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If you are a photographer or one who loves to edit photos, then you might be familiar with the name Topaz DeNoise. This software is used to reduce noise in the images with the help of artificial intelligence. However, DeNoise does not always meet the users’ expectations and hence they are always in search of its alternative. Let us see some best alternatives to Topaz DeNoise AI. But before that, let us have a quick look at what is Topaz DenNoise.

What is Topaz Denoise?

Topaz DeNoise?

Topaz Labs DeNoise is a photo editing software that uses deep learning and AI to smartly reduce noise within the images to enhance their beauty. The software consists of 3 AI modes, which allow you to select the most suitable noise reduction layer to get the best results. DeNoise photoshop software has a price tag of $79.99 / £58 or $199 / £144 (bundled). The bundle comes with DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI, which provides different useful features.

Features of Topaz DeNoise Software

  1. DeNoise Premiere software uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to reduce noise as much as possible.
  2. The tool shows support for High DPI (4K) monitors in Windows 10/8/7.
  3. The masking feature allows users to mask localized areas of noise reduction.
  4. The software offers a simple user interface that makes the noise reduction method very easy.
  5. The tool offers correct image black levels with shadow tone restoration.
  6. DeNoise comes with options that have Brighten button to lightens darker regions of the image. This helps in recognizing noise reduction in the areas of the dark region more easily.
  7. Users can introduce a number of presets based on different camera profiles with different ISO presets for each camera.
  8. The tool contains Comparison View which shows original and final images side by side.
  9. Topaz DeNoise software applies noise reduction according to where it identifies noise. This saves time.
  10. Topaz DeNoise offers 3 AI models to identify the best option for noise reduction I image.
  11. You can recover image details concealed within noise with custom data from every image, thanks to IntelliNoise.


  • Default presets to get you started quickly
  • Simple to use
  • Great return policy
  • Adjustments can be stacked
  • Can salvage images even with very heavy noise


  • Price relatively high
  • Not so excellent at preserving detail

Best Alternative to DeNoise Video Software

With a number of users claiming that Topaz DeNoise software does not meet the expectation, we have come up with the best alternative to this tool. Have a look.

1. DVDFab Video Enhancer AI

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI is the best alternative to DeNoise video software. The tool uses AI for enhancement in video quality as well resolution. DVDFab automatically improves movies or videos with low resolution and downgraded quality. In addition to this, DVDFab is capable of enhancing the quality of old movies and videos. Not only this, it can improve the quality of deblocking, deinterlace old videos, and even enlarge resolution up to 4K. This saves us time and money used to enhance old home videos that were captured and recorded using old equipment.
Also, DVDFab increases the brightness and saturation of images as well as corrects color automatically. Additionally, the tool reduces noise and blurring, thereby getting rid of artifacts, sharpening blurry lines, and enhancing videos to the next level. This helps in improving the quality of those videos that were recorded on mobile phones. DVDFab is also capable of improving video resolution. It uses super-resolution technology through a neural network to guess the missing pixels. This helps in losslessly upscaling the video quality.

DVDFab enhancer AI

Not only this, with the help of GPU-based deep learning, machine learning, and computer vision, the tool has the ability to improve image quality while providing higher work efficiency and higher image fidelity. Moreover, the AI models used in the tool are trained in such a way that they continue to improve through the course of everyday use, thereby offering you high-quality videos that improve eventually.
Last but not least, DVDFab Video Enhancer AI improves the image through total automation using AI. This means that users do not need to change any settings or set up any parameters.

denoise software: DVDFab Video Enhancer

Features of DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

  • Improve the quality of video and enlarge resolution of videos using AIAble to upscale low-resolution videos up to 4K
  • Able to improve old videos to a better quality
  • Provides better image quality
  • Makes your old videos come to life again using AI
  • Offers fully automatic processing
  • Uses trained neural networks


  • Easy to use.
  • Different features such as Cartoonize, Sharpen, PhotoPerfect, and so on.

2. WidsMob Retoucher

WidsMob Retoucher: denoise

As the next option in our list of Topaz Denoise alternatives, WidsMob Retoucher does a pretty good job of fixing the noise in images. It uses enhanced noise reduction techniques to improve the image quality. The enhanced noise reduction technique just empowers users to get rid of various kinds of noise and get the best result without any trouble. This is the reason why the tool makes it on our list.
WidsMob Retoucher helps users to get rid of noise present due to low light, high ISO, and fast shutter speed. This is done with the help of custom data from every picture. The tool can recover minute details from each image and can deal with demanding, shadow tone, color casts, and restoration. In addition to this, the tool applies contrast, saturation, and grain to your images to enhance the quality. With different film grain and color rendition, users can mix up different photos.

The tool is also able to do skin whitening and skin smoothing to enhance your portrait photos. With these helpful features, users can make their photos look more realistic. Users can also get rid of selfie imperfections, such as whitening teeth, minimize freckles, and smoothing skins.

WidsMob Retoucher: denoise video

Features of WidsMob Retoucher

  1. De-Noise feature helps users to get rid of noise present due to low light, high ISO, and fast shutter speed.
  2. The portrait feature performs skin whitening and skin smoothing to enhance your portrait photos.
  3. Allows photo De-noise
  4. Provides tons of film pack
  5. Gives artistic effects
  6. Offers more adjustments


  • Help you save your pic in any other format of your choice.
  • Best support if any issue occurs.
  • Easy to download and use.


  • Not so easy to use.
  • Lack of tutorials to help you get started.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Does support videos
  • The Windows version is a bit buggy since it used to support only Mac earlier.


What is the cost of Topaz DeNoise AI?

The Topaz DeNoise AI is used to reduce noise while still keeping hold of original quality. The tool comes with a price tag of $59.99.

How long is Topaz DeNoise AI free trial?

Similar to other competitors in the market, Topaz Labs DeNoise comes with a free trial of 30 days. You can use the features of the tools and decide if it is the right fit for you.

Is Topaz DeNoise AI standalone?

Topaz DeNoise AI can be purchased as a standalone tool. Therefore, users can use it without any other companion software or bundle.


In a nutshell, you just had a brief overview of Topaz DeNoise software along with its pros and cons. We also have a great pick to image denoise. The tool is useful but most of the time does not meet users’ expectations. Next, we had a look at the best alternative to DeNoise: DVDFab Video Enhancer AI. It is the best option available in the market. The tool is not only capable of editing images but also videos, which makes it the best choice.

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