Best Comedy Movies on Amazon Prime

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You may have watched kids' movies on Amazon Prime, but what about the comedy movies on Amazon Prime? Comedy movies help to relieve people from distress and lighten up their modes. There are lots of them on the Prime Video network, and by the way, there are many Amazon video downloaders available so you can download them to your device if you wish. Here, we have compiled a list of the best comedy movies on Amazon Prime Video.

Ranging from classics to originals, Amazon Prime has a lot of funny titles to crack your bone. These movies are suitable to be watched with the entire family, including kids.

Best Comedy Movies on Amazon Prime

Napoleon Dynamite

best comedy movies on amazon prime

Duration: 1h 34m

Director: Jared Hess

Cast: Jon Heder, Efren Ramirez, Jon Gries

Napoleon Dynamite is a funny American comedy that would crack anyone up. It is a 93-minute film about an awkward teenager, Napoleon, who is hellbent on helping his friend win the class presidency position against a popular student - how possible does it seem?

This movie is loved by many people who had already seen it. Napoleon is from an odd family, but he wouldn't let that stop him from trying his best to help his friend come up as the class president. You can stream, rent, or buy this movie on Amazon Prime.

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best comedy series on amazon prime

Duration: 1h 48m

Director: Warren Beatty

Cast: Warren Beatty, Halle Berry, Don Cheadle

In this comedy-drama, a financially ruined US senator, Jay Bulworth, tries to end his life by hiring an assassin to kill him. Disillusioned with politics, Bulworth contracts a killer and the target is himself. He actually did this because he wants his family will inherit a fortune from his insurance policy.

However, Bulworth later fell in love with Halle Berry, a hip young woman, and that made him have a rethink on carrying on with his impending murder. This comedy is available for rent and buy. It is one of the best comedy films on the Amazon Prime network.

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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Duration: 1h 26m

Director: Tom Shadyac

Cast: Jim Carrey, Courteney Cox, and Sean Young

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is an exciting movie you could watch with the kids. It is a comedy film released in the 1990s, but it’s still very interesting to watch - up to this day. This comedy movie is Ace Ventura Pet Detective!

Definitely, there’s no better one than him. Oh, he’s just the only one there is! Yes, he’s Ace Ventura Pet Detective, and he’s on the mission to find the Miami Dolphins' missing mascot and quarterback Dan Marino - as a private detective.

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Liar Liar

Duration: 1h 27m

Director: Tom Shadyac

Cast: Chip Mayer, Randall (Tex) Cobb, Randall ''Tex'' Cobb

Rated 5-star by over 9,000 previous watchers, Liar Liar is one of the best top-rated comedy films on Amazon Prime. Directed by the renowned comedy director, Tom Shadyac, Liar Liar is about a successful lawyer's career built on lies.

Everything changed when his lovely son wishes for him not to lie for a whole day, regardless of the situation. Woah! You need to see how things turned out - hilarious! This is an old comedy classic still worth watching right now.

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Annie Hall

Duration: 1h 27m

Director: Woody Allen

Cast: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts

Here’s a 1997 blockbuster still worth watching in 2022. Annie Hall is a comedy film about a neurotic screenwriter and his fickle relationships with women, most especially the “love of his life,” Annie Hall.

This comedy is graced with award-winning actors and actresses, including the winner of four Oscars, Annie Hall. It is one of the best Amazon Prime comedy movies of all time. You can stream or rent this movie on Amazon Prime.

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Garden State

best comedy movies on amazon prime

Duration: 1h 42m

Director: Zach Braff

Cast: Zach Braff, Kenneth Graymez, George Wolfe

No doubt, Garden State is one of the best comedy films to watch on Amazon Prime, Well, it's no longer available for streaming, so you have to purchase it, or rent it. This movie follows the adventures of Andrew, who found love in his hometown.

Andrew returned to his hometown for his mother's funeral and ended up meeting an adorably eccentric woman with whom he fell in love. However, what follows up is a journey of self-realization that changes him forever.

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The Big Sick

Duration: 2hrs

Director: Michael Showalter

Cast: Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter

This comedy movie is based on the real-life courtship between Pakistan-born comedian Nanjiani and grad student Zoe Kazan. Nanjiani falls in love with Emily who later got sick and was placed in an induced coma. However, Nanjiani took care of her on the sick bed while bonding with her parents. Emily and Nanjiani's love has to suffer cultural clashes and family differences if they must end up together. This is a cool comedy romance movie to make your day.

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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Duration: 1hr 58m

Director: Wes Anderson

Cast: Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Cate Blanchett

Things don't always work out as smoothly as we expect; while working on a documentary, Steve Zissou's partner gets killed by a shark, and in this comedy-drama, Steve and his crew are hellbent on hunting down the shark. This is a closely 2hr movie you'd be glad to re-watch some other time.

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The House Bunny

Duration: 1hr 38m

Director: Fred Wolf

Cast: Anna Faris, Colin Hanks, Emma Stone

The House Bunny is a comedy-drama that revolves around Shelley (Anna Faris). Anna was a Playboy Bunny before she got kicked out of the house. However, she stumbled upon an awkward club in the uni where she has to teach about the opposite sex; but she ended up learning that what men really like is inner beauty.

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Coming 2 America (2021)

best comedy movies on amazon prime

Duration: 1hr 50m

Director: Craig Brewer

Cast: Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Jermaine Fowler

Coming to America (2021) is a blockbuster comedy film released in 2021; it is the renewal of the old-time 1998 blockbuster by Eddie Murphy. In this renewal, all the old cast reprise their roles from the 1988 film.

Eddie Murphy as King Akeem Joffer comes to realize that he had an illegitimate son, Lavelle Junson during his time in America. The Zamundan law demands male heirs, so King Akeem has to bring Lavelle home and make him the successor.

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How to Download Comedy Movies on Amazon Prime

It is very much possible to download movies from the Amazon Prime Video network -you just need the right 3rd-party tool for such tasks. Using the Offline Download feature places several limits on your videos, but with a software program like the StreamFab Amazon Downloader, you’re good to go.

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Using StreamFab Amazon Prime Downloader

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Steps on how to download the best comedy movies on Amazon Prime:

First Step:

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Second Step:

Sign in to your Amazon Prime account and search for the movie you want to download. When you find the movie, play it. While the movie plays, StreamFab Amazon Prime Downloader would automatically pop up a download box/button so you can set your download preferences.

download comedy movies on prime

Third Step:

The movie download progress is available in the “Downloading” tab and you can pause/resume any ongoing task. You can download bulk videos simultaneously.


Using StreamFab Amazon Prime Video Downloader, you can download any of these comedy films from the streaming network in clear FHD quality and good audio. There are other comedy titles available on Prime Video, but these are the most interesting ones to check out right now.

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