How to Convert VHS to Digital Easily | 3 VHS to Digital Converters

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How can I convert VHS to digital at home? If you are not ready to let go of your VHS collection yet, digitize all your videotapes and save your old memories in the best possible way. We are living in a period of continuous change, and if you don't embrace that change, you will be left behind like the VCRs. Yes, videotapes, DVDs, and even CDs have now become entirely obsolete. Also, Gen Z is more interested in keeping videos in memory cards or USB to play on any advanced digital device effortlessly.

However, you still have a chance to transfer VHS to digital by using the best VHS to digital converter available online. Unfortunately, your old content may vanish because all the videos stored on VHS degrades every few years. The quality will continue to ruin and will never be good enough to play even on the VCRs.

So, let's save your old VHS collection by transferring VHS to digital using these easy and quick ways. These are the best way to transfer VHS to digital you don't want to miss if you really hold onto your memories. How do you convert VHS to digital? First, you shall:

Clean Your Videotapes

Before getting into the process of converting VHS to digital, you should have a look at your dusty videotapes and give them a premium cleaning service. Use the gentle hands with a clean cloth and rub the part where the tape is exposed. The debris and dust on the cassette may ruin it and the device you are going to insert. So, be very careful with that. Besides, you can also get the VHS tape cleaner via online stores and be tension-free about the cleaning.

In addition, ensure the spindles were not seized up either by storing somewhere for a long time or cleaning. The cassette should be clean and clear for VHS to digital conversion.

How to Transfer VHS to Digital?

This question has been ringing the bell for so long, but let's learn the best way to convert VHS to digital using the VHS player without further ado.

1. VHS Player or VCR

The best and easy way to perform the VHS to digital conversion is by using its own media player, connecting it to the PC, and boom. However, if you have already gotten rid of your old VCR player, you might get a new one for this sole purpose. Besides, you can ask your family or friends if they have one that you can borrow because the conversion process won't take much time. Then, you will be free to lose the videotapes you have been keeping for so long.

How to transfer VHS to digital with VCR Player

Also, you would need a USB to composite video converter and a PC with a USB port. Well, I assume you have a VCR now. So, let's dig into the process of how to transfer VHS to digital.

  • Many composite converters come with their dedicated software to process the VHS to digital transfer. Ensure you download it on your PC before the conversion begins.
  • Insert the USB side of the converter to your PC and red, yellow, and white cables from the other end into your VCR.
  • Insert the VHS into the VCR.
  • Set the videotape to the spot you want to save by rewinding.
  • Hit the play button and turn to the downloaded software and press the record option.
  • It will start converting the part of that specific VHS that you want to keep in the digital file.
  • The software would convert the file into MP4 format to play it on any media player or save it into your external digital devices.
  • Download the file and try it on the VLC or any media player you are using.


  • Fast conversion
  • MP4 file format
  • It allows making adjustments to the original VHS tracking
  • It can help you record the specific part of the videotape and save


  • VCR requirement

2. Video Camera

If you can not get your hands on the VCR, don't worry, we can still perform the VHS to digital transfer using the video camera that supports VHS tapes. Yes, you heard that right. This option will help you convert VHS to digital and import your files into DVD.

Convert VHS to digital with Video Camera

To go ahead with this plan, you will need:

  • PC
  • RCA cables
  • VHS video camera
  • The video capture card, which can easily be available on any mobile or PC store
  • Video Editing software
  • DVD burner with software

Steps to Transfer VHS to Digital

  1. Insert the video capture card into your PC's USB port and download the software (same as above) that comes along.
  2. Connect all the RCA cables into the VHS camera. Make sure you plug all the cables into the video output port.
  3. Now, connect the other end of the cables into the "In" port of your video capture card.
  4. Turn on the camera and set the playback mode.
  5. Turn to your PC and launch the "Capture" mode in the software.
  6. Find the video camera connected to the capture card and hit the Record button.
  7. The VHS tape would start playing shortly and recording the content on the PC.
  8. Press the Stop button when you are down, copying the part you need from the VHS tape
  9. At this time, your conversion will be complete and is ready to download and save into your system.
  10. Go to the files at the right bottom of the interface and select the Export option.
  11. Explore where you want to save the converted file, give it a title to remember, and press the "OK" button at the bottom.
  12. Now, launch the DVD burning software like DVDFab DVD Creator and DeepBurner. Meanwhile, insert the blank DVD into your system's DVD burner.
  13. Choose the "Video DVD," then drag your VHS video to the DVD burning window. Hit the "Burn" button after giving it a good title.
  14. Your VHS tape is now a DVD that you can use anywhere to play.


  • The fastest way to transfer VHS into DVD
  • Easy to process
  • VHS to digital software is user-friendly
  • It's easy to find Video cameras


  • VHS video camera requirement

3. VHS to Digital Service Online

If none of the above techniques work out for you and you are not ready to purchase a VHD video camera or a VCR player, no worries. Businesses who offer VHS to digital services got your back and willing to do the job for you.

Here are few reliable businesses running worldwide and help you convert VHS to digital at the most reasonable prices. The delivery methods may vary from business to business, so does the prices. Many companies transfer VHS to digital in the DVD, while others provide USBs with all your videotapes. So, let's explore some top VHS to digital services.

Convert VHS to digital service

Yes Video – Convert VHS to Digital Walmart

The very famous and old business that converts VHS to digital under the name of Walmart is Yes Video. It is the most reliable VHS to digital service, running for the past 20 years now. Besides, you can ask for a DVD or digital copies in any form, and it would require two hours to perform the job. However, if you want a USB transfer or MemoeryCloud digitization, Yes Video can also provide using prepaid UPS shipping.

Legacy Box

Legacy Box Mail-in service is the perfect answer to your most asked question, "Where to convert VHS to digital?." Well, it might be a little expensive, but you can digitize all your VHS tapes from the comfort of your home. The company will mail you a box with barcodes that you have to put on each of your Videotapes and ship them back. They will ask you about the digital form of your VHS tapes from the disc set or thumbnail choice, and the prices will also depend on it.

In addition, you can set a notification alert from the Legacy Box because the company comes with bundles and discount sales more frequently to save you few extra bucks.

Pros of Using Mail-in Services

  • Easy way to convert VHS to digital
  • Zero involvement
  • Get the tapes at your doorstep
  • Fast delivery


  • A little expensive than traditional methods


Can I transfer VHS to digital?

Since the technology is getting advanced, VHS tapes are becoming obsolete. Preserve your memories by digitizing them into your USB drives and DVDs using one of the methods discussed above. If you look for a better viewing experience, you can enhance the converted digital files with video enhancer software.

What is the safest way to transfer VHS to digital?

If you still own a VCR player, you can connect it to your PC using a USB-Composite converter and transfer VHS to digital in no time. However, many VHS to digital services is doing the job against a significant amount.

How much does Walmart cost to convert VHS to digital?

Convert VHS to digital services are also offered by Walmart with a two-hour limit for DVDs. Walmart charges around $24.96 to convert one VHS tape.


It is not cool to let go of your best memories. Recording moments and saving them in the old VHS tapes was not a mistake until advanced technology stepped up. However, thank God for the USB-composite Converters and all the secured videotapes we still own. Now, we can convert them into digital forms for more extended possession. Use any of the best ways to transfer VHS to digital and save your memories while you still can.

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