13 Trendy Apps and Software for AI Facial Recognition 2023

Last Updated on 2023-11-23 SophiaBolton
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The action from the movies with spies, from the Sci-Fi ones has moved into real life. Okay, just that part that connects you quickly with technology. Can you imagine a world without keys and credit cards? The doors open, the computer is turned on automatically. It's comfortable, your hands are free, you don't have to carry your ID with you at all times, and you just have to say: "Face - here are my documents!"

Any face recognition app is, in fact, based on a biometric software that analyzes human features, thus being able to identify a person. So, how does facial recognition work? Basically, the system does not identify the face of an individual, but the multitude of pixels that form the digital image. Then, using learning algorithms, it compares images to identify a person's identity. Gradually, the facial recognition technology has been improved and is now used by regular people or organizations, both government and private.

The facial recognition software are used for surveillance, security, data protection, attendance registry or marketing. With the growing importance of this discovery, we want to use it to make our lives easier and we see how we try to integrate artificial intelligence on as many gadgets used by people every day using face recognition apps.

1. Why Do We Need Facial Recognition Apps?

The facial recognition technology has much potential in almost all areas of life including medical, business, law enforcement and personal life. Of course, like any technology, it can bring positive and negative aspects, depending on who uses it. The apps based on a facial recognition technology can be used for different purposes:

  • As a security measure at ATMs, to identify people - these cameras can identify a person's face without the need for a card and PIN and compare it with the photo stored in the bank's database, to confirm identity

  • For the prevention of crime, monitoring of persons entering or leaving the country, identity theft

  • A face recognition app can be used by the authorities to find missing persons - the photos reach the database with missing persons, so that they can be easily identified

  • Facial recognition technology can help the owners of retail stores but also the customers themselves. The owners can identify the culprit and keep a track of his loyal customers. Also, through facial recognitions apps you can buy your purchases with a selfie

  • Facial recognition software offers many ways to make cities safer and more efficient

  • Preventing identity theft in the financial sector. For example, Amazon facial recognition app, Rekognitio, it is used in this field to verify their customers’ identity

The face recognition apps also aims these areas: social media platforms, medical sevices, education institutes, airport facilities, marketing and advertising campaigns, agriculture and so on.

2. 10 Trendy Face Recognition Apps for 2020

1. IAFace

This face recognition app can detect multiple faces within an image, along with the associated facial attributes. This function is also able to perform an emotional analysis to determine the emotional state and can estimate the likely age range of a person. It can compare two faces to see the resemblance level between 2 persons analyzing the structural features of the two faces. Also, it can work as a celebrity face recognition app too.


2. Face-Six Home

This is a face recognition app which identifies your spouse and kids and triggers real time alerts of family members and strangers at your door. FA6 Home notifies you when people are at your door and display history of all faces captured in front of camera.


3. AppLock Face/Voice Recognition

This app for users on Android have a facial recognition software that makes it easy to lock the apps on your phone or tablet that you want to keep private. Your face and voice unlock your apps, so only you can access your social media apps and financial accounts or make changes on your devices.


4. MojiPop

You can access thousands of caricatures and animated stickers using your face, for any emotion or situation. This is a funny face recognition app and the avatar created by taking a selfie is very realistic. You can share it in your daily conversation even on WhatsApp. The app can be found on App Store and Google Play.


5. FaceVault

This face recognition app only works with iOS devices that have a front-facing camera. This app is like a virtual deposit of photos. You can protect and hide your private videos and photos with When an intruder will try to access your Vault, a photo of her/ his face will be taken and recorded.


6. True Key

True Key, a face recognition app iPhone and for others operating system manufactured by Apple, is also available for Android. This is a password management application that helps you log in to different platforms, websites and applications using only your biometric profile. In other words, you don't have to remember that sequence of letters and symbols from your password that you always forget. You can have access to everything you need with this face recognition app.


7. FaceApp

This is a photo and video editing application for both operating systems, iOS and Android. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can forget about Photoshop and start giving a professional look to the photos and videos taken with the phone. With this face recognition app you can improve your photos by changing hair color and style, apply makeup, adding advanced color filters and so on.


8. FacePhi

This facial recognition software is oriented to the financial sector, in order to allow banks to recognize their customers and enable safe banking through mobile. This has an authentication mechanism based on the recognition of biometric elements. The user can make payments, making foreign exchanges and so on in complete security with a single look.

8. IObit Applock

IObit Applock is a face recognition app, available for Android and like the mentioned apps, this also uses facial recognition software to protect your phone. You can use it to secure applications, but also the main screen. It can efficiently protect and lock work related apps and others apps (shopping, payment, social apps, system settings like Wi-Fi).


9. Face Mask Detection

Another face recognition app is Face Mask Detection. This take inputs from camera and make detection's about presence of face mask or not. It works on individual as well as on group of users. This is also based on facial recognition technology.


10. CamFind

Reverse image search facial recognition is hugely helpful when you need to look up something you’ve seen but don’t know much about. You upload a picture, the app matches it on the internet and identifies the object. After this, you will receive related images or videos and posts. You might consider this tool like a celebrity face recognition app when you see an actor on the street but you're not sure is. The app is almost like the Google face recognition app. You should check this, too.


3. A New Trend: How Video Editing Software Employs AI?

Is it possible to enhance video quality? The answer is Yes!

Artificial intelligence is already integrated into many photo and video editing programs, making your life easier, whether you fall into the category of unskilled photographers or artists who want to save time when it comes to rendering processes. Integrated with AI technologies, a lot of video editing software could now enhance video quality after millions of tests done on actual human face, scenery, moving objects, animals and so on. Let’s take a look on some of the best software that can help you to enhance video quality or to make your video editing process easier.

1. DVDFab Enlarger AI

If you want to enlarge and enhance your footage with great details and motion consistency, this is one of the best options as a great video enhancement software. This is the perfect tool when it comes to video quality. Powered with AI, you can upscale videos from SD (480p) to Full HD (1080p Blu-ray standard) or from 1080p to 4K.


Like the facial recognition software, the AI engine will analyze the pixels of images using neural networks and then fills tons of identical pixels with a great accuracy. This means that the image becomes sharper and the original colors are preserved, without visible artifacts or distortions. The amazing part is that, based on Intelligent Deep-Learning, DVDFab Enlarger AI evolves day by day. How to enhance video quality would just be an easy task for you.

2. Invideo

A platform that use AI to automate the entire video-making process and it comes with real-time suggestions on font, animations, color and it can help you to avoid some technical design mistakes. You can import raw footage, editing the video and finally, save your work.


3. Kamua

A software assisted by an AI, to cut, crop and finish videos faster. It can automatically convert Youtube videos to IGTV, so you can skip the un-fun part of video editing. This uses AI to assist in tracking people and objects in each shot of the video.


4. Shakefree

Another AI powered tool for video editors that removes camera shake that can`t be stabilized and can reduce the raw footage you have by 5- 20%. This means that you will enhance video quality. Using machine vision to interpret the raw footage, can make important decisions and cleans up the useless footage.


It is clear that editing photos and videos it is and it will be made easier by artificial intelligence and nowadays is piece of cake to enhance video quality or saving time from editing process. In this link you can find other artificial intelligence-based video tools which might will help you.

4. The Future for Face Recognition

The facial recognition technology will grow and create massive revenues. A study published in June 2019, estimates that by 2024, the global facial recognition market would generate $10 billion of revenue. The first major industries influenced by the facial recognition technology will be: surveillance and security, schools and universities and even healthcare.

Also, the facial recognition technology it will be used at a much higher level in the robotics industry. In the long run, robots using facial recognition technology can be helpful in completing the tasks that are difficult for human beings to complete. While it may sound futuristic, few countries are investing already their resources in facial recognition technology like USA, India, China. Facial recognition technology as a method of payment is already used at many ATMs and stores, but the next step is to adopt this technology for online payments.

By 2025, cars will have embodied a biometric system on board for starting the engine through facial recognition technology. It will identify who is driving (for example, a spouse or other family member) and identify the driver's preferences like music, ambient lighting etc. These were just a few directions but it remains to be seen what will improve on the existing facial recognition technology and what new other face recognition apps will develop.

Face recognition technology is expected to predominate the globe, but we must be careful for what purposes we will use it.

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