How To Enlarge Screen on Laptop, Mac & PC

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If you perform with numerous windows and applications on the computer, it is usually helpful to resize them in a pattern that allows viewing better than one at once.

How to Enlarge the Screen?

How To Enlarge Screen

Look at here to learn about it.

Smaller-sized screens supply some flexibility when operating various programs. After a while, you should restore the windows to their full size. You can maximize the size of your window with just one click! No need to manually enlarge the screen anymore. This blog is about widening your screen of the computer, laptop, and Mac in simple steps. We have mentioned all part's steps separately for your clear understanding. Just follow the given tips to enlarge screen size.

Step 1

Suppose you want to maximize a window click on it. So it becomes fully observable and doesn't get obscured after other tabs or programs.

Step 2

There are three options at the upper right corner of your computer's window. First, option point "minimize," second for "maximize," and the last option indicates "close" feature.

Step 3

Tap on the second option out of all three options that indicate "Maximize" to resize your window to maximize volume.

How to Enlarge Computer Screen-Resize Window Screens

How To Enlarge Computer Screen-Resize Window Screens

Windows can be a little restricted when you view digital photographs on your computer but don't bother! Only rare and easy efforts are needed to modify the settings of your operating system's default window dimensions for photos and websites. Not any complication occurs with Windows itself ; you will have abundant space left.

Step 1

The "X" is an important mark for newbies. It's usually located in the known area where you would see options that allow users to learn how to enlarge a screen on a PC operating Microsoft Windows. It is the top method to shut down Windows.

The window-resize tool is a rectangle located at the left side of the X mark. Click on this if you want to enjoy the full screen of your windows, and click minus sign (-) left of that for minimizing the screen.

Step 2

You can resize your window by clicking on its top-middle border. The cursor will guide you to an arrow pointing the route up when switching it to smaller and down for bigger sizes! You can also modify this spot that appears to be bigger relative to other screen parts with no size modifications created.

Step 3

Click on either side of a window and drag crosswise to stretch it bigger or shorter. In some points, this tool would not perform if your computer's screen takes up all available areas.

To make the window smaller, de-maximize it by clicking on the rectangle icon in the top right corner. Now resize it by using the tool at the base of your screen.

Step 4

For Mac OS X users, clicking on the red control will shut down the window. Macs have some similarities with modern PCs regarding windows resizing. Mac users will find the control system on the upper left side of the screen in coded color.

The yellow command option minimizes the size, and green powers enlarge the screen Mac again. Click and pull the window's bottom-right corner to resize it like a PC.

How to Enlarge Screen on Laptop?

How To Enlarge Screen on Laptop?

The word size on a laptop screen is adaptable, so users having difficulty reading small words can construct it bigger to support them. Modify the settings via Control Panel , where you can customize what's arising regarding looks and functionality. Follow the given steps to enlarge screen windows;

  • Tap on the "Start" option to access the "Control Panel."
  • After assessing and selecting the Control Panel, click on the option of "Appearance and Personalization" Click "Appearance and Personalization."
  • After that, tap on the "Adjust screen resolution."
  • There are three options for sizes; Small, Medium, or Large. The small text size does not modify the size of any of your input's content. The medium option expands the size by 25% and makes words readable. The last large option makes all words extra-large by 50%.
  • After choosing the desirable size, click on "Apply."

How do I Enlarge My Screen with a Magnifier?

How Do I Enlarge My Screen with a Magnifier?

A Magnifier is a tool that allows the user to magnify the desired corners of their screen. Here are some steps to use it to widen your screen;

Visit the start menu and write the Magnifier in the search bar. It will guide you to the tool at the top of the menu highlighted in blue color.

One way to keep time and effort is by "pinning" your Magnifier. To do this, only right-click on the highlighted line for getting a pop-up window with two further steps; "Pin taskbar" or "Start menu." Pick anyone you want.


How to Enlarge Screen on Mac?

How To Enlarge Screen on Mac?

Keyboard Shortcut for Zoom

You can modify the zoom rank on your keyboard for some applications. It is an efficient feature for Microsoft Office Programs, Web browsers, etc.

Enlarge screen on Mac

The zoom process on a Mac is equal to how it operates in windows, but instead of using Command and + or-keys, users will use the Control key with an option ⌘. Hold down ⌘ around the bottom left side of the keyboard and then use Zoom options for zooming in and out.


If you need to zoom in and out on your computer, hold the Ctrl key and press + (to increase) or-(to decrease). You can find it at the top right corner of the keyboard.

Mac Zoom settings

Modify the text in every app you are operating on Mac. You would not get trouble reading by using this technique. For instance, if you need the larger email text, it becomes more comfortable to read the Mails, visit the preferences tab, then pick fonts & colors. After that, select a distinct font size for your messages by clicking "Select next to the message."

In the instructions for messaging, drive to Message > preferences > General and drag the Text size slider to make messages larger. To adjust the font extent for desktop characters, right-click on your Desktop and lead to "Show View" Options. Drag the Icon Size slider at the right side to adjust text dimensions.

The Finder and Mail sidebars have been obtained at a slightly smaller size. Visit the Apple menu bar > System Preferences to increase their size, and then select General. After selecting General pick Sidebar Icon Size, tap on the large option

Modify the Mac Font size

You can use the zoom tool built-in at your MacOS to bring a focused look at what is on screen. It has been specially developed for enjoying media, text, and pictures. So, it will not destroy any necessary details.

The most reliable method to set a short font on your Mac is by adjusting screen resolutions. You can do this via Apple's menu or with third-party apps.

  • To reduce the resolution of your monitor, go to System Preferences > Displays and select Scaled under Display.
  • Then click on Scaled, which will carry a list of various resolutions open for your display layout.

Windows Zoom Settings

With simply a few clicks, you can change the font size on your computer to something more useful and readable. This option would not influence what is displayed in all programs, but it does make menus and different options uncomplicated to read.

Hold down the Windows key and press + once to unlock the Magnifier. With the Magnifier, you can massively modify all elements on your screens, such as text, images, and videos. All these suggestions are separate for each version of Windows.

In a word, you can know more about how to enlarge screen size. If you want to know more information about how to take a screenshot, please click here to find the best solutions.

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