How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story 2023?

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Instagram is the third most used app after Facebook and Twitter and its most used app by celebrities. People like to share images and videos with their followers and the Instagram story background is important to them. Instagram offers many incredible options that you try, such as changing the background for your Instagram story, adding locations, and tagging people to your Instagram story and posts. You can have fun with different colors and shades and make your Instagram story fun.

Create your brand on Instagram by exploring more options, such as how to change the background color on Instagram story. You can customize the Instagram stories in different ways.
Below are 6 quick ways of changing your Instagram story background.

6 Quick Ways of Changing Your Instagram Story Background

Today, I will show some quick ways to change the background color of Instagram stories. These options work perfectly on Andriod and iPhone, just follow these simple steps and get creative with your Instagram stories.

1. Upload a Solid Color as an Instagram Story Background

instagram story background

  • Open your Instagram and click on "Your story" on the top left of the home page.
  • Now take a fresh or new photo.
  • Now click the second option from the right.
  • Go to the pen option, and you will see different colors options
  • Explore all the colors and choose one
  • Now hold your finger and drag the color to the story. And you have a solid color for your next Instagram story.

2. Create a Customize Instagram Story Background Template

If you don't want to go with Instagram color templates, you can create your free templates using Canva.

how to change background color on instagram story

  • Go to, click on "create a design," and click "Custom size."
  • Add the dimension of the Instagram story that is 1080 x 1920 and play with available templates. You can choose plain backgrounds or designs.
  • You can change font size and colors. You can alter alignments and spacing of the template too.
  • Once you are done, download the image to your phone.
  • Open Instagram story and upload the template. You can customize it by adding stickers to it.
  • You can add an image from your gallery to it and upload it.

3. Upload photo to a New Background

You can upload a new photo to the customize background by following a few simple steps. This method works best for iPhone users.

how to change the background color on instagram story

  • Copy the image from your photo gallery
  • Make sure you have the Instagram story opened in the background
  • Paste it on Instagram story. Or simply click on add sticker showing on the copied photo.
  • You can play with other options such as text or emojis and then post them.

4. Take Screenshots of Any Image.

Suppose you were watching a video on mobile and liked a particular scene, and you are thinking of using it as an Instagram story. Yes, you can do it.

  • Simply take a screenshot of the image in the video.
  • Open your Instagram story and click on upload a picture. You can add text or stickers to it.

This is such an underrated method of using templates for Instagram stories.

5. Add Photo on Already Existing Background

how to change instagram story background color

  • Open Instagram story and create a solid background.
  • Swipe down and click on the camera icon.
  • Add a photo to the Instagram background and post it.

6. Change Instagram Story Color to Focus.

This option works best when you want to focus on a particular part of your story.

  • Open an Instagram story and upload an image. You can take a fresh photo as well
  • Click on the pen option and go to the highlighter
  • Choose the color from the options and drag it to the parts you want to cover on the image uploaded.
  • This plain color will hide the unwanted part, and your desired part of the image will be highlighted.

Why has Instagram become so popular?

Instagram is the most popular social media app among the young generation. There are several reasons for its popularity. The major reason for its popularity is it is easy to use. With a few easy steps, your account is ready to use. Like Facebook, it does not require your identification to verify. It is photo centered app and mobile-friendly. And its filter is what this Z generation is crazy for.

It is used by thousands of influencers and marketing agencies to do business and grow their audience. By using the right hashtags and locations, you can reach out to your audience and grow your business.
Another unique feature is that it is connected to both Facebook and Twitter. You can use the same content on all three apps, which means you don't have to upload separately on each app.

People Also Ask

How can I change the Instagram story color to solid color in 2021?

You can change the background of the Instagram story with a few clicks.

  • Open your Instagram story
  • Click on the pen option.
  • Choose any color from the bottom of the screen and drag it to the story.

Can you change the background color to plain white?

Yes, you can change the background to any color you want.

Do these methods work for Android as well?

Yes, all these work for both Android and iPhone.


Instagram has introduced many features since its launch. Now you can get creative with your Instagram stories and just follow the guide mentioned above on how to change the Instagram story background color.
Instagram is one of the best ways to connect with your followers and keep them updated about your life. Instagram is used by many to market their business, and one can quickly grow their audience on Instagram by posting fun yet short Instagram stories.

Personalize your Instagram stories now by changing the color of Instagram stories. When you log in to your Instagram, it is set to default along with the color of your Instagram stories. You can set it to customize it with a few simple steps.

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