Best HD Screen Recorder Options for Mac and Windows

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An HD screen recorder lets you record anything that is occurring either on your MAC or Windows devices. Moreover, the best screen recorder in HD allows you to record lossless audio, and also comes with a few built-in editing tools for videos to assist in the powerful editing of required videos across a variety of formats. To assist you with the best options we are here to provide important details of the required software.

With the advancement of Technology nowadays we are finding that people are looking for solutions to record their computer screens for any kind of reason. They may be interested in recording an important discussion that happened during our video chat or a video email that is needed to be sent to their coworkers. Whatever the case may be but the important thing is that an HD Screen Recorder is a must for everyone in this era. Moreover, the best screen recorder in HD allows you to record your games in full HD if you are a gamer who is always high on this streak.

Before moving towards the best screen recorder in HD let's get an insight into what utility it can provide you.

  • It lets you record a particular region of your screen.
  • It lets you record your full screen With a feature of webcam overlay.
  • Allows you for the recording of the screen along with video and audio parts running simultaneously.
  • Allows for changing the output in a video format along with changing the Video codec, that is already scheduled for the recordings.
  • Allows for removal of a watermark to create a unique one of your own.

Each HD recorder comes with some basic features and a few unique qualities of its own which come in the form of quirks or terms of compatibility. Herein we have reviewed a great variety of HD screen recorders to ensure that you get a great experience along with high-quality recording for your screen that suits your otherwise unique requirements too.

Top 10 HD screen recorder options for Windows and Mac

Following are the options for the best screen recorder in HD for both Windows and MAC:


hd screen recorder bandicam

Bandicam can help you in recording any kind of videos, games for PC screens in amazing high quality. It also assists in compression of produce while recording thereby giving a smaller size as compared to any other software of its kind. This software can give an unlimited file size for the maximum limit of any kind of file. It is a great HD screen recorder for Windows 10.


  • Allows uploading of recorded videos without converting them to YouTube.
  • Helps in recording nonstop capture of videos for 24 hours.
  • Creates amazing files at reduced size yet at amazing quality.
  • There is an unlimited maximum file size.
  • The users can record videos in HD quality in 4K at brilliant resolutions.

Price: $69.90 for Bandicam + Bandicut 1-PC

$139.80 for Bandicam + Bandicut 2-PC

$699 for Bandicam + Bandicut 10-PC

$1398 for Bandicam + Bandicut 20-PC


  • There is an availability of voice mixing for the users.
  • The smaller size of the file can also be altered with higher performance.
  • Amazing integration with H.264 encoder.


  • Does not support the streaming of live videos.


hd screen recorder activepresenter

If you are looking for a full HD screen recorder then ActivePresenter software can help you a lot because it includes all the variety of tools that are needed for recording the screens. Additionally, it also includes editing of screencast of videos, and creation of interactive courses in the form of e-learning all that with the ease of using it on Mac. Moreover, it has a webcam recording feature along with a green screen effect.


  • Allows for full-motion recording.
  • Provides a variety of smart and notations for use.
  • There is an availability of configurable hotkeys that lets the user see what they want to pursue.
  • There is an additional recording for the webcam.
  • The green screen effect allows the user to create a variety of videos on Mac.

Price: $199


  • The amazing screen recording feature allows users to capture the screen for meetings and other tasks.
  • Provides great video editing tools.
  • Provides a multi-screen recording facility for the users.


  • It may be costly software for beginners.

Xsplit Broadcaster

screen recorder hd xsplit broadcaster

Xsplit Broadcaster is an HD screen recorder that is also available as a free trial version for users. It provides uploading and sharing of recordings across a variety of platforms. The software also allows for video encoding and professional-grade software. It allows for streaming integration with a hitbox, YouTube lives, etc.


  • Easy uploading and sharing of recordings.
  • Provides professional-grade software with ease of use.
  • There is a facility of video encoding for hardware.
  • Provides streaming integration with YouTube lives, etc.
  • Provides facility of capturing format and availability of maximum FPS.

Price: $70 for the premium bundle

$30 for Vcam Premium

$60 Presenter premium

$60 for Broadcaster premium


  • Provides an easy integration for third-party apps through URLs and files.
  • Amazing scene creation tools help the user to get a touch-up for their videos.
  • Availability of live streaming for the users.


  • There is a requirement for a plugin for adding text to the videos.


screen recorder mac hd camstudio

Camstudio is a great HD screen recorder that helps in recording of screen and any audio activity that is created for AVI format of video files. It helps in transforming these video files into streaming flash videos and bandwidth-friendly files. This software helps you in adding screen captions or any kind of annotations for the video to the desired recordings. It also helps in maintaining control over the cursor as well.


  • Helps in conversion of AVI into flash.
  • Helps in adding text comments to your videos.
  • Helps in recording screen and audio in the format of AVI files.
  • Helps in recording available files with sound effects.
  • Avails facility of automatic PAN.

Price: Free


  • Simple and easy to use even for beginners.
  • There is a provision of unlimited timing for recording.
  • It is open-source which is available for free.


  • There is no direct way available for starting the scheduling of recording from the interface of the software.


mac screen recorder hd obs

OBS is a free HD screen recorder that is open-source for Mac devices and can be used for live streaming and recording videos. additionally, it provides real-time source and capturing of devices along with the composition of scenes, recording, and broadcasting facilities as well. it also supports a plethora of plugins which leads to an extension of its functionality.


  • It is a bilinear or Lanczos 3 that can be used for Resampling.
  • It can give a file output of MP4 or MLV.
  • It can be used for encoding with h264 and AAC format.
  • There are an unlimited number of sources and themes available with the software.
  • Provides a source for real-time and also allows for device capture along with very many facilities.

Price: Free


  • Provides file output to MLV or MP4 format.
  • Allows for bilinear resampling.
  • Provides encoding using AAC and H 264.


  • Does not works on Windows 10

LiteCam HD

screen recorder mac hd litecam hd

LiteCam HD is a good HD screen recorder for Windows 10 that allows the professional quality of HD videos. It has a great intuitive and easy-to-use user interface that allows amazing editing of videos to create a desktop recording option. This software can also be used for making video tutorials and also helps in posting the videos on social media channels like YouTube.


  • Allows single-click recording of the screen.
  • The user can use powerful tools of this software to add special effects for the cursor.
  • It also assists in adding text colors and removing any kind of audio from a recording.
  • Allows for scheduled recording to the users.
  • There is a facility of adding additional audio to the video along with going back and watching it.

Price: $14.99


  • The amazing facility of trimming the files is given in the preview option.
  • Helps in the extraction of perfect audio to edit them separately.
  • Brilliant quality graphics are available for Gamers.


  • This software is only available for Windows.


hd screen recorder capto

If you are looking for a screen recorder for Mac in HD then Capto can amaze you with its ease of use to record the screen. It can also alter your recordings along with pictures with the enhancement of the content. Additionally, you can share your work with the world with this easy-to-use software. It is interactive software that is available for use for creative professionals, students, and teachers as well.


  • You can easily make tutorial videos by using its arrow, cursor effects, and text mode.
  • It is very easy to create a screenshot and save it to the MAC computer as well.
  • Helps in hiding the desktop while creating a recording.
  • Helps in online sharing of files or videos as desired by the user.
  • Allows for video making for tutorials where customization is possible by the user.

Price: Free for 7 days trial

$9.99 per month.


  • The user can join any meeting with a click.
  • It is very easy to handle this application and there are a variety of tools available for editing screenshots.
  • There is an availability of cropping and even cutting of audio tracks for better combination with another piece.


  • It can be costly software for some people.

Wondershare Demo Creator

screen recorder hd wondershare demo creator

If you are looking for an outstanding Screen Recorder that works in HD quality then Wondershare Demo creator can do wonders for you. It can record your video in 1080p to provide you with the best quality. it is a very simple and efficient tool that is available to record around 120 FPS. This efficient Screen Recorder provides you with a video editor that is built in the software and also a simultaneous recording for webcam for PIP.


  • Great compatibility with Mac as a screen recorder in HD, along with all versions of Windows in 64-bit OS.
  • Amazingly captures audio in the lossless mode for MAC devices.
  • Has a built-in tool for video editing that helps the user in quickly editing videos?
  • There is a library for video effects that can make users' videos rich and stand out with effective packs.
  • Helps in recording screen, mic, webcam, and system audio simultaneously.

Price: Free trial for 7 days

$46 per year.


  • Comes with an amazing built-in video editor tool.
  • The game mode provides a stable and smooth experience for recording.
  • There is no lagging while doing HD recording of videos.


  • The price may appear high to some users.


hd screen recorder windows 10 monosnap

Monosnap is a free program that provides screenshots for Mac and enables clients to use it as a screen recorder, for clarification and transferring of files to the cloud platform. It enables the users for capturing the screen with the ease of screenshots and save them to the desired place. It can be conveniently used by users because of its simplicity.


  • Allows uploading of snapshot with the click to the storage program of the software.
  • Provides highlight for important details with text, arrow, pen, and shape facility.
  • Allows capturing of full screen, along with part of it or only a selected window as per the usability of the user.
  • Allows saving of screenshots with the screen capture option.
  • Very easy to use.

Price: Free


  • Can be used on PC and MAC versions as well.
  • Allows exporting to YouTube and any other cloud platforms.
  • It is very simple and easy to use.


  • It is a new software that needs time to build trust among users.


free hd screen recorder snagit

If you are looking for an HD screen recorder for your Mac device then Snagit can capture the screen for Mac in the most adaptable way. Provide a variety of options that also works with windows in the same efficiency as on Mac. It can help you in providing better feedback to your team for the encouragement of teamwork and creation of images that explain your work ok in a great way.


  • It helps in adding visuals to the documentation of the user.
  • It assists in creating comments over the screenshots taken by the users with the help of shapes, arrows, and callouts.
  • It helps the user in capturing everything available on their screen.
  • It is very easy to understand and use.
  • It works on Windows and Mac devices efficiently.

Price: $49.95


  • Easy of making tutorial videos along with presentation recordings and Product Demos.
  • It is very simple to understand and use.
  • Allows the user to take screenshots and proper editing of images.


  • Cannot be used for a larger audience.


Which software is available to use on both Windows and Mac devices?

Snagit is a great paid software that works amazingly well on Windows and Mac devices like a screen recorder in HD.

Is there any HD screen recorder for Mac that provides a free trial before purchase?

Yes, Wondershare Demo creator and Capto are two options for an HD screen recorder for MAC that provides 7 days free trial before purchase.

Is there any software that can be used as the best screen recorder in HD for free for MAC devices?

Yes, Monosnap and OBS are a few software that can be used as the best screen recorder in HD for free for Mac. You can check the post 6 best screen recorder for Windows 10 to learn more.


After evaluating and providing you with important information with regards to HD screen recorder options both in Windows and Mac, we are hoping that the information that we have provided was useful. We are sure that you will be able to get the best screen recorder in HD quality with our provided guide. There are many free as well as paid options that are available for Windows and Mac devices to suit your needs and if you are not ready to burn a hole in your pocket then these can be great options for you as a screen recorder.

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