Windows Explorer Not Responding: What Should You Do

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Windows Explorer lost the standard service quality. Users have experienced Windows Explorer not responding to issues that cause disappointment when you are in the middle of something very urgent. We cover the topic by suggesting to start using alternative File Explorer to get rid of the problem.

Windows Explorer is a file management application in Windows. Windows Explorer helps to navigate the files and folders, and other storage components in your PC. The application also supports a graphical user interface for accessing the file systems. Windows Explorer or File Explorer in Windows 10 enables users to manage the files, folders, and various storage of data arranged systematically and quickly accessed whenever required. If you recently installed a new program or application on your PC, you must get help with File Explorer in Windows 10 to run it successfully.

What is Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is a file management application for Windows 10 from Microsoft. The graphical user interface is easy to navigate and allows users to arrange the files and folders in Windows 10 systematically. In Windows 10, the newer version, File Explorer primarily allows you to navigate the storage like files, folders and supports other activities like online search, playing audio, etc. Windows 10 File Explorer gives you quick access to files and folders you randomly work with. The application works in faster mode to provide quick service.

windows explorer

The Features of Windows Explorer of File Explorer

  • The toolbar provides you with frequent access commands; it is better called Quick Access Toolbar.
  • The Back, Forward, and Up button helps to navigate the often viewed folders.
  • Address bar provides different locations that include local discs, folders, and web locations.
  • The search box enables you to quickly search for the files and folders or subfolders in the local drive.
  • Navigation Pane helps quick navigation Favorites, Onedrive, Taskbar, etc.
  • The status bar displays the folders, selected items, including the icons.
  • Various shortcut keys are introduced to quickly access the files and folders and even run the program with the hotkey.


  • Great compatibility with multi-account Dropbox and Google force etc.
  • A comprehensive file manager in which you can download images, documents, important emails and create folders


  • It's a bit time-consuming when you close an app and go back to the main menu

Reasons for Windows 10 File Explorer Not Responding

It isn't very pleasant when you are in the middle of a very important project and suddenly Windows 10 File Explorer not responding. You need to do a quick refresh of the program and try to continue with your work. Windows Explorer keeps crashing is a serious issue, especially when you have lots of responsibility at the month-end.

We collected all the data available on the Internet through various Windows 10 communities and surveys and concluded why Windows Explorer did not respond. Look at them:

The Wrong Files Settings

Sometimes few file settings prevent Windows 10 File Explorer from working in its usual rhythm and stopping responding like before.

Change Display Settings

If you recently made any changes in display settings like color, theme, font, it might affect the functions of Windows File Explorer.

Clear File Explorer History

It's like removing the cache or cookies from the history settings that create a barrier of Windows 10 File Explorer slow down and, lastly, not responding at all. It needs regular cleaning.

Unavailable Space on the System Drive

If the system drive is full and there is no space, Windows 10 File Explorer cannot function at its usual speed.

Outdated Windows 10 Versions

If you are using an outdated Windows 10 version, you need to be alert. With every update, they are debugging and fixing some odd issues in the news release. Using an updated version would jot down the problem of the File Explorer not responding.

The reasons might differ in some PC or laptops here and there, but the basic issues will be the same, which we describe above. With the problem, we might think about the alternative to Windows Explorer.

Windows File Explorer Alternative

The most common trouble-fixing way is to switch on the alternative when there is plenty of availability in the market. We want to suggest an alternative File Explorer on which you will get similar functions and benefits. Still, in doubt Do not worry; we would recommend you the best alternative to Windows Explorer. Let's unfold them.


ExploreFab does all the functions that File Explorer does. Additionally, ExplorerFab also provides the following functions Burning disc, extracting from iOS files, and copying virtual drives that Windows 10 File Explorer cannot.

We recommend ExplorerFab for its unmatched functions and features, which are way ahead of the other alternatives available in the market.

ExplorerFab focuses on your data protection and storage safety by creating iOS files, burning the disc, and copying from the virtual disc for Blu-Ray, DVD, or Ultra HD Blu-Ray iSO files. The application helps you arrange old data in the new format for better and long-lasting storage in various forms.


The Features of ExplorerFab

  • Initiate iOS files and burn a disc from files and folder

ExplorerFab helps to create iOS files and burn a disc from files and folders to ensure that you can preserve all your vital data free and easily.

  • Copy Virtual Drives for DVD or Blu-ray

The software works up to 18 virtual drives for the DVD and Blu-ray image files. Additionally, the window-based virtual drive mounts and unmount iSO files for digital data backup and personal share.

  • Three ways to create image files from files

The iOS file creator allows you to create image files from the files and folders and save them as newly created images files in iOS format. As an iOS file creator, it functions in three ways:

1. The software allows you to drag and drop the files while creating iOS files.

2. If you prefer to use Hotkeys, the software will allow you to follow your preference and use window-based hotkeys.

3. While creating iOS files, you can copy and paste the year-old process to copy important items quickly.

  • Burn files, folders, or iOS files to Blank files in various modes

Burn files, folders, or iOS files to blank files in various modes with the help of the DVDFab burning engine. The modes are:

You can do the burning files in a customized manner and put the number of blank discs, actual burning number, and data verification options.

You can utilize the customized burning process for the future storage of blank discs.

ExploreFab supports various disc formats, including DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, BD-R, BD-R DL, BD-RE, BD-R XL.

Verify burn disc data whether it is readable or not. The software does all the verifications just after a click.

Burning a new disc is much more cost-effective than erasing and re-write data on a blank DVD.

  • Extract iOS files for compatible use with the third-party software

The extracted iOS files created by ExplorerFab are compatible with any third-party software like DVDFab Player 6, PowerDVD 8, and many more.

  • Simple interface for beginner's friendly

The freeware is beginners' friendly, ensuring that after the installation, follow the instructions with just a few clicks and start working with it.


  • It's a multipurpose software with highly functional value
  • It's free of cost


  • There are no cons with this software

How Does ExplorerFab work?

The software works in three ways Explorer, Burn, and Drive.

Step 1: In Explorer mode, the software creates and edits iOS files after a few clicks.

alternative to windows explorer explorerfab

Step 2: In Burn mode, multiple ways are available for burning and extracting as per your requirements.

windows explorer alternative explorerfab

Step 3: To manage image files, copy virtual drives to DVD and Blu-ray. Once the installation process is done, you can immediately start working.

windows file explorer alternative explorerfab

Directory Opus

The newly launched software alternative to filing explorer Windows 10. The functions and features are up to the mark and satisfactory among the users. If your Windows 10 Explorer high usage doesn't let you work properly, you can switch to Directory Opus, an alternative to Windows 10 File Explorer.

windows 10 file explorer alternative directory opus

The Features of Directory Opus

  • The integrated view pane allows users to preview the images or different file formats.
  • Support the newest Windows features like jumplist and indexed search list.
  • Support all the previous and latest Windows versions
  • A configurable user interface like color, font, toolbar, access bar, etc
  • Can perform multiple copies to improve the performance


  • Supports high DPI monitor
  • Supports full scripting interface


  • It's a costly software
  • Newly launched software takes time for complete verification on functions

How Does the Software Work?

Once you go to the official site, you will get buy options after clicking the Download button. Once you select the plan and payment method, it will ask you to pay. After the payment, you need to follow the instructions and allow the software equipped with your PC or laptop. Once the integration is done, you can start work with Directory Opus.

The process is a bit complex and not suitable for beginners.

If you get confused about which alternative to File Explorer Windows 10 you should select, ask us to clarify your confusion.

A FAQ That Throws Light on Your Confusion

  • What is the best alternative Windows 10 Explorer?

ExplorerFab is the best alternative Windows 10 explorer that covers all your requirements. You will get additional features that make the software an established brand in the software queue.

  • How to avoid Windows 10 File Explorer crashing?

We already mentioned the reason in the above. Please check the grounds and verify. If you find that you can solve the issue by yourself, then go for it. Or else you can opt-out alternative, which will save your time and efforts and focus on your work.

  • What is Windows Explorer High CPU?

Suppose any malware process running in the background without your knowledge can cause a high CPU. Whenever you have a Windows explorer high CPU issue, it is advisable to go for a complete system scan and verify which unwanted program is running in the background.

  • Why does Windows 10 File Explorer slow functions?

There are various reasons for using outdated Windows 10 version, Windows 10 browsing history clogging the path, space scarcity on the system drive, wrong file settings or display settings, etc. If you want to continue with Windows 10 File Explorer, check the reasons and resolve them accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Unlike other Microsoft products, Windows 10 Internet Explorer has several issues that users may face during their usage time. We always have the substitute and should switch on this to avoid unnecessary time and effort draining. It's better to switch to the alternative ExplorerFab to get a standard software service that will enhance your productivity, and engagement with your work will be in an uninterrupted flow.

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