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Do you want to remove copy protection from DVDs? Jump here to get help from the trusted tools to make your DVDs copy-free.

Copy-Protected DVDs are always a problem for those who want to save their favorite movies on computers, clouds, or mobile devices. It's not easy cutting and copying protected videos with Disney Digital Copy Protection (DRM) schemes installed; some DVD rippers cannot remove all copyright protections, while others may only be able to handle one type of protection at best! This article will show you how software can help solve these problems by removing the annoying copyrights.

4 Best Software to Remove Copy Protection From DVD

1- HandBrake - remove copy protection from DVD mac

HandBrake - remove copy protection from DVD mac 

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Linux

A HandBrake is a free tool that can dismiss copy protection from DVDs. This includes the UOP, CSS, or Region Code. If you want Handbrake's wonderful outcome quality fearlessly, then use the libdvdcss library for its cutting process. For more details about remove copy protection from DVD, you can browse the post Top 5 DVD Copy Software.

How to remove copy protection from DVD handbrake?

  • Download the software from its official website.
  • It will show you the detected files and discs. Choose the desired one.
  • Select the output file and click on the start encode bar.

2- VideoProc Converter - the best software to remove DVD protection

VideoProc Converter - the best software to remove DVD protection

Compatibility: Windows and Mac.

Are you searching for cutting DVD copy protection, or only want an easy method of correcting videos for confidential benefit? If yes, click on the videoproc converter.

It performs excellently if you want to skip copy protection on recent Disney-99 title movie DVDs, an old morning shows DVDs, from Hollywood Pictures national or international allocation institutions like 21th Century Fox Entertainment DVDs and many other DVDs. VideoProc Converter is a manageable yet strong DVD modification program that helps all standard and non-standard encryption techniques, which will let users operate it with a single click.

The high-quality engine allows you to skip DVD copy protection without failing quality. The most appreciative feature about this CSS removal is its process speed, which takes less than 2 minutes for a Disney movie's two hours of content!

How to remove write protection from DVD using VideoProc Converter?

  • Launch videoproc converter.
  • Select your desired DVD and enter it into the DVD ripping panel.
  • Select your desired format.
  • Click on the run button.

3- IMGBURN - remove copy protection DVD

IMGBURN - remove copy protection DVD

Compatibility: Windows

DVD Decrypter may also be familiar with IMGBURN. Lightning UK designed both tools. From the data given on Wiki, it seems that IMGBURN is incapable of removing CSS or another kind of copy protection from a DVD but occasionally could work for removing encryption from old video DVDs.

How to remove copy protection from DVD using IMGBURN?

  • Download ImgBurn, and select the conversion mode.
  • After it, choose the DVD and click on the blue arrow to unlock the process.

4- WinX DVD Ripper - remove DVD copy protection

4- WinX DVD Ripper - remove DVD copy protection

WinX DVD Ripper is a free and easy-to-use tool that can remove nearly any type of encryption from DVDs. It supports CSS, region code protection techniques like Sony ARccOS, or UOPs, and the Disney X project; you are ensured to get your movies on like 21st Century Fox, and paramount without holding a costly player.

This DVD ripping software can easily convert protected DVDs to MP4, FLV, AVI, MOV, MPEG, WMV, and ISO formats without audio and image grade failure. Built-in Hardware Accelerator, Hyper-Threading tech, Super Encode Engine, and Multi-Core Utility assemble it in a wonderful option with fast cutting speed and take only five minutes to cut a two-hour-long video.

How to remove DVD copy protection using WinX DVD Ripper?

The WinX DVD Ripper is an easy but practical software for removing copy protection from DVDs. Only obey these steps to get started. You can read the post Top 15 DVD Burners and Creators in 2020 [Windows & Mac] to learn more ways to remove copy protection from DVD.

  • Import the copy-protected DVD into disc drive and WinX

Insert your DVD into the computer's optical drive and open WinX DVD Ripper. Hit the "DVD Disc" button from the navigation bar to select an already inserted disc. Now it will scan. Skip the DVD copy protection, and see the right main title of the movie.

  • Select output format

Many output formats are here, and you can select one from known profiles. These profiles include MP4 OR WMV. Device-specific ones such as Apple, TV, or Android devices to web videos like FLV videos, MP3, or AC3 music, TS videos, devices, or copy DVD on MPEG2 files are also included.

  • Rip DVD with Removal of Copy Protection

When you tap the Browse button to set your destination folder, make sure it is either on a hard drive or device before clicking Run. After that, the DVD will rip and appear without copy protection.

If you find yourself incapable of successfully ripping a protected DVD, head back and try to follow the previous steps again in Safe Mode located on the right side of the interface. This feature will improve your power to kill the strong encryption from DVDs.

8 Forms of DVD Copy Protection

With the DVDs, you can come across copy protection schemes like CSS, ARccOS, and others given downward:


Content Scramble System (CSS), a 40-bit stream cipher presented in 1996, has been the most widely used Digital Rights Management system. It can prevent DVDs from duplication without approval and stop unauthorized appliances from playing and reading the CSS protection code.

Region Code

The Region Codec is software that can be operated to control the playback of retail discs in areas other than those that were initially released. For example, if you have a DVD having films from Canada (Region 1 code) on your US player, that DVD will not perform because this country operates on the region 2 DVD code. So it is not compatible with any strategy. Region coding is a way for movie studios to control the release date and price of their new movies respective to location.


The Region Codec Enhanced (RCE) is a smart technology that stops movies from being executed on DVD players beyond their region. This indicates you can play discs regardless of whether they have regional regulations or not.


User Operation Prohibition (UOP) is a legal tool created to control viewers from conducting any activities during the playback of saved content. The initial goal was indicated as an instructional note for copyright violation, but currently, it is frequently exploited on DVDs and videos.


Sony ARccOS Protection, the copy protection system designed by Sony. It was invented as an extra coating operated with a CSS system. When people attempt to copy a DVD using the free DVD Copy Tool, they will gradually develop corrupted sectors on their DVDs so that you can't make backups or cut them easily.


The APS system is a prevention method for VHS and DVDs created by TiVo Corporation. The way it operates when you record onto an encrypted DVD, there's usually some kind of pulse-based application to control your recording from being duplicated.


A High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) method is presented and taken out by Intel. When users copy DVDs without approval, the HDCP will crash their technique to reduce the quality of outcome images for security objectives.

Disney X Project

The latest Disney X Project encrypted movie DVDs have 40GB of file size and 99 titles. No freeware is capable of clearing it completely. Out of a group of retail DVD ripping tools that declare themselves skilled for cutting such protections like this. But VideoProc Converter has discovered honestly durable & trustworthy software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can DVD Shrink remove the DVD copy protection?

DVD Shrink can get rid of copy protection on old DVDs. The software was terminated 16 years back. With the old DeCSS decryption algorithm, it's difficult to rip copy protection on Sony ARccOS movie DVDs and the latest protection setups.

What is the adequate tool for removing the copy protection from DVD?

Handbrake is the most useful tool. It can efficiently convert 420+ different video layouts and audio types. It also allows users to 1:1 rip DVDs into ISO files by simply using level 3 hardware acceleration support. VideoProc is an all-inclusive software that includes deleting CSS errors from discs.

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