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There are several advantages associated with the use of MP4 files. One of the prime benefits is that it packs in more data in a smaller footprint without reducing the quality. That is precisely why you would need to focus on converting any other video format into MP4. One such possible format you may be interested in would include MOV. And that is precisely where the MOV to MP4 converter options would be worthy of it.

Before we can move ahead finding how to convert MOV to MP4, let us explore the two popular formats and check out the essential details into a MOV vs MP4 comparison.

MOV vs MP4 – How do they compare?

MOV and MP4 are the two most popular video formats. Both of them come with their own advantage, but what makes the formats what they are? We will check out the differences between them.

What is MOV? MOV is a video format that is developed by Apple. The format is designed to support the QuickTime player developed by Apple and has been used for saving a wide range of media formats that include videos and movies. The format is designed with an advanced algorithm and has been observed to be an effective and efficient video format for different versions of Mac and Windows operating systems.

MOV is a file type that consists of many tracks, and each of the tracks consists of different types of data that may include video, audio and text. The tracks are maintained and managed in a hierarchical structure and are supported by both Mac and Windows.

What is MP4? MP4 is yet another video format and has been one of the popular formats for working with a wide range of operating systems apart from Apple. The fact that it is supported on a wide range of devices and platforms that include Sony PSP and multiple DVD players.

The difference between the MOV and MP4 format can best be understood through this tabular comparison:

Features MOV MP4
Format ISO standard format with .mov extension ISO standard format with .mp4
Compatibility Compatible with Apple and a limited set of devices Compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms
Quality Higher quality Good quality
Size Larger in size Smaller in size
Application area Professional environment Multifunctional
Security Secure Prone to corruption
Flexibility Less flexible More flexible
Option to share on social media Maybe a little difficult Easy sharing

How to Convert MOV to MP4?

The task to convert MOV to MP4 should not be a difficult task if you equipped with the right tool. You can use either an online tool or check out a software option to convert MOV to MP4. We will check out a few good tools that can prove to be handy in letting you convert MOV to MP4 with ease and simplicity.

Best Software to Convert MOV to MP4

1. DVDFab Video Converter – An excellent tool for MOV to MP4 Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is a fully-featured and powerful video converter. You can use it to convert videos from one format to another. You can use the tool to convert videos from one format to another or even to convert mainstream audio formats that are playable on mobile devices and home theatre.

Some of the best features offered by DVDFab Video Converter can include:

  • Convert your videos between multiple formats: DVDFab Video Converter can handle a wide range of formats. It can handle popular audio and video formats. It can work with a vast number of formats that are downloaded from the Internet, camcorders, capture cards and other devices.

  • A huge number of profile library: The multiple profiles supported on the platform would make it one of the most prominent options. The tool comes with a wide range of profile library and pre-sets that would work with practically every other device.

  • Metadata extraction: The converter can extract the metadata from the source video and apply the details onto the output video. This will prove to be handy in letting your media players such as DVDFab Movie Server and DVDFab Player 6 in organising your files seamlessly.

  • High-end customisation: You can use the tool for the best possible customisation of your videos by adjusting the different parameters to your exact requirements. You can copy the entire video and any parts of the video as per your preferences. You can even customise your audio and subtitle stream as per your needs.

In addition to the converter options, the tool also comes with a non-linear video editor along with MOV to MP4 converter features. The video editor functionalities within the tool can further enhance your experience in converting your videos to your preferences.

  • You can add an introduction to your video.
  • Conclude your video with credits and cast and crew information
  • Add music to your video for the best background effect
  • You can even add subtitles and other details with special effects.
  • Crop or trim the unwanted part from your video

How to convert MOV to MP4 on DVDFab Video Converter?

Converting your MOV files into MP4 is quite easy and simple to follow with the right tool. DVDFab Video Converter provides you with an enhanced option for the purpose.

Here are the steps you can follow for converting MOV to MP4:

Step 1: Install and launch the software

DVDFab Video Converter is a part of the DVDFab Suite. Assuming you have downloaded DVDFab Suite, launch it and choose Converter tab from the top end.

dvdfab video converter

Step 2: Add your video files

You can add your files to the software through multiple options. You can use the normal browse and add feature through Add from local option. You can even load a disc containing the MOV files. The tool even lets you drag and drop your files.

DVDfab video converter

Step 3: Apply the configurations as per your preferences

Click on the wrench icon just beside the file you just added. This will give you access to the Advanced Settings option. You can check the pen icon for launching video editor so that you can apply minor editing options. You perform a wide range of conversion options such as changing the codecs, resolution, video quality and bit rate.

dvdfab video converter

Step 4: Convert your files

Well, that does it. Now that you have configured the output video as per your preferences, you can simply choose your output folder and click on Start. Your conversion will now begin. You can find the progress of the conversion process through a progress indicator.

dvdfab video converter

2. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is one of the best free MOV to MP4 converter ever. It can handle a wide range of video conversion options – right from DivX and MPEG4 to VOB. This includes your conversion needs in MOV to MP4 as well.

any video converter


  • Completely free option for Windows and Mac OS. Should be a decent one to go with if you are trying to find out how to convert MOV to MP4 on Mac
  • A rich pre-set option for almost all your devices and platforms
  • A high-end output quality compared to other MOV to MP4 converter software
  • Faster conversion speeds.
  • An additional option of an on-screen recorder.

3. Handbrake - Easy to use MOV to MP4 converter for free

Handbrake has been around since long as a perfect video tool and can indeed be an excellent choice for free MOV to MP4 converter. You can either use the drag and drop feature to get your files or opt for native import feature. It can double up as an excellent tool if you are wondering how to convert MOV to MP4 on Mac.



  • It offers you plenty of video parameters to tinker with
  • A full-quality video conversion option.
  • Preview feature to check how to convert your files
  • Get an original quality of your source video

4. Online MOV to MP4 Converter for Free

One of the excellent tools for your needs in converting MOV to MP4, it is a powerful tool ever for almost each of your video conversion needs. It does convert your files with a few simple steps in letting you convert QuickTime MOV/QT videos to MP4 and MPEG-4/H.264 videos.

online free mov to mp4 converter


  • Faster conversion speed
  • Video quality maintained even after conversion
  • Background and batch conversion
  • Intuitive operation

5. Freemake Video Converter

If you are looking for other advanced features apart from converting your files from MOV to MP4, Freemake video converter is your best bet. It provides you access to several video tweaking options. You can edit your videos as per your preferences.



  • Faster conversion speed
  • Multiple device-specific pre-sets
  • A huge range of video formats
  • Video download plugin

Online MOV to MP4 Converter for Free

1. FreeFileConvert

FreeFileConvert is an excellent option for helping you convert a wide range of MOV files to MP4 and can be your best bet for MOV to MP4 converter online. Completely free, it does not have any hidden charges that would make it a more robust option to go with. While it can convert MOV to MP4, it can also let you archive your files.

free file convert


  • You can add your files manually, or from the cloud storage.
  • Faster video conversion option.
  • Simpler and straightforward option to convert your videos.
  • Does not have any system requirements and works seamlessly with any platform.

2. Online UniConverter (originally

Previously known as, the tool has now been managed by Wondershare. It is a free video conversion option and works perfectly as a MOV to MP4 converter online tool. It supports a wide range of video formats that include MOV, MP4, AVI, and MPEG.

online uniconverter


  • The online tool is entirely free to use
  • No ads or watermark, thereby providing a powerful functionality
  • You can save your files to Dropbox if needed
  • You can perform a host of video editing options as per your preference.
  • It provides a lower level of quality loss.

3. ZamZar

ZamZar is one of the powerful options for converting your videos from MOV to MP4. You can even choose it to archive your videos from one format to another. The completely free tool can be one of the perfect options for almost each of your conversion needs in MOV to MP4 converter online.



  • The tool works on almost all platforms with ease
  • Ease of use – you can opt for all your need that include formatting your video or other needs
  • Supports a wide range of formats.
  • The faster video conversion process

4. Convert.Files

It is the basic online conversion tool that does exactly what it aims to do. Of course, you will not get any advanced features, but a seamless and simple MOV to MP4 conversion options. It offers you an easy conversion functionality.

convert files


  • The tool also comes with a host of other conversion options such as archive converter and document converter.
  • Support for more than 300 different file formats
  • File size limitation of 250 MB
  • Option to send the download link to your email


This is an excellent option to convert MOV to MP4 with a few simple and easy steps. You just need to visit the site and convert your file in just a few steps. Despite being an online tool, it can help you with advanced features.

online convert


  • Advanced settings for changing the final video
  • Video editing compatibility
  • Simple and straightforward interface

What makes DVDFab Video Converter a better alternative to the best MOV to MP4 Converter Online

Here are a few factors that would make DVDFab Video Converter one of the prime options compared to the other MOV to MP4 converter options. Online converters are limited to a maximum size of 100 MB in many cases. The DVDFab Video Converter can be your best bet among the MOV to MP4 converter online over 100mb.

Features Online converter Free Software DVDFab Video Converter
Batch conversion No, in most cases Limited functionality Yes
Video editing features No Only in some cases Complete non-linear video editing
Hardware acceleration No No Yes, latest NVIDIA CUDA and Intel Quick Sync
Video quality enhancement No No Yes, with Enlarger AI
Output Audio channel Single-channel Single or dual-channel Multi-channel
Output video resolution Limited to up to a maximum of HD quality Limited to full HD Up to 2016p

For easy video editing experience, here we recommend Best Video Editing Websites for Video Editing Online [Top 10 in 2020] after you converted Mov to MP4 format.

Recommended Software – DVDFab Player 6

DVDFab Player 6 is a perfect option for the world’s best 4K UHD Media Player. It should be your best bet for your needs in an all in one media player. The complete navigation support on DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays.

dvdfab player 6

What makes it a perfect Media Player? Here are the prime features that make it a great choice:

  • Cinema like experience: TrueTheatre Technology is one of the prime options for improving your efficiency in a cinemalike home theatre experience. You can get access to complete navigation support on DVDs, Blu-rays, and the new-generation 4K Ultra Blu-rays.

  • High-Resolution audio output: The DVDFab Player 6 comes with the options for lossless high-resolution audios, such as Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master and DTS:X etc., with up to 7.1 channel surround sound output.

  • All-inclusive support for a wide range of formats: The product provides you access to enhanced support for a wide range of media files that include 4K UHD, HEVC and Other Media Files

The Closing Thoughts

Well, that was all about how to convert MOV to MP4 files with ease. The wide range of software options outlined in this compilation should help you arrive at the best experience. While the tools outlined here have been quite impressive in every aspect in picking the best MOV to MP4 converter, we would rate DVDFab Video Converter a prime option in every aspect. The sheer performance standard it offers you should make it a great option in every right.

Lastly, we piced Top 12 Best YouTube to MP3 Converters to Convert Videos Freely for you to undertake video to mp3 conversion easily.

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