How to Combine Videos on Tiktok 2023

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So you have these videos, and you do not know how to upload them together on Tiktok. Don’t worry. This article explains how to combine videos and pictures on TikTok. No doubt, Tiktok is a world-famous social media app that has helped many people get a full-time income and millions of followers. One example is Khaby Lame, who has built his career by doing silent comedy and has over 120 million followers.

TikTok is such an easy app to use. You don't need a professional video editor or a premium tool to have a professional touch. The editor features let you add additional background music and add photos and videos. Now you can combine them all in one and upload them.

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Tiktok is immensely popular among all generations. When it was launched in 2016, it got mixed reviews. Many users compared it with Dubsmash, a previously launched app of the same context, but slowly it got its recognition.

In the 60 sec video, you can show the world your talent. Edit videos, add emojis, stickers, or combine videos for a better story. You can merge multiple videos to follow the transformation trend. In case you are struggling to know how to combine 2 videos on TikTok, follow this guideline, and you will be able to upload a merged video on your Tiktok.

Why Is Tiktok So Popular?

Tiktok is the sole source of entertainment and earnings for many users worldwide. When it was launched, the teens were the first to try it, and the results were mind-blowing. The Z generation was first reluctant to try this new app but eventually loved it. From short dancing, singing, cooking, and funny videos, Tiktok has it all. Many people have made an account on Tiktok as fun during the lockdown, and now they have a massive fan following.

How To Combine Videos On Tiktok?

Looking for a solution to how to combine multiple videos on TikTok? There are two methods you can use to combine TikTok videos. Let's check out together.

Method 1: Combine Videos on TikTok

Step 1:Open Tiktok

tiktok for merging video

Click on "Upload" for new content. It will take you to the gallery section; you can select all the videos you wish to merge or combine.

Step 2: Edit them

combine tiktok videos

Once the selection is made, you can now edit them. Add stickers, emojis, and music according to the shots in the videos. You can trim the starting and end parts only.

Once the editing is done, you can preview it and if you are happy with the results, click on Post. Boom, your video is live.

Method 2: Use DVDFab Video Merger

combine tiktok videos

Win Download

The second method is using a video merger software. DVDFab Video Merger is an excellent choice for combining two videos. This is the best tool to remove certain parts from a video and combine them into one. Besides other premium tools, DVDFab Video Merger contains all the video editing features such as trimming, cropping, rotating, etc. The process to use it is simple. Download the software on your PC. It supports Windows 7, 8 10. Once the download is complete, upload the files you wish to combine.

Also, with DVDFab Video Merger, you can download videos in other formats. This is the flexibility that many software lacks; the format options are limited but with this software, set the output format according to your need. DVDFab Video Merger costs $26.99 for the whole month. It is a safe option to trust your data compared with other online tools.


Tiktok is such a versatile app in terms of SEO. You can upload a new video and get many followers with three easy steps. For merging photos and video, check out the above article for details. To understand TikTok algrithorium, you need to keep yourself updated. If you look at the editing video on Tiktok that involves multiple draft videos, the answer to how to combine two draft videos on TikTok is simple. We have taught you the simplest way to edit two draft videos. Check the above guide.

People Also Ask

How To Combine Photos And Videos On Tiktok?

Open your Tiktok app and click on the + icon. After recording some of the videos, press the big red button and pause the video. Now go to the effects and drag the photo or any template you like. That photos will be used as a new background for your remaining TikTok video.

How To Combine Draft Videos On Tiktok?

Combining draft videos is so easy with Tiktok. Open Tiktok and go to the Drafts option. Once you click it, you will find all the videos you have not posted. The privacy will be "Only Me," and below that, there's an option of “Save to device ."Once the video is saved, now follow the procedure of how to upload multiple videos combining them on TikTok.

Which video editing tool is best for merging videos for TikTok?

Insht, Kapwing ,Filme are all pretty amamzing tools for merging videos.Whereas inshot is a free video editing tool, Filme and Kapwing are premium tools for video editing.

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