated in this guide. Examine the criteria I provided to determine which type of HR software best meets your requirements.

It won't take long until you realize you've found an HR software solution that meets your requirements.

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