How to Use Google Password Manager to Your Login Info

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Gone are the days when people used to remember password info or login info for each and every website they visited. Now, people use Google Password Manager, which is an effective password manager Google created. There is nothing much that you have to install or set up while using password manager Google Chrome. And there is no such thing as the Google Password Manager app. The feature was once a part of Google's Smart Lock feature and works all over iOS, Android, Chrome OS, and any other desktop platform where you use Chrome. The password manager is typically by default activated in all of the places mentioned above.

Where is Google Password Manager in My Device?

Most of the users end up asking: where is my Google Password Manager? Well, users can the prompts by Google Chrome password manager. These are pop-ups that appear for you in order to save your credentials and enter your password and username into a website within the Chrome browser. The feature will also provide options to create new complex passwords for you when you are signing up for a particular website.

Moving forward, whenever you visit the website on Chrome (where your credentials are saved), this Google manager password will fill them in automatically for you. In case, if you have more than one credential linked with a single website, the feature will offer you the option to select the account you wish to use. Isn’t this a great password manager for Google? The feature also has the ability to sign you automatically into some Android apps.

How to Install Google Password Manager?

Installing this password in Google manager is very simple. You do not need any specific app or program to install or download this manager. All you need to do is install Google Chrome on your device and log in to your Google account. That’s it! It is like child’s play. If you do not have a Google account by now, we are not sure in which era you are leaving in (Pun intended).

Google Chrome browser works on macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux operating systems. Also, this browser is absolutely free to use. After downloading the “.exe” file, users just have to follow the onscreen instructions to install and set up the browser on their PC and complete the installation process.

Users can use the Chrome browser without signing in. But in order to use the browser to its full capacity, Chrome will ask you to sign in with your Google account. Users will be prompted automatically to create a new one soon after launching Chrome. If you do have an account, just log in. Else, users can create one by filling out the sign-up form. In order to create a Google account, all you have to do is provide your name, and email ID/username, and a password. Google offers you the option of using an existing email ID or creating a free one. Once Chrome sets up all this, your password manager for Google Chrome will start working automatically. On the other hand, the only drawback of this manager is users can only use it on the Chrome browser.

Features of Google Password Manager

Manage Stored Passwords

If you wish to edit, view, remove, or export saved passwords, users can do this from the browser using Google Password Manager. If your Google account’s sync feature is turned on, users will access to password manager page, which shows all the apps and websites they have saved passwords for. Users can also search for particular sites or passwords in the search bar or just browse and choose from the list. On selecting the website or app, users will be able to see their username and password pair along the ability to export it, edit it, or remove it.

google password manager

Sync Passwords Over Different Devices

If the sync feature is turned on in the browser, users can securely store the passwords in Google Password Manager and share them across all their devices that have the sync feature turned on. Turning on sync is specifically helpful if users wish to log in easily to their accounts on the run. To turn on the sync, users need to tap on the Google account icon at the screen’s top right corner. Users can also go to Settings >> Turn on sync. Next, users need to verify it is them by entering their Google account credentials, after which they can just choose Yes, I’m In to turn on syncing.

password manager google chrome

Check Passwords’ Strength

The password manager by Google periodically checks your passwords’ strength passwords, thereby making make sure that there are not any evident weaknesses. From the Google Password Manager page, users can turn on the "Password Checkup" feature, which basically checks all of your passwords to look out for any weaknesses. This includes passwords that were involved or hacked in a data breach. In addition to this, the manager also looks out for repeated usage or weak creations of passwords.

It only takes only a few seconds to check the password strength and once done, the password manager shows any weaknesses or problems that were spotted. Users can improve on weak passwords by tapping "Change Password", which directs users to the website linked with the password. On the other hand, users can edit, view, or remove detected passwords from the Google Password Manager page.

google password manager app

Create Strong Passwords

If users do not want to manually create passwords for new log ins, they have the choice of selecting complex, unique and strong ones. These passwords are created automatically by the password manager and do not need to be remembered. If you wish to use a Chrome-created password, you require to click on the password field and choose "Use Suggested Password". Next, a strong and complex password will be saved in the browser and it will appear in the respective field each time users log in to their account.

google chrome password manager

How to Turn off Google Password Manager

Lastly, you can always turn on the password manager. To turn off Google Password Manager, navigate to Settings >> "Autofill” >> "Password". Next, turn off both the "Auto Sign-in" and "Offer To Save Passwords" features.


How do I look up my saved passwords on Google?

User passwords are saved in their Google Account. They can see their saved passwords by visiting or see their passwords in Chrome.

Is Gmail Password Manager safe?

Yes! Google Password Manager is simple and secure to use and absolutely free to use. It is an integrated feature rather than a separate tool, which makes it a great and safe option for users to use.

Why you shouldn't use a password manager?

It is recommended to not use any password manager. If your device contains malware of it is hacked, all your sensitive data might be lost or compromised.


In short, we just had a look at what is Google Password Manager, how does it work, and what are the features provided by the password manager for Google. Lastly, we also had a look at how to turn this manager off.

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