6 Best Screen Recorder For Windows 10[2023 Updated]

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You require a screen recorder or screen capture program to take screencasts, which may or may not have video editing capabilities. For screen recorder windows 10, here take a look at some of the best accessible and paid screen recorders.

1. ActivePresenter

Best screen recorder for windows 10, ActivePresenter is available. Many people appreciate it since it provides step-by-step tutorial videos, video demos, instructional content, and more for those who wish to discover new things. Screen recording and video editing are a breeze with ActivePresenter's comprehensive set of tools.

When using free screen recorder windows 10, the ActivePresenter free version has no watermark. You have full access to ActivePresenter's capabilities and can experiment with them at your leisure. During the post-capture editing process, you can trim, clip, divide, modify the speed and loudness of your recording, as well as add closed captions, annotations, and animations. More extensive audio and video editing features are available when you purchase a paid edition of the software.


  • Provide a video editor for enhancing both imported and captured videos.
  • In-depth video editing features: cropping and resizing; adjusting speed and volume; adding closed captions; zooming and panning; adding annotations; adding multimedia; and much more.
  • Features for advanced video editing such as blur, green-screen effect, audio fade in/out, noise reduction, and audio normalization are available.
  • Annotations can be added automatically to recorded software simulations.
  • There is no time limit, and there are no advertisements.


  • Scheduling recordings is not permitted.
  • There is no video cropping feature; however, a workaround is available.
  • 64-bit only.

ActivePresenter is a perfect screen recording software for Windows 10.

2. Windows 10's Built-in Game bar

The pre-installed Game bar in Windows 10 is a pleasant surprise for gamers looking to take screenshots and video clips. This Game bar can only be utilized to record programs, not the entire screen or a specific location. Given that it's a gaming capture device, this makes sense. Game bar is the best free screen recorder windows 10 Video cards on your computer must be up to the task of recording game footage and the screen, even if you use the Game bar, which is included in the windows 10 screen recorder.

Using the Game bar, you may easily record your screen by following these steps:

  1. Open the Game bar by pressing WINDOWS+G.
  2. Use the Start/Stop Recording button to begin and end a recording. If you want to turn the microphone on or off, press the Turn Microphone On/Off switch.
  3. Trim or rename your video once it has been recorded in the Xbox app. In the Captures folder, which is by default located in your Videos folder, you'll see your recorded video.


  • Easy to use without the need to download any software.
  • Toggle the microphone on or off while recording.
  • Trim the beginning and conclusion of videos after they have been recorded.


  • Full-screen recording, webcam recording, or specifying a capture resolution is all prohibited. Screencasts generated by the Game bar have a solution equal to that of the app they are recording from.
  • There is no recording "pause" button.
  • Only a few video editing tools are provided.

3. OBS Studio

A watermark-free and time-limit-free video recording and live streaming tool, OBS Studio screen recorder free download windows 10 are available on the web. Hardcore gamers prefer it for streaming their in-game footage. A webcam and microphone can also be captured using OBS Studio. You can choose which desktop applications and audio sources are shared and build layered webcam videos using the program's streaming features.

OBS Studio is a powerful tool for screen recording; however, it lacks an integrated video editor. If you wish to modify your video, you'll need a different program. Note that because OBS Studio is open-source software, you should only download it from the official website.

OBS Studio is a free screen recorder for video recording and live streaming.


  • Stream to Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, DailyMotion, and other video-sharing sites.
  • In addition to a wide range of filters for scenes, sources, and audio devices, including picture mask/blend, color correction, green screen, noise reduction, and more.
  • User-friendly audio mixer.


  • There is no recording "pause" button.
  • There is no video editor built-in.
  • It may be challenging to use for beginners.

4. Flashback Express

Using Flashback Express, you may record your screen, webcam, and even sound. It is a windows 10 screen recorder with audio. It does not have a time limit for recording, nor does it impose a watermark on the final videos. On a multi-monitor system, you have the option of either capturing many monitors at once or limiting your capture to just one monitor. Scheduled recordings allow you to start and stop recording at predetermined intervals, such as when a particular application is launched.

As the name implies, Flashback Express is a free version of the more expensive Flashback Pro. At the same time, both models have the same recording capability, annotations, or effects. In terms of sharing, users can save videos like MP4, AVI, or WMV and post videos directly to YouTube. If you want to protect your videos with a password, you'll need to upgrade to a paid account.

Flashback Express allows you to record screen without having to pay.


  • Record several monitors at the same time.
  • Recordings that are set to go off at a predetermined time.
  • Highlighting of the cursor's location on the screen.
  • Upload videos directly to YouTube.


  • The webcam cannot be recorded by itself.
  • MP4, AVI, and WMV are the only video export formats available.
  • There is no video editor built-in.

5. Camtasia

As a result, Camtasia is one of the priciest and most feature-rich screen capture applications currently on the market. More than 14 million people worldwide use it, so it's unlikely to ever fall out of favor as a top screen recorder. According to Camtasia's website, it is "simple to capture your screen and create polished, professional-looking videos."

As part of Camtasia 2018, you'll get brand-new video assets, including editable intro, outro, and lower third elements. Other themes are included to keep a series' appearance and feel constant. With a watermark added, a 30-day free trial is offered.

Camtasia is a good choice for screen capture software.


  • Webcam, microphone, and computer sound can all be recorded in various ways.
  • Create video tutorials and tutorials on the go by recording your ios device's screen.
  • Provide a video editor for enhancing both imported and captured videos.
  • Trim, clip, split, and alter speed/volume; add zoom-n-pan; annotations; multimedia; animation; transitions; audio fade in/out; green screen effect; and more. Video editing features
  • There are a variety of free video and audio assets: intros and outros and motion backdrops and icons. Also included are music and sound effects.


  • Costly compared to other screencasting applications.
  • 64-bit only.

6. Bandicam

Bandicam from Bandicam Company is primarily regarded as one of the most capable recording apps in the gaming community. Various 2D and 3D games can be recorded in 4K UHD resolution at up to 144 frames per second. As well as a screen recorder for windows 10, Bandicam can also capture video from external sources like a camera or game console.

While the software's recording capabilities may satisfy even the most discerning users, it lacks any type of video editing functionality. Only trimming, splitting, and joining recordings can be done using Bandicut (a video cutter from the same business). Video recordings are limited to 10 minutes in length in the free edition, and watermarks are included. It is the greatest screen video recorder Windows 10 that you can find.

Use Bandicam to record game activity with 4K UHD resolution at up to 144 FPS.


  • Record the entire screen, a specific region, the webcam, the microphone, and any other audio coming from the computer.
  • Up to 144 frames per second recording in 4K UHD.
  • While recording, you can draw, add text, and take screenshots.
  • You can add mouse click effects and animations to the video during the recording process.
  • A logo should be included in a screenshot.
  • Audio processing.
  • It's a small and light package.


  • It's possible to film the editing process while taking a screenshot, resulting in an unsatisfactory video.
  • Only two video formats are supported: MP4 and AVI.
  • There is no video editor built-in.

The screen recorder windows 10 featured in this article is undoubtedly capable of capturing high-quality footage of your computer screen. Some video editors come equipped with a wide range of video editing tools; however, this is not always the case. If you're seeking a screen recorder and video editor in one, then you should look into screen recorder windows 10 free download.


Best free screen recorder to record everything on Windows 10?

To record your computer's screen, you can use the built-in Game Bar screen recording utility in Windows or one of the many other top-rated free Windows screen recorders. Windows 10 has a built-in feature that allows you to record your screen. Do you mean the built-in Windows video capture tool, Game Bar? You can use it to record your desktop in full screen and audio mode.

What is a screen recorder for Windows 10?

In addition to fullscreen and active window recording, this screen recorder for Windows 10 now supports scrolling capture and text capture. You can distribute files using a URL or cloud storage after capturing a screen or capture window.

How can you record a Windows 10 screen with no additional software?

The next step is to open the recording source. Open the Game Bar screen recorder by pressing the Windows + G keyboard shortcut. You can start recording by pressing the Start Recording button in the Game Bar box. The shortcut Windows + Alt + R can also be used to create the recording process.

Is ScreenRec available for free on Windows?

ScreenRec automatically uploads your screen videos and screenshots to the cloud, so there's no need to waste time posting to sites. Just tap the Stop button on Windows 10 after you're done recording, and you'll get a private sharing link. It's all free of charge.

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