Top 10 Best Video Editing Websites for Video Edit Online 2023

Last Updated on 2023-11-03 Atish Ranjan
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The launch and popularity of video sharing services such as YouTube and Vimeo have been one of the prime reasons that have simplified the task of video creation and editing. Video editing, which was earlier the domain of the professionals has ceased to be one. It has been quite easy to edit a video without the need to download software and edit your videos on the fly with the help of free video editing websites.

Of course, that should not be a fact that would do away the need for the standalone and best video editing software options. While you would still need dedicated software for handling professional video editing tasks, online video editing tools have been something that has become quite wonderful options for an on the move video editing.

DVDFab Video Converter – One of the perfect Professional Video editing tools

DVDFab Video Converter is one of the most popular and fully featured video converter tools. Primarily designed to offer you the video conversion options, the tool can also be an excellent option for editing your videos.

It has been an excellent option for converting videos in mainstream formats to the formats playable on other portable devices such as mobile phones and home theatre. That apart, you can also use the software for editing your videos as well. You do not need to have any sort of specialised training to edit your videos using DVDFab video converter.

The DVDFab Video Converter has a host of features and functions that would make it one of the strongest players when it comes to applying a host of video editing requirements before you can share your video on social media platforms.

Killer Features of DVDFab Video Converter in contrast to Video editing online

Some worthy features and functions offered by DVDFab Video Converter include:

  • Support for a vast number of video and audio formats: DVDFab Video Converter can handle a host of video and audio formats. This includes the mainstream formats such as MP4, MOV and 3GP, to name a few, and the rarely used formats such as OGG, AVI and other video or audio formats.

  • Multiple editing and conversion options: The video editor cum converter offers you the ability to handle even the formats downloaded from the internet and a few lesser-known ones. You would be able to undertake an extensive range editing options such as converting and editing your media in areas such as video to video, video to audio or even audio to audio.

  • Extraction of Metadata: The video converter can extract video from your media files and apply them to the resultant output video or audio. This would be helpful for your media players or media servers in organising your media files rather in an effortless manner.

  • High degree customisation of audio and video parameters: The DVDFab Video Converter can seamlessly customise the audio and video parameters to your liking. You can edit only a part of the video or choose to edit the entire video. You would even be able to customise the audio and subtitle stream as per your preferences.

  • Non-linear video editing capabilities: The DVDFab Video Converter comes with a non-linear for an enhanced editing experience. Some of the advantages of the non-linear video editing would include the ability to add a premium intro to your video or adding the closing credits to the end of the video.

The video editing capabilities of the software are quite full-blown and offer you a host of features. Some of these features are:

  • You can trim or cut off the unwanted portion of the video
  • Join two or more videos together.
  • Configure preferred music as a background for your video
  • Add titles and subtitles with a special effect.
  • Use a custom image to brand your video.

All those features should ideally make DVDFab Video Converter an excellent option for editing your videos. It is truly an advanced premium and best video editing software and fulfills all the needs that even a professional video editor may be looking ahead to.

How to edit a video using DVDFab Video Converter? We will check out a few key steps in a step by step tutorial:

Step 1: Install and launch DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is a part of the DVDFab Suite. Assuming you have already installed DVDFab on your device, click on the Converter tab at the top of the main interface.

dvdfab video converter

Step 2: Add the file you want to edit

DVDFab Video Converter lets you add your files in several ways. You can add it through the Add from the local option by browsing for the video, or use the drag and drop feature to add your video file. You may also load a disc containing the file.

dvdfab video converter -step 2

Step 3: Choose the video editing option on the interface

You should find the video editing option just beside the video file you just added. It will resemble a pen icon and should be found as the last icon.

dvdfab video converter - step 3

Step 4: Customise and edit your video

Once you enter the video editing screen, the sky is the limit to explore your creativity. You will find several options to edit your videos. You can adjust the properties such as brightness, contrast and saturation. You can even provide an Intro and credits to your video. You can find several options for editing your videos such as Info, Trim, Crop, Watermark, Subtitles, and Video, and most of them are self-explanatory. Moreover, you can make changes and preview them before saving the changes.

dvdfab video converter - step 4

Once you have edited your video to your heart’s content, click on OK

Step 5: Start the video editing process

Choose the output folder to save your file and click on START to begin the video editing process. Wait till the changes you made are processed. You will have access to a progress indicator that shows you the process completion.

10 Best Video Editing Websites for Video editing Online – A Formidable list of options

While a dedicated software such as DVDFab Video Converter would be a great choice, you may not need such a fully-featured tool for every one of your video editing needs. There are instances where you may be looking for minor video editing options.

This is an area that can be addressed by a few video editing websites that do not need installing any software on your device. They work through a browser and should be an excellent option for the on the move video editing tasks.

Let us check out a few websites to edit videos:

1. Clipchamp – One of the Simple options for video editing websites

One of the best known free video editing websites, Clipchamp has been one of the rarest options that offer you professional grade features among the websites where you can edit videos for free. What makes it one of the prominent options is it does offer you other additional options such as video compressor, converter and webcam recorder. It provides you with all the basic video editing online tools such as trimming, cropping and speed control options.



  • It works with multiple aspect ratios that include 1:1, 9:16, 4:3 or 16:9
  • Offers you reasonably advanced video editing capability
  • Extremely user-friendly interface that can be an excellent option for beginners among the free editing websites for videos.
  • You can import video in 4K footage
  • Comes with a stock library that provides paid and free audio and video templates
  • Offers both free and paid options

Best Suited for: For those working remotely or those using low power devices such as Chromebooks

Disadvantages: Free plan lets you download only in 480p resolution. You need to opt for paid options for higher resolutions.

2. FlexClip – Best tool for video editing online

FlexClip is yet another powerful and best online video editor and comes packed with features among the video editing websites. An easy to use drag and drop functionality for adding your videos should be a feature you would find quite impressive. It closely resembles another popular video editor Adobe Spark in terms of the interface. Well designed, it can be a lot like Movie Maker or PowerPoint when you look at the features and functions and can be one of the good websites to edit videos for free.



  • A vast library of audio and video templates.
  • A perfect option for a social media video editor
  • Comes with a decent voice recording and zoom function
  • Lets you split a video into two parts
  • A standalone video converter is an added advantage

Best Suited for: It should be the best for those into social media sharing and those who deal in short videos.

Disadvantages: Video length is limited to five minutes. Resolution is limited by your plan

3. WeVideo

More than a video editing tool, WeVideo is more about shared online video creation tool. You would be able to upload your videos, images or music files or extract them from social media sites such as Google Drive, Facebook, Box, Instagram, and Dropbox. As with the other tools in this collection, it provides you access to built-in stock videos, audio, and images. You have several advantages such as basic trimming and spitting along with simple text and callouts to the video, or transitions, background graphics.



  • It has a real-time in tune with the professional video editors.
  • You can even record your screen and from webcam simultaneously
  • Supports 4K resolution, but you may need to opt for the premium plans for the purpose.
  • A free plan may come with a watermark at the top right corner
  • Quite precise control over your video editing

Best suited for: Those who are looking for precise controls over their video editing in video editing online.

Disadvantages: Transitions applied to increase the length of the video.

4. Wideo

Wideo should be an exciting option for your explainer videos. It is one of the best online video editor options and is more focussed on the creation of animated videos, but does come up with an excellent functionality as a video editor as well among the best websites where you can edit videos for free. You can drag and drop your video files onto the interface and begin your video editing tasks. There are a lot of pre-made video animations to leet you get a feel of the tool and its features.



  • Offers templates, transitions, and lots of illustrations focussed on animations
  • Comes with useful add-on apps such as storyboard generator and text to speech generator.
  • Offers extra services for professional graphics creation
  • Provides only a free trial and there is no free plan available
  • Handles different aspect ratios such as 6:9, 1:1, and 9:16

Best Suited for: Those involved in animation and explainer videos

Disadvantages: No free plan available. You have only a free trial that lasts seven days

5. PowToon – One of the best Video editing websites for Cartoons

PowToon, as the name itself should indicate, is a video creation cum editing tool that is more focussed on animations. It can ideally be considered to be a basic cartoon software tool. Of course, you would not be creating those cartoons as on TV, but it can be an excellent choice for creating explainer videos. The ability to add background music should further be an added advantage.



  • A vast collection of templates that include shapes, illustrated characters, and props
  • Perfect social media integration
  • You can publish your animations to PDFs or PowerPoint.
  • You also have a plugin for PhotoShop which is yet another added advantage

Best Suited for: Those who want to create explainer videos about their products

Disadvantages: Paid plans are costly.

6. Kizoa

A huge number of editing options and a whole lot of features would make Kizoa one of the prominent video editing websites. Of course, the timeline and interface may not be up to the mark, but still – you will find it a great choice for most of your requirements in editing a few outstanding creations. A wide range of transitions is what the online editor is known for. There are plenty of options that include photos, videos, and music, add text, special effects, music, and transitions.



  • It can handle a wide range of aspect ratios that include different aspect ratios such as 16:9, 4:3, 3:2, 1:1 and 9:16, 3:4, and 2:3 portrait formats
  • A considerably right amount of effects and personalisation options such as position, size, duration, and timing
  • You do not need to register on the service to use it
  • Videos can be exported in 720p.

Best suited for: The beginners in the realm of video editing.

Disadvantages: There are frequent compatibility issues even with the videos in MP4

7. Video Toolbox

Video Toolbox comes with a good number of quick editing options that can be applied to your video files. It does provide you access to several video editing options that include converting between video formats, trimming or cropping your clips, extracting the raw video/audio/subtitles from a file, making thumbnails, adding subtitles, adding extra audio, adding a watermark, or merging video files and thus works as an excellent choice among the best video editing websites.

video tool box


  • Provides complete information about the video, including the metrics like bit rate, codec, frame rate, and resolution.
  • Offers all the basic video editing tools to merge, crop, or cut video files
  • It also lets you record from webcam.
  • No watermark in the videos processed with the software.

Best Suited for: Can be great for those looking to edit a bunch of files

Disadvantages: Interface is little clunky.

8. Kapwing

Kapwing is a perfect tool for your video editing requirements but offers the same features that every other tool in this compilation offers you. That would mean the tool does not offer anything new that any of the other video editing websites do not offer. However, that should not mean it does not come with any great options as such. It can be your best bet for an all in one video creator cum editor.



  • It offers you a combined functionality of online meme generator, video maker, video resizer, and video trimmer making it a good option to edit video online
  • It can be a great tool for adding subtitles, adding audio and looping your video.
  • You can customise your videos in various aspect ratios that include customizing the output video size in 1:1, 9:16, 16:9, 4:5, or 5:4
  • Offers all the basic video editing functions such as trim, crop, change speed or mute audio

Best suited for: Anyone who is looking for the basic video editing capabilities

Disadvantages: Text resizing is not intuitive. Keeping the style consistent may be an issue

9. Online Video Cutter – One of the simplest Free online video editors

Developed by 123Apps, Online Video Cutter is one of the excellent options for all your needs in a completely free tool for video editing. Of course, it offers you just the basic video editing features but handles all those tasks in a simple to use interface. You can either upload your videos from your local drive or choose to add them from social media services. It should be one of the best video editing software tools if you use them with other apps from the developer.

online video cutter


  • Basic video editing abilities handled with the best possible efficiency.
  • You do need to sign up or create an account.
  • If you are new to video editing, the tool can turn out to be a powerful software
  • It can work with a file size of up to 500 MB

Best Suited for: Best tool for the newbies

Disadvantages: No special features to distinguish it from other video editing websites here.

10. Clideo

Last, but not the least in our list of the free online video editors, Clideo has been one of the simplest video editing tools among the free video editing websites ever. It is so simple in terms of the interface that it offers you the options to add up your video and images to create your videos. Of course, you do not have access to no extra features, but it would be one of the simpler tools ever. You do not have any transition effects or other animation tools as such. You do not have any text tools either. You have a decent integration with storage services to edit video online.



  • A completely simpler tool for your video editing requirements.
  • Handy integration with storage servers like Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Has separate tools for cropping, rotating, compressing, and handling your video files
  • Easy to learn and master

Best Suited for: It can be the right tool for working with simpler videos

Disadvantages: May not be the right choice for larger and heavier videos

What makes DVDFab Video Converter a good option vis-à-vis Video editing websites

DVDFab Video Converter is an excellent video editing option and provides you access to a wonderful collection of video editing features. When you compare it to the video editing online, you would find that they offer you a great degree of performance.

The DVDFab Video Converter cum Video Editor can double up as an exciting option for most of your needs in an improved degree of efficiency with the non-linear video editing. You can apply several high-end special effects to your videos on the DVDFab Video Converter as opposed to the simple editing features offered by the options used in the case of video editing online.

One of the enormous advantages offered by DVDFab Video Converter is the Enlarger AI (which is sold separately and works seamlessly with DVDFab Suite). This is a Super Resolution improvement for your videos and can improve the Video Quality in addition to enhancing the video resolution. The images in your video are enlarged by 300%, which would further enhance your experience. The AI-enabled video upscaling solution can double up as an excellent option for improving the quality of the final video. This is something you cannot find on the free online video editors.

In essence, the advanced features offered by DVDFab Video Converter should ideally make it one of the prime options to work with when you compare it to the video editing online.

Recommended Software – DVDFab Player 6

DVDFab Player 6 is one of the excellent options for your needs in playing your media files. Considered to be the world’s best 4K UHD Media Player, it can be a great option for all your needs in the navigation menu and HDR10 support on 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays.

The tool provides you access to an improved and enhanced video playing capabilities in two modes with varied pricing plans – Ultra and Standard. It offers you an exciting option for playing almost all the multimedia files and also helps you manage your media files through a Poster Wall efficiently.

Here are how you can play your media files and edited videos on DVDFab Player 6:

Step 1: Install and launch Player 6.

DVDFab Player 6 is available as a separate video player and can be downloaded from our official site. The media player offers you a simple interface to work in a very self-explanatory manner.

Choose between TV Mode and PC Moe as per your preferences. TV Mode lets you watch your videos on a large screen, while the PC Mode works best with your computer.

dvdfab player 6

Step 2: Choose the files you want to play

There are a couple of options you can pick your video file. If you have a disc that stores the desired video file, you can load your disc. You can even choose the file through the File Explorer to pick the files from your computer.

DVDfab player 6

Step 3: Select your file

Click on your file, and it will begin to play straight away. You can pause and play your video or even fast forward or rewind it. The Player also lets you preview the video and choose the section you want to watch. You can choose to watch the video in full screen or a regular view.

Killer Features on DVDFab Player 6 – An Overview

  • Compatibility: Player 6 comes with support for a wide range of media formats and devices. Compatibility with DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays can be a great choice.

  • Excellent organisation of media: The Player 6 organises and manages your media library in the best possible manner in the form of a Poster wall. The main UI offers a neatly designed Poster Wall that would provide you with a birds’ eye view of your media library.

  • Navigation Menu support: The Player 6 offers an outstanding support for the navigation menu on DVDs, Blu-rays, and the new-generation 4K Ultra Blu-rays.

  • High-resolution audio output: Player 6 offers you a high-resolution audio output support. That is precisely what would make it a professional quality 4K player for Windows and Mac OS. You can get access to a lossless high-resolution audio output with Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master and DTS:X etc., with up to 7.1 channel surround sound output.

  • Support for 4K UHD, HEVC and Other Media Files: The player offers you support from practically all types of formats such as 4K UHD, Blu-ray, DVD, HEVC and Other Media Files. Support for a wider gamut of resolutions such as 720p, 1080p, and way up to 4K UHD is yet another added advantage.

The Closing Thoughts

Video editing online or video editing websites have been something that has been quite popular among amateur video creators and editors. While they can be an excellent option for a few on the move video editing needs and social media sharing, a software solution can offer a better degree of professional quality to your output videos. DVDFab Video Converter is indeed a perfect option from that context. Of course, free online video editors save you money, but professional software always offers an excellent service quality.

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