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Recording the iPhone screen has become easy with the built-in feature in iOS 15. It enables the feature with one push if you know the drill. This screen recorder for iPhone free lets you record apps, create tutorials, and make presentations with a voiceover.

This article will briefly discuss the easy recording of iPhone screens by exploring built-in features, reliable apps, and other tricks. The article will also discuss common questions in mind concerning the quality of recordings, saving, and reliability of apps. So, let’s explore screen recorder for iPhone free.


Screen recording on your smart devices is nothing new but a helpful feature contributing to the digital world. The feature is used for various purposes, like creating presentations and tutorials with a voiceover, walking through the new apps or its feature, sharing your screen with your friends and followers online, and capturing gameplays for a review.

The best screen recorder for iPhone allows you to capture every moment with your voice so you will never forget it. With a new normal where working from home and studying online trend increases crazily, this GodSend feature is pretty helpful. It helps you stay on loop if you have to record a presentation, capture some DIY projects to try later, or get hold of the working project you have been working on.

Thankfully, with iOS 11 or later, Apple has introduced a built-in feature that makes our lives easier. However, many best screen recorder apps for iPhone are also in action to help you save flashes in good quality.

Screen Recorder for iPhone

The screen recording with the voiceover feature of the iPhone was added in iOS 14, so you need to make sure you are running the latest or 14 version. Also, the entire process of screen recording is not rocket science, you only have to push a button on the control center, and boom, you are set to record whatever is happening on your iPhone screens.

Here’s how you can add the screen recording option in the control center and save your time whenever you plan to record.

Best Screen Recorder for iPhone- Add Screen Recording to the Control Center

If the screen recording option is not already added to your control center, you should not waste time and add it right away. It saves time, keeps you on track, and encourages you to record everything. Follow these steps and add the valuable feature for better utilization.

1. Go to the settings app.

2. Choose the control center option, present at right after the General.

3. The upper list represents all the applications included; you can remove any by pressing the “-“ button. However, the bottom list with the heading “More Controls” has suggestions to include other apps.

4. Here you can press the “” button on the screen recording.

5. That’s it. Your iPhone automatically saves the changes and includes a screen recording option to your control center.

How to Record screen- iOS 11 or Later

If you have the latest iPhone like X or 13 with a software version 15, here’s how you can record the screen with or without your voice.

· First, swipe down the control center from the upper right corner of your iPhone.

· Press on the screen recording option and after three seconds, your iPhone screen will start recording without your voice.

· If you want to record the iPhone screen with your voice, you need to press and hold the screen recording option and press the microphone option at the bottom. It will capture your iPhone display with your voice in the background.

· Once you are done, tap the red bar at the left corner of your display. The small window bar will pop on the screen for permission to stop recording. Hit the stop button.

· Your recording will automatically save to your iPhone photos.

Best Screen Recorder for iPhone-Older Versions

If you are still using the old iPhone models, like 5, 5s, 6, 6 plus, 7, or 7 plus, you must know the recording process is relatively similar, but accessing the option is quite different. It is a simple and good screen recorder for iPhone that wouldn’t let you involve in any third-party apps to record your presentations, tutorials, gaming sessions, introduce a new feature update to your non-iPhone user friend.

So, here are steps to utilize a screen recorder for iPhone 6.

· To open the control center, swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone display.

· Ensure the screen recording feature is included (check the above process).

· Press the recording icon, and it will start broadcasting in three seconds.

· If you want to add a voiceover, press and hold the recording icon, and another small window will pop up. Press the microphone option and start broadcasting.

· Click on the red status bar and follow the on-screen instructions to stop broadcasting to end the recording.

· The screen recording will be saved in the iPhone photos folder.


Screencast Matic is one of the fastest, easy-to-use, and best screen recorder apps for iPhone. A free screen recorder app available on App Store lets you record application or feature feedback, gaming walkthroughs, tutorials, demos, and more.

With a user-friendly interface, it allows recording with or without your voiceover so that you can create content with maximum flexibility. Another interesting feature of the app is editing. Yes, you can record your iPhone display and edit that recording by blurring the overlay, adding music where necessary, adding texts or stickers, resizing the recording by cropping/trimming or applying filters to enhance the final file.

Now, you don’t have to go to another application or software for editing your tutorials, presentations, and other recording stuff before uploading. This two-in-one good screen recorder for iPhone will save your time and give you access to multiple editing tools within the platform without costing any additional penny.


· Screen recorder for iPhone free

· Different editing tools

· Smooth interface

· Compatible with devices running on Ios 11 or later

· Available on all iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices

· Add live voiceover or audio narration to your finished recordings

· Free to use


· None


If you want to record your iPhone or iPad displays, it is easier than you think. The built-in screen recorder for iPhone is an amazing feature that allows recording displays with or without voice. Also, the video quality is amazing that you can easily use for your YouTube channels or school assignment.

We have also briefly discussed the best screen recorder app for iPhone that lets you record and edit your videos within a single platform. Now, you can review the new iOS feature, compare the previous ones, and share your Instagram feed with your friends easily and quickly.


Is display recording possible with iPhone?

Screen recording in iPhone is very simple, but your iPhone needs to know you are a frequent recorder. So,

· Go to the Control center followed by iPhone settings.

· Add screen recording option by tapping on the.

· Open the control center by swiping down from the upper right corner in the latest models and swiping up from the display bottom in the old iPhone models.

· Press the screen recording icon and start recording. If you want to use your voice, press and hold the icon, click on the microphone and start broadcasting.

· To stop recording, tap on the red status bar and press the stop button.

· The recording will be saved in the photos folder.

Can I edit my screen recordings?

iPhone has some basic editing features, but to edit the recordings professionally, you might need the help of applications. You can refer to the article for the reliable and trustworthy app that allows recording or high-end editing within a single platform.

What is the video quality of the screen recorder for iPhone?

Using the built-in screen recorder for iPhone, the quality will be similar t any captured videos by iPhone. However, it would help to increase the brightness level while recording for bright display and good results.

Do we have any screen recorder for iPhone 6?

You can use the default screen recorder for iPhone in the 6, 6plus, or 7 models. You can access it by swiping up the display, pressing the recording icon, choosing requirements, and boom.

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