The 9 Best Anime Movies on Netflix (Updated 2023)

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Do you know which are the newest and best anime movies on Netflix these days?

Let's help you in this regard by responding to you with quick research.

The anime world originated from Japanese media developers. The Japanese people take anime for all kinds of media regardless of its genre and origin. But in other countries, anime words are regarded only for animations. This genre forces a little complication because now multiple cartoons such as Transformers transform into animations on many Japanese media platforms.

The Best Anime Movies on Netflix (December 2022)

The Last Airbender is a show that looks highly influenced by the animation. Even the famous movie The Matrix also seems like it impacts anime. Netflix is now considered the home place for animated content. It makes things more difficult. Because many western directors other than the Japanese create their content in animations.

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We just prepared a list of animatic content present on the Internet by exploring the specific category of Netflix dedicated to animations. The list shown downward is the result of our search on Netflix. So, check the list; it might help you to pick any of your desire;

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The 9 Best Anime Movies on Netflix (December 2022)

1. Fireworks - best anime movies Netflix

Fireworks - best anime movies Netflix

This film belongs to the anime genre. In 1993, the writer and director Shunji Iwai launched an episode of a Japanese drama series, "Fireworks." The theme of the drama focuses on little boys studying in 6th grade. All the young classmates were discussing the effective way to watch fireworks.

Another point of the story focuses on little girl Nazuna studying in the same class who has other things in her mind. She plans to take the hard decision of running from home, where she only faces troubles every day. She wants to leave her home with a boy, one of her classmates.

In 1995, this complete drama was released in theaters. Now you can find this drama series on Netflix. Fireworks holds the story of young students and emphasizes the deep emotions expressing the mind state of those students. The drama thoroughly explored the young age, grief, lost opportunities, dreams, and hope.

2. Grave of the fireflies - sad anime movies on Netflix

Grave of the fireflies - sad anime movies on Netflix

Grave of the fireflies is a production of a well-known Ghibli studio. This production house always creates a tragic but meaningful anime theme. The movie's name indicates its sad storyline but is also considered the most heartbreaking death of anime ever. The main theme covers the painful time of World War II in Japan.

Two orphans are struggling to face the challenges of hardships. Setsuko is a girl of four years who concluded life as a cruel thing. Her brother Seita, older than Setsuko, wants to take the best care of her sister, but hardships bring failure most of the time.

You will see a scene where Seita gave a little melon to Setsuko and went to find more food. But he had no idea that the little piece of melon was the last food her sister ate. This scene turns the story even sadder. The heartbreaking fact you might not know is that it follows the theme of a true story.

3. A whisker away - romance anime movies on Netflix

A whisker away - romance anime movies on Netflix

Many weird scenes are there in the movie. For example, the transformation into a cat through magic to live closer to crush, etc. Such creepy scenes are rare in the movie, though. The director Tomotaka Shibayama and Junichi Sato are the directors of "A Whisker Away." They bring some beauty and delegate romance. Mari Okada wrote this story very delicately and put emotions honestly. The movie's characters may annoy you with their weird behavior, but the dialogues were written to transform them into stunning characters. However, the movie entertains the viewers with animated animals having realistic expressions. The story also expresses the beauty of life existing in Tokoname.

4. ParaNorman - gay anime movies on Netflix

ParaNorman - gay anime movies on Netflix

In 2009 the well-known animation company Laika heated the Internet with its extraordinary amazing creation, "Coraline." This creation leads the newborn studio into the rank of other strong competitors. In 2012 the company created another masterpiece ParaNorman. It proves the company's long-lasting existence.

The movie teaches the dangers that can outbreak if a state or society promotes injustice. This message was conveyed to the audience and viewers through a gay character that was first time introduced in an animated movie.

5. Berserk: the golden age arc - good anime movies on Netflix

Berserk: the golden age arc - good anime movies on Netflix

Berserk is a dark dreamy story created after getting inspiration from Medieval Europe. Medieval Europe also has familiarity with the middle ages of Europe. This period lasts very long, from the 5th to 15th century. So the movie also featured bloody fights and villain characters belonging to medieval Europe.

There are a lot of legendary actions with heroes that provide you with excellent animated characteristics. You will see the revolution in politics and personal hopes in the story as it is based on a long series of manga created by Miura. This story has a long series followed by an alone and independent soldier, "Guts." He has a relationship with Griffith, the leader of a soldier's company popular with "The Band of the Hawk."

Berserk can be an attractive recreation that introduces Guts and Griffith. If you want to watch the sequels of Berserk, then explore the 1997s or the latest 2016s series of animation.

6. In this corner of the world - Netflix anime movies

In this corner of the world - Netflix anime movies

It is the most attention-grabbing animation of 2010. The drama revolves around the history of the incident in Hiroshima during World War II. Suzu is the leading character of the movie. This animated film exposes the hunger and anxiety of people who suffer that difficult time.

7. Penguin Highway - anime movies to watch on Netflix

Penguin Highway - anime movies to watch on Netflix

Penguin Highway is a stunning animated movie on Netflix. Tomihiko Morimi wrote this novel in 2010 that was later changed into this eye-catching animation in 2018. It starts with the arrival of a little boy. He found a penguin in the village. In all the stories with other perspectives, that little boy also explores where that penguin arrives. An old lady helps him throughout the investigation.

8. Anohana: the flower we saw that day - best anime movies on Netflix

Anohana: the flower we saw that day - best anime movies on Netflix

The anime series launched in 2011 and transformed into an animated movie in 2013. The story revolves around six people, two main characters, and four other peaceful fellow members. The lead characters are the hero Jintan and the heroine Menma. Jintan is a protagonist and has very complicated terms with Menma. If someone wants to watch a sad movie that turns your eyes to shed tears, then give it a look.

9. The night is short, walk-on girl - good anime movies on Netflix

The night is short, walk-on girl - good anime movies on Netflix

This anime film belongs to a novel story. Tomihiko Morimi wrote this novel in 2006. The story plot exists in Kyoto and is based on a love story. Senpai is a student of a university located in Kyoto. He starts loving a girl from his university. He chases that black-haired girl and also faces different weird incidents.

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