Top Ways to Know How to Take a Screenshot on Windows Laptop

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Taking screenshots has become a necessity in today’s world. Screenshots can be used as a method to guide people or can be used as proof of something. Since a number of people all over the world use Windows machines, they tend to search the Internet in and out to know how to screenshot on Windows laptop. If you are one of those users, reading this article is the best thing that will happen to you today. Read below to know more.

How to Screenshot on Windows 10 Laptop

Below are some top ways to know how to screenshot on Windows 10 laptop.

Using the Snipping Tool

The Windows operating system comes with a dedicated tool for taking screenshots. This tool is called the snipping tool and is very easy to use. Users can use different modes within the tool and capture screenshots. Mostly, this method is used if users need to capture a specific portion of the screen. Follow the below steps to know how to take a screenshot on Windows laptop using the snipping tool.

how to screenshot on windows laptop

1. Begin by launching the snipping tool. You can find it by navigating to Start >> All programs >> Accessories. In addition to this, another simple method of finding this tool is simply pressing the Start menu and using the search feature to find the tool.

2. Next, below the Mode option, click in the down arrow present there.

3. Here, users can select different modes to capture the screenshots. The Rectangular Snip allows you to capture a rectangular screenshot, which is used by a number of users to capture a specific portion of the screen.

4. Users also have the option to select Free-form Snip. This mode allows you to draw any shape on screen and capture a screenshot of that particular portion.

5. Users also can use Window Snip option to capture the screenshot of the entire window. This is useful when using multiple monitors.

6. Lastly, users get a Full-screen Snip option. As the name suggests, this mode is used to capture the entire screen.

7. Once you have selected the desired mode, click the New option and users can use the snipping tool to select the part of the screen and save it to their laptop.

Using the PrtScr Button

Another way to know how to screenshot on Windows laptop is using the Print Screen (PrtScr) button. As the name suggests, the button is used to capture screens resulting in grabbing screenshots. This is one of the oldest methods used to grab screenshots on Windows machines. Earlier on older versions of Windows, users used to use this method to take screenshots.

Using the PrtScr button is very simple. All you need to do is follow the below steps:

  1. Open the content on the Window that you want to take a screenshot of.
  2. Next, press the PrtScr button.
  3. Now, open the Paint application.
  4. Press Ctrl + V. This will paste the screenshot on the canvas.
  5. All you need to do is save the file as PNG or JPG.

how to screenshot on windows 10 laptop

In addition to this, users can also try using PrtScr in a different way. Using the above method is sometime tedious. Users get tired of copying the image and opening the Paint application every time to paste it and manually save the screenshot. In order to avoid such tedious work, you can use the below method:

The simplest way to take screenshots is to use Windows + PrtScr button. Pressing these buttons at the same time will do wonders. When users use this key combination, a dialog box appears to save the image. This means, the screenshot is captured automatically at the dialog box asks you where to save the screenshot. All you need to do is save the image wherever by entering a path, give a file name to the image, and select the type of image (PNG or JPG). Lastly, just press the Save.

how to take a screenshot on windows laptop

Using Shortcut Keys Windows+Shift+S

Using this method is one of the coolest and newest things in the town. This method is similar to using the snipping tool and is named Snip & Sketch. When pressing the key combination Windows+Shift+S, the display darkens, and a dialog box appears asking you to draw a shape. Once you draw a shape, a tool appears at the top of the screen with a different editing tool.

This method works similarly to the snipping tool, but the image is not saved directly. After using the key combination, the image is copied to the clipboard. When you are done editing the image, it asks you whether you need to save the image or not. In addition to this, when the image is copied to the clipboard, users are informed via a desktop notification. Clicking on the notification also gives you access to edit the image. Additionally, users are allowed to crop the image and apply a pencil, pen, eraser, and highlighter.

how to screenshot on windows laptop

Using the Shortcut Keys Windows+G

This keyboard shortcut is mostly used by users who are fond on gaming. Gamers are most fond of this method since it helps you to print the screen while gaming. This method is good for players who want to explain certain aspects of the games to the fellow users. All you need to do is press the keys Windows + G, together when playing a game. Next, an interface will appear on the screen. Press the camera icon to take the screenshot. Users can also use the shortcut Windows key+Alt+PrtScr to grab a screenshot.

how to screenshot on windows laptop


How do you screenshot on a Windows 10 laptop?

You can use the steps mentioned above to take screenshots. To sum it up below are some methods to take screenshots:

  • Use the print screen key with a clipboard
  • Use shift-windows key-s and snip & sketch
  • Use the windows key-print screen shortcut
  • Use print screen key with OneDrive
  • Use the snipping tool
  • Use the windows game bar

Why is my laptop not taking screenshots?

Well, there can be many underlying reasons for this to happen. The keyboard shortcuts that you are using might not be working due to a faulty keyboard. Make sure that the keyboard you are using is working well and there are no broken keys. If that is the case, try repairing the keyboard or replacing it with a new one. In addition to this, if your keyboard is working well, then it might some issue with the operating system. See if there are any updates to the OS and it might fix the problem.

Can you screenshot it on an HP laptop?

Yes! In fact, you can use the methods mentioned above to take screenshots not only on HP laptops but on any laptops running on Windows OS, regardless of the manufacturing company.


Having said that, you just had a look at different methods that tells you how to screenshot on a Windows laptop. These methods can be used on any laptop running on Windows operating system, regardless of the manufacturing company.

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