YouTube Download Subtitle: A Mini Guide with Detailed Steps

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For video collection, nothing can beat YouTube. This online site has a large selection of videos in all kinds and languages available for streaming or downloading with subtitles that help improve your language skills.

YouTube download subtitles can be a challenge. But not anymore! Here we bring a list of the best solutions for you to do it without any trouble. Before proceeding to this list, first, we would like you to look at the main purpose of YouTube download subtitles and why they are important.

Importance of Downloading Subtitles

To improve language skills, try to watch a foreign film with subtitles. This will help you understand the storyline better and get more out of your experience with subtitles or audio descriptions where necessary.

To produce professional-quality videos that include subtitles, all you need to do is download and sync the SRT file for your language. This will allow viewers of the video to see what's happening on screen and read with text translations in their preferred language.

As you have known why you should download YouTube with subtitles, now come to the part about how you can download them. We have mentioned two methods for your ease: following a few simple steps, and the other is by using the free online tools. Here is method one.

Best Methods for YouTube Download Subtitle

Method 1

Please, follow a few simple steps to download subtitle YouTube.

Copying Transcripts from YouTube

youtube subtitle download

  • Drive a YouTube video with subtitles: Play the video and click on "CC" in the bottom right corner for language options to see if a video has subtitles. If there are multiple languages available with which you can watch it, select your preferred one before clicking the Play button.

download youtube with subtitle

  • Click (…) located just beneath the video: The pop-up menu has three dots below the video playback. This displays a list of options that can be selected to customize your visuals.

download youtube subtitle

  • Hit "Open Transcript": So, what does this option mean? It's the second choice in a pop-up menu that arises when you click your mouse on any options. It opens up transcripts of videos right next to them without having to do anything special.

download subtitle from youtube

  • Click (⋮) followed by Toggle Timestamps (Optional): If you want to hide the timestamps from appearing next to each line of text in a transcript, click on that icon with three dots above and right. Toggling off will turn them back if needed.

steps of download subtitle youtube

  • Open a new text document: Open a new text document of your choice and type away. You can use anything from TextEdit, Notepad, or Word as long as it's capable of saving files without formatting errors!

steps of youtube subtitle download

  • Highlight and copy the complete text of the transcription: To highlight the text, start from the bottom and go up. The drag slider bar to the right of the transcript box is down, then click on it once so that you can see a full copy highlighted in blue with white font.

youtube download subtitle

  • Copy/paste the transcript: Click on the highlighted text in YouTube's transcript and copy it. Paste this into a new document.

download youtube with subtitle

  • Save the transcript: Saving the transcript is easy! You can click File and then "Save As" or type in a name for your saved File next to Filename. To save this transcription, please make sure that you select 'Save As' from within Apple pornography > hit Ok when prompted with where it wants to store them on disk - pick something appropriate like Document folders if necessary; finally, give yourself some peace-of-mind by clicking Create Folder before pressing Return Key.

Now jump to method two, which is by using free online software and tools;

Method 2

There are many ways to download subtitles from YouTube for free. You can get .txt files or Subrip SRTs, which will allow you to paste them directly into YouTube and watch your favorite videos in the language of choice!

8 Best Online YouTube Subtitle Downloader

1- Savesubs

subtitle youtube download  savesubs

Price: $24.363

It is the best software for YouTube subtitle download. Save Subs can save you time by downloading subtitles from multiple sites, not just one, like Facebook or Dailymotion! To use this online tool, copy the URL of your desired video then paste it into their site. Their API will deal with all other excellent features while staying light on our side.

2- - Best software for subtitle download YouTube

subtitle download youtube website

Price: $18.95

There are many ways to download subtitles from YouTube videos, but the best option is Smallseotools. This site is an online powerhouse that provides you with many free tools to write, improve SEO, and many other crucial responsibilities. The subtitle downloader is one more tool to help users find subtitles for videos from public sites like YouTube. If you want to download YouTube video, you check the post.

3- Vidpaw - Best Ones for Subtitle YouTube Download

download youtube subtitle with vidpaw subtitle downloader

Price: Free

This online YouTube subtitles downloader is the best way to get your favorite movie, TV show, or video game with subtitles in SRT. All of these files are easily accessible so that you can enjoy them on any device.

Paste the URL of your video in this box and click "Download." Then, right-click on it to save it as a file. Finally, press downloads again with no connection so that we can have some space for other videos.

4- DownSub - Subtitle Download from YouTube

download subtitle from youtube with downsub

Price: Free

Download subtitles online for your favorite show with this free web application. Choose between different formats, like SRT or TXT text, to download in any desired language.

Copy the URL of a video you want to watch and paste it into your browser's search bar. You should see a list with languages available for download, along with subtitles. Select what kind of text file you need to get started.

5- LilSubs

download subtitle youtube wtih lilsubs

Price: Free

This is another free online caption downloader. You can copy the video's URL and paste it into an application on your computer, then click "download" when prompted for subtitles in different languages.

6- DVDVideoSoft

download subtitle youtube with dvdvideosoft

Price: $39

There are many ways to get subtitles for your favorite YouTube videos, but this online downloader is the best approach due to its free and quick nature. Pressing "Download" will allow you to fasten downloading in seconds. You can SRT format if needed.

7- YouSubtitles

youtube subtitle download website

Price: Free

There's an easy way to download subtitles for YouTube videos. Just open your web browser and connect it to the video you want, then press "download." You'll be given a list of languages and configurations; select one that you want.

8- YouTube CC Downloader - download YouTube cc subtitle

youtube download subtitle with youtube cc downloader

Price: $6

If you're looking for a way to get subtitles from YouTube and improve access, this online video downloader is perfect! It'll quickly grab hard-to-find subtitles.

To download subtitles from this site, you need to have a two-step process. The first step includes utilizing the URL of the YouTube video and knowing that CC is available for viewing.

The next step is to download subtitles from YouTube. This can be done by utilizing information gathered in the initial step and downloading what you need straight away with only one click.

FAQs about YouTube Download Subtitle

How to download subtitles from YouTube?

  • Proceed to your aimed YouTube video.
  • Check if the subtitles and captions are enabled by checking for the "CC" button.
  • Switch on "Subtitles/ CC" in the settings menu.
  • Transcripts make it easy to keep track of everything that happens in a video.
  • Click three dots on the list below the video and then select "Save" for more options.
  • Then choose "Open Transcript."
  • An interactive transcript will appear on this page.
  • You can modify different settings such as language or timestamp formatting by clicking the dropdown box at the bottom right corner.
  • To turn timestamps on or off, click the three dots at the top of the transcript. After it selects desired language from a dropdown.
  • After selecting your preferred language and time stamps that suit your choices, highlight the transcript and copy-paste it into the document folder.

Is it possible to download YouTube videos with subtitles installed?

Suppose a video with closed captions or subtitles interests you and you would like to download it from YouTube, a 4K Video Downloader is available. This program allows users to obtain both simple text file types and transcribed files which are more useful when watching them with your favorite device.

How can we download SRT files?

The easiest way to get subtitles for your favorite TV show or movie is by visiting an online subtitle website. There are two popular sites that you can visit, Subscene and OpenSubtitles, which have all different languages at the bottom, so they're easy enough to find what you need in another language.

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