How to Add Music to Instagram Story

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When it comes to how to add music to Instagram story, people may differ from each other. Instagram is one of the vastly used social platforms. With time going by, the application has been made better with many helpful features as many influencers and bloggers have made it a platform of entertainment besides information.

You can post pictures and videos here. Also, you can put stories on your profile. Creating Instagram stories is easy, but if you want to have a lot of fun with them, you'll need a lot of thought. Instagram offers a variety of tools to help you. You need a guide on how to get music on Instagram story for this purpose.

Your story may have some incredible photos and videos, while you have some desirable filters and stickers layered on top, but it lacks a critical element: music. Instagram has introduced a feature where you can add music to your stories. Here is a guide to getting the right piece for your Instagram story!

Features of Instagram

Instagram is an application that provides you with many features, and thus stories have several perks. Some Stories Features that Instagram has to offer:

  • Video recording up to fifteen seconds
  • Image viewing up to ten seconds
  • Under your Instagram settings, you may modify Story settings. You can conceal your stories from specific followers' feeds and edit who can or can't reply to you via direct messages.
  • Direct messaging inside Stories
  • Swipe down at the camera screen to liberate photos and videos out of your camera roll (You can only access content to your camera roll from the last seven days)
  • Unlimited story additions
  • You can track the total number of views and which users have viewed your content.

How to Add Music to A Story

A common question that people tend to ask is how do I add music to my Instagram story? We have gathered some basic steps to tell you how to add music to your Instagram story.

  • As you tap a sticker to add to a photo or video in Stories, you'll now see a music icon. With one tap, Instagram will take you to a library of thousands of songs. When creating your story, tap the sticker icon (the little square with a smiley face) and select the Music sticker.

how to add music to instagram story

  • Search for a specific song; browse by mood, genre, and popular songs, and then tap the play button to hear a preview.
  • Whenever you select a song, you can fast-forward and rewind through the track so that you can get the exact part of the song that best fits your story.
  • Instagram Story music stickers now allow you to add lyrics to your Instagram Stories.
  • You can turn on the lyrics of the song you choose here if there are lyrics available. If the lyrics aren't available, you can select album art instead of lyrics.

add music to instagram story

  • The sticker will be added to your story when you hit "Done."
  • You can hold and drag to reposition or resize and click for different display options, like the ones shown below. When you're done, it will show you two options. The "Send To' option is for sending the video to your friends, or you can directly post it on your story to share your story!

How to Add Music on Instagram Story before Recording a Video

Now I’ll help you with how do you add music to Instagram story.

If you want to select a song before capturing a video, navigate to the new "Music" option on the camera's screen after pressing the record button. Search for the desired song, select the exact part you wish.

  • Then record a video and add it to your story.

How to Put Music on Instagram Story with Spotify

  • To add music to Instagram from Spotify or any other app, first, you have to play or select a song.
  • Then go to the three-dot icon at the corner of the page.
  • Tap on it. It will show a menu with a share option in it. Share that music to the Instagram story directly.

What Effect Does Music Have on Your Audience?

Listening to a song can create heightened emotions, which boost dopamine, a selected neurotransmitter. This is produced inside the mind and manipulates the mind's praise and satisfaction centers. The particular songs included painting one-of-a-kind emotions.

The introduced track adjusts the target market's temper completely and provokes powerful feelings from them, or at the least in a horror film we could realize while we have to cowl our eyes! Just don't forget that the song and the photo need to relate to each other so that you can encourage the favored impact upon the target market. Think this feels like a challenging aspect to do? You are proper. Using songs to connect to your target market to a better degree is a problematic factor because deciding on the adequate piece of a tune may make or ruin a film. The trick is, do not suppose your choice and experiment.

How to Add Music to Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is the latest way to create video content on Instagram. Like its competitor TikTok, you can record and edit 15-30 second video clips like music and text and add effects to your creation.

  • You can also go into the category settings and select "turn off display category label."
  • If you don't want it shown on your profile.
  • You can also go back into your profile and check everything is as you want it.
  • Then Start creating a Reel, and have fun checking out the more extensive catalog of music you have available to add.

How to Play Music on Instagram Story in Restricted Areas

Instagram tends to use your location when you use the app.

  • To use Instagram Music on your story without a location restriction, uninstall the app from your device first. Then turn on the best VPN on your iOS or Android device and pick a server based on the location that Instagram Music is known to function in.
  • It's possible that you already know how to edit videos using third-party mobile apps if you are familiar with the technology enough. Those living in countries and regions where Instagram Music isn't available can use editing apps to find and add music to Instagram stories. TikTok, CapCut, etc., are some applications you can use to add music to your video.


Where can I find the music sticker for adding music to Instagram story? Or how to add music to an Instagram story?

You can find it when you tap on the "add sticker" option at the top of your story page, and music stickers will be available there.

Why can I not add music on Instagram?

There are two primary reasons you couldn't get a hold of Instagram music. This facility is not available in your area due to Instagram legal policies and copyright or piracy issues. The other one must be if your account is a business one you cannot have access to Instagram music you might have to switch it to a personal account to avail this service.

How do you add music to your Instagram story after posting it?

No, you can only add music while editing the picture or video or while recording it. It would be best if you got your desired music from the Instagram music option, or you can share it from any other app to your story directly.

Can people suggest to me how to add music to your Instagram story?

You can post a QnA or poll on your story so that your followers and friends can help you choose between songs or suggest new and good music!

What if I post a video with a song that does not fall under Instagram copyrighted songs?

That may be piracy, and it falls under the category of violating privacy rules. You may have to delete it, or you may face some copyright issues.

Bottom Line

In terms of marketing, the addition of new features can be strategic when encouraging users to download and use the apps; Instagram is one of the social media platforms that has evolved more than ever - look at how it's become filled with exciting features. The answer in how to add your own music to an Instagram story is essential to a great social experience on the platform since it adds yet another way for us to share glimpses of our lives with others. Also, it is always going to be the cherry on the top of your story! Users tend to customize their Instagram stories in different ways except for the mentioned-above tips, and they also opt for changing the background color on their Instagram stories. You can click the link to find more information.

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