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StreamFab All-In-One
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Plex, aka Plex Media Server, is a web server application that streams media files to your computer, making it easy to watch your favorite movies or listen to music. Plex Media Server also enables you to stream content from your computer directly into the Plex app. You can stream movies and TV shows from anywhere using the Plex app and enjoy all of your media without dealing with any third-party apps or services.

1. Introduction: What to Know about Plex Server

If you want to gain a full picture of the Plex server, the following tips might benefit you.

What is a Plex Server?

Plex Server is a web server designed to run on its computer connected to the internet. Therefore, you are not limited on how many clients or devices can connect at once. For example, your family and friends would launch the Plex app, enter your server's URL, and start watching your movie library. Plex Server is a free downloadable app from It can turn any PC into a media server that streams directly to your phone, tablet, or smart TV. You can get Plex Media Server download for free for limited features. For advanced full features, you shall subscribe to its Pricing plans.

What is Plex Server

Which platforms does it support? And its service plans

Since the Plex server is a web server, it can stream directly into your phone or tablet without having any 3rd party service interruptions. The Plex app is available for Android, iOS, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Roku streaming players. Besides, Plex has three different plans of service called Plex Pass (premium), Mobile (mobile and tablet service), and Plex Cloud (cloud storage and video-on-demand service).

What do we need to know more?

We know that Plex is a media center application that offers unlimited entertainment content to users through their devices such as Computers, iOS, and Android. But, we also have to know that Plex features both a client and server, allowing users to organize entertainment content into different folders that can be shared freely through the internet. There are two main clients for Plex: iOS and Android. Remember, Plex is free; you can get Plex Server download from open sources.

Plex Server Requirements

The server core startup process looks like this:

  • Plex Media Player runs on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. You must download the server separately from Plex's website.
  • It's a plug-in that can be installed on any computer that Plex Media Player runs on.
  • The server core requires the following system requirements: 512 MB RAM, 1 GB of available hard drive space.
  • The Plex Media Player runs off the server core, which currently runs off version 0.9.8, released on 9 March 2013.

Core Features of Plex Server

Plex media server is a software application that allows you to organize and play your video, music, picture, and other media files.

Core features of Plex Media Server

Multiple Platforms Supported

One of the most concerning features you may also ask for is that. Plex server is supported with Apple, Roku, or on my android TV and maybe relative devices. I did clear this query on the above that it is endowed with all digital devices used for streaming and entertainment purposes. Moreover, it is also compatible with multiple PS and Xbox one, making it more concerning the software.

Most of the Functions Are Free

Entertainment nowadays is the best time pass for everyone. It provides a chance to gather with friends and family. But the best thing is if this quality time could be spent free of cost. And working on his model, Plex media server software does provide limited functionality in its free version, which is enough for casual users.

Plex Premium Pass

When you buy a Plex premium pass, things change and make it easier to understand the concept. It does not cost a lot of money. You can easily buy a monthly subscription for 20$ per month and yearly 120$. Premium Plex is not just a place for your media.

However, Plex is also a TV show tracker, music library, podcast manager, image organizer, video scrapbook, and photo album. In addition, an advanced premium Plex Pass feature set includes editing metadata for TV shows and movies from Plex software. As a result, you can easily share your media with friends or other people on your home network.

One person can watch the newest episode of Game of Thrones while another watches last night's episode of The Bachelor. Sharing videos with friends has never been more accessible! All libraries are part of an updated Premium pass system that ensures you are only downloading new content that you don't already have access to at once.

So, feel free to download the Plex media server on your PC or mobile devices. As for how to set up a Plex server, go straight to get support from its official site. In this way, setting up the Plex server will be a piece of cake!

Plex Free Movies and TV Shows

Plex does provide quite a range of TV shows and movies free of cost. These are easy to share with family and friends and provide maximum entertainment without charging any fee. So who will not like streaming software with free-of-cost entertainment options?

Get Plex media server download for free movies and TV shows

It has a great variety of shows and movies which will never make you feel bored. Day-night Kungfu, martial arts, food, and kids-related films and shows are streamed without any charges. So, you need to download the Plex media server that is free and available on open sources.

Plex Server Updates

The core of the Plex server starts independently with the client(s). This is because software updates are quickly pushed to the client(s), whereas the server core does not receive frequent updates. It could be that the client will ask for an update to install it after it has finished downloading.


Suppose you plan on hosting your server for a short period. In that case, this is not advised as there is a high likelihood of bugs left in version 0.9.8. the bugs may not restrict you in later versions once Plex Media Player is updated.


  • Prominent Updates
  • Easy to manage
  • Stream on multiple devices
  • Library perfectly organized
  • Quite reasonable packages
  • Even free functionality increase


  • Not best for short time hosting.

Reasons Why Plex Server Settings Are Unavailable

There could be several reasons why Plex server settings are not available, but the most common causes are:

  • Maybe you are not connected to the internet.
  • Make sure you update it accordingly if there are any latest updates available.
  • Do not use a VPN while using the Plex server download file.
  • Be sure to log in.
  • Check the server. Maybe that could be the reason.

How to set up a Plex server

2. Best Alternative of Plex Server: DVDFab Player 6

If you go for the best alternative to the Plex server due to any reason, the best option would be DVDFab Player 6. It is a versatile tool that can play DVD / (4K UHD) Blu-ray discs, ISO files and folders, VIDEO_TS folder, and audio discs. You can use it to enjoy Blu-ray or DVD movies with different subtitle languages or listen to music with other audio streams.

Best Plex server alternative

Media manager with easy navigation and poster walls

First, just forget its playback capability. This best Plex server alternative is an ideal file manager for your local library, be it discs, collections, movies, TV shows, videos, or music. The poster walls enable you to get a quick glimpse of the meta information of your media content. When speaking of playback, you can enjoy customized options like adjustable thumbnails, hotkeys, playback settings.

Blu-ray media Supported

DVDFab media player six is designed for playing Blu-ray/DVDs, ISO files, VIDEO_TS folder, audio discs. It can also convert between Blu-ray/DVD formats. And it does support Blu-ray/DVD all disc types, including BD50, BD25, BD9, and BDAV. In addition, Plex has excellent support for audio streams, including Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio.

All DVD Features Supported

It supports all the DVD Standard features for the playable part in Mac OS X for DVD movies. Also, you can play DVD movies in original aspect ratios and 5.1 audio streams through various playback options using the DVDFab 6. It also supports subtitles of multiple languages and has a component video output for connecting more devices.

Multiple subtitle/CLV supported

For Blu-ray movies, you can enjoy extra features like CLV (for multiple subtitles), subtitles of different languages and video streams, and CLP (for 3D movies). Also, with DVDFab media player 6, you can enable BD Wise to play Blu-ray discs with H.264, VC1, or DivX6 formats.

Inclusive format support for all video, audio, and 3D contents

What makes this Plex server alternative stand out from the crowd is that it is capable of playing all kinds of video and audio files with easy clicks. All formats of 3D content are also supported. Once you have this on your PC or TV, it will bring you an amazing immersive viewing experience.


How to limit access?

When you first install Plex Media Server on your computer, it will ask you to choose accessibility permission. Additionally, you can select "Do not allow access." If the former is chosen, then no one outside of your home network can watch the media on it.

What happens if the latter is chosen? Or how to allow access to family members?

If the latter is chosen, the media is publicly available for everyone on your home network to view. That means you can choose to allow access to everyone or only allow a specific group of people. We recommend the latter so that you have control over who accesses what.

How to solve a Server problem?

Well, suppose Plex server settings are unavailable. In that case, the one apparent reason could be you are not signed in to the Plex-hosted server. So do signup or sign in by using http://localhost:32400/web or I am sure if you log in, it would be easy to set up a Plex server.


Plex media server is a great one in all solution if you want to stream movies, TV shows, and music without using any third-party service. And if you are stuck with a DVD or Blu-ray issue, you should go for an alternative of Plex, DVDFab Player 6, as it is compatible with all types of CDs and DVDs. But if you want a compatible server for any platform, don't choose any other than Plex Server. If want to try other options, here comes the best media server software.

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