WinX YouTube Downloader Review: Is it Worth?

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When it comes to video streaming, YouTube is the ultimate option that pops into your head. Almost all people in the world use YouTube for streaming and watching their favorite videos. But what if you need to download them? For such cases, there are YouTube downloader programs that help you in downloading YouTube videos. One such program is WinX YouTube Downloader. If you are thinking of downloading and using WinX YouTube downloader for PC, then first go through this review article and then make your decision.

WinX YouTube Downloader Review

This WinX YouTube downloader review will help you clear all your doubts and answer all your questions. Read below to know more.

WinX YouTube Downloader: Features

Let us have a look at some of the features offered by WinX YouTube Downloader for Windows 10.

  • Simple to use: As compared to other YouTube downloader apps, WinX is pretty simple to use. Users face issues while using other apps. However, WinX YouTube downloader free is a standalone program and is pretty easy to install and use, thereby making it popular among users.
  • Clean and safe: While using this app, a number of users might ask about the WinX YouTube downloader virus. I simple words, the app is clean and aimed at only downloading videos for all versions of the Windows operating system. The program’s UI is easy and it does not come with any additional software.
  • Download videos in MP4 format: WinX YouTube Downloader reviews show that users can download videos in different formats including 3GP, MP4, and WebM. MP4 is used by most people since it works with all the common video players. In addition to this, this format is simple to transfer and change. One more benefit is users can convert the downloaded video automatically.
  • Easy to navigate: To begin with, the program has the ability to analyze the videos that users want to download. Users can add the YouTube URL and the tool will analyze the options available. The tool lets you choose the size, format, and resolution of the video. On the other hand, users cannot choose beyond a certain limit of options present for the original video.
  • Download multiple videos: A huge advantage of WinX is it lets you download more than one video at the same time. Just add videos with the same options and tap the download button. If you do not want a specific video, users can stop the download anytime.

Is WinX YouTube Downloader Safe?

Is WinX YouTube downloader safe to use? Simply put, yes! The tool is absolutely safe to use and Windows Defender also marks it safe after downloading. In addition to this, there is no malware or any bundled apps that come with the software after you install it. On the other hand, before the app opens the main page, an ad is popped up.

But it is nothing to worry about. The UI is clean and safe to use. Apart from the irritating ads, there is nothing to worry about. Hence, when the question “Is WinX YouTube downloader safe to use?” arises, you can rest assured it is secure.

How to Use WinX YouTube Downloader?

WinX is very simple to use. Follow the below steps to know how to use the WinX YouTube Downloader.

  1. Download and install the app on your PC.
  2. Copy the video URL that you wish to download.
  3. On the main UI of the tool, click on the “Add URL” option.

winx youtube downloader safe

  1. Click on the “Paste URL & Analyze” option. Here, you will see a list of different resolutions and formats of the original video to download.
  2. Select the output format and quality you want, and tap the "Download Selected Videos" option.

how to use winx youtube downloader

More Information about Winx YouTube Downloader

What if Winx YouTube Downloader is Not Working?

If in case, you feel that the WinX YouTube downloader not working, you can just follow the below solutions.

  • Close all the running programs on your PC and restart the app.
  • In the Task Manager, clear all tasks and use the app again to see if it working or not.
  • Use an alternative to Winx YouTube Downloader. There are many options available in the market.
  • Find a different URL for the same video and start the downloading process again. For example, if Winx does not analyze a video from Facebook, find the same video on Vimeo or YouTube, and paste to analyze it again.
  • Uninstall and install back the program again.

Is Winx YouTube Downloader Free?

Winx YouTube Downloader is 100% free to use. The tool is a separate app exclusively developed to download videos from YouTube. Hence, there are no additional features for which users need to shell out money.

winx youtube downloader

Is WinX YouTube downloader safe?

Even though WinX YouTube downloader is free to use and download, it is reliable and safe without any additional bundled software. In fact, WinX YouTube Downloader automatically detects the video and displays various formats and resolutions for you to download the video.

Is it legal to download YouTube videos?

Downloading videos from YouTube is violating the Terms of Service of YouTube. If you do so, the company can take legal action against you. However, YouTube has no intention to sue users for downloading videos from the platform. That said, downloading copyrighted videos without consent is against the law.

Is converting YouTube to MP3 illegal?

Theoretically, it is not against the law to convert YouTube video to MP3. However, it is against the law to download a copyrighted video from the platform. Using a YouTube converter to download video against copyright law of the US. Also, you can download YouTube videos with a single click.


Having said that, you just had a look at the WinX YouTube downloader review. This review explained all the major features of the app. In addition to this, we also saw how the tool works. We also answer users’ question “Is WinX YouTube downloader safe to use?” Lastly, we saw that the tool is absolutely free to use.

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