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Lossless Backup or Compress any DVD and Output to Blank Disc Directly.

Nowadays, with the popularity of digital media, DVDs have become a headache for people running low on space. In such times, DVD ripper software comes as a boon as it transforms all the physical space occupied by DVDs into digital format. The most popular software for this use is DVDFab DVD Ripper and you will be learning a lot about it ahead in this article.

Are you lying amidst a pile of DVDs around you? Well, if you want to turn all of them into digital format of files for easy storage on your devices you can do so. With the use of the right DVD Ripper software, you can easily transform them and keep them safely for future use. The best software for this purpose is DVDFab DVD Ripper. Today, we are going to inform you about the specialties of this fabulous software.

dvdfab dvd ripper

Sometimes people have a fabulous collection of DVDs that they wish to store on their mobile device or PC but they are always looking for the right software to do so. the main risk lies with the loss of information in transferring the data from DVD to the device. in the absence of the right software, people find it difficult To transform this data in the right format. This calls for an efficient DVD Ripper software that not only ripped the required DVDs into digital files so that they can be played anytime on any device, but also edit them as per the requirements of the user. A good DVD Ripper not only e rip the DVD in the right format but it can also work well with an iso image or any kind of folders of DVD files as well.

Before moving ahead with the review of DVDFab DVD Ripper software let's get an insight into what DVD ripping is all about.

What is DVD Ripping?

Ripping a DVD refers to the extraction of all or some parts of digital contents from the given container. In the very first place originally the term was utilized to rip music out of popular Amiga games. However, later on, it became so popular that people started using it to extract MP3 or WAV format files from CDs containing digital audio. Afterward, it started applying to extract the main contents of any kind of media, mainly Blu-ray discs and DVDs.

Benefits and Usage of Ripping a DVD

A free or a paid DVD ripper provides the following benefits and usage:

  • Less in cost

Shifting to a better format can cost you lesser than buying outdated stuff again. With a great DVD ripper, you need not go searching online for the movie titles you wish to watch. You just need to wait till the time their downloading is getting finished.

  • Future proof

All your favorite stuff whether it was Vinyl, videotapes, cassette tapes, and now even DVDs are slowly turning talks of the past. Therefore with the use of a good DVD Ripper, you can make your videos future-proof.

  • Decluttering

By using a free or paid DVD Ripper you can easily clear your shelves, sideboards, or even cupboard which were earlier full of discs.

  • DRM Free

With the facility of a DVD Ripper viewing of a multi-brand device becomes possible. It helps in the cases where the user is very fond of a particular brand today, but may not be fond of it at a future date.

  • Makes travel easy

It is not easy to carry a DVD Player all along when you are traveling but a good DVD Ripper allows you to load your favorite DVDs even on a tablet. It helps you in keeping your entertainment alive even while traveling.

  • Convenient

Best DVD Ripper provides you with convenient options of loading your videos and running them anywhere on devices that have pretty on-screen menus and availability of playlists as well.

  • Catching up on TV

With a great DVD Ripper, you can watch any kind of video either on the plane, commute, hotel room, or even a train and can go for a great experience for entertaining your kids even on long journeys.

  • Can be played simultaneously

With a good Windows 10 or Mac DVD Ripper, you can go ahead by watching whatever you like, whenever you like and in any room, you choose to watch your video. There is an availability of a lot of AV streamers available in the market but only a few are priced reasonably providing a rich experience in features.

  • Can be played instantly

With a DVD ripper that is available for free or as a paid version, you can simply say goodbye to the process of loading a disk, waiting and pushing a button to watch the movie trailers, and skipping annoying warnings. You can simply follow the process of choosing, clicking, playing, and sitting back while enjoying an experience of instant play with the magic DVD Ripper.

Need for a DVD Ripper for a DVD

Following may be the reasons that call for an arrangement of a good DVD Ripper:

  • Vulnerability of a DVD to get damaged easily:

Anyone who is very fond of maintaining a DVD collection may find some scratches here and there on DVDs from time to time. This is an inevitable situation and it is impossible to take care of such delicate stuff that is bound to get scratched. However, in such a case a good DVD Ripper can enable you to solve this problem efficiently. You can easily rip these DVDs into desirable streaming formats and the video or audio data will be free of any kind of error or harm.

  • Inconvenience to watch videos with DVDs:

It is hard to forget the ritual that the DVD process brings to modern people and this increases their love for a DVD. Under today's circumstances where everything is done in such a hurry, DVD brings a process of watching videos more calmly by appreciating the video only. it also prepares users because it needs some preparations to be done in advance to play a DVD efficiently and on time. However, not everyone is in such a mood every time to follow such conditions and may prefer watching their favorite videos on easier devices such as mobiles rather than going for a cumbersome task with a DVD. In such a condition the best DVD ripper allows you to watch your favorite movie or video without limiting yourself to particular devices.

DVDFab DVD Ripper

DVDFab DVD Ripper is just the thing you need if you are looking for fabulous software for ripping all kinds of protected DVDs. In addition to ripping facility for videos and audios in great quality, this software works amazingly across 1000+ formats for both audio and videos. Its built-in editor for video lets you create professional and personalized videos in addition to ripping the required DVDs.


  • Helps in in easy ripping of any kind of DVD at any given time By making use of cloud decryption service to remove any kind of protection from your encrypted DVD in a short time.
  • The multitask mode given in DVD Fab DVD Ripper allows faster conversion of videos where the user can add multiple tasks in the given task queue and the work will be done in some time.
  • There is a built-in editor for a video that helps in creating personalized and professional-looking videos while using the process of repairing the DVDs. Along with this it also helps in merging, trimming, cropping, and adding watermarks or any kind of subtitles to the videos with adjustment in the color of the video as well.
  • Helps in upscaling of videos to a resolution of 1080 p by making use of AI enhancement feature that it provides MP4 and MKV as 2 leading formats for output for your DVDs.
  • Does not allow for any kind of loss in audio or video quality while ripping DVDs and also provide a great home theatre experience to the user. You can also play the converted videos in web format, theatre, mobiles, etc.

Price: Free Trial Version

Monthly subscription for $39.99

1-year subscription for $59.99

Lifetime subscription for $84.99


  • Provides 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Available for both Windows and Mac devices as ripper for DVD.
  • Variety of subscriptions available to choose from.


  • No cons available.

System Requirements

  • Windows 32 bit and 64 bit in versions 7 and above.
  • 2GB RAM
  • Pentium processor of 500 MHz
  • A free space of 20GB on the hard disc.
  • Requirement of live internet connection for registering DVDFab software.
  • Drive of DVD+R (W) or DVD-R (W)

Steps to Use the Software

Following steps are needed to be followed to use the DVDFab DVD Ripper efficiently:

Step 1: Launch the software and allow loading of the required source DVD on Windows or MAC

steps to use dvdfab dvd ripper

You can simply start by launching the software and inserting the disc you wish to rip. In case your source is a folder or an iso file then you need to drag and drop the same onto the workspace of the software to start the process.

steps to use dvdfab dvd ripper

Step 2: Choose any one profile and look for customization of the output video

steps to use dvdfab dvd ripper

After this, you need to select the parameters you wish to go ahead with and then start the ripping process. Moreover, if you wish to get upscale of the video, then an enlarger AI will help you in improving the quality of the video automatically. If you want to try the other DVD or Blu ray ripper software, you can browse the post Blu ray ripper: ripping your valuable information.

Free vs. Paid Version

There are two versions available for the software and if you are looking for the best free DVD Ripper you can either go for a free version or a trial version in the paid version. Following are the features of both versions:

Free Version

  • Provides supports to MP4 and MKV formats only.
  • The output video will be in 480p or 1080p format only.
  • There are only 2.0 audio channels for output.
  • Helps in supporting CPU encoding only.

Paid Version

  • It helps in providing support to all kinds of formats.
  • The video quality given for output is lossless.
  • It helps in the conversion of video to 1080 p and can go up to 4K quality.
  • There is a 5.1 multi-channel for audio output.
  • Provides support to CUDA acceleration.
  • Helps in supporting IQ S acceleration.
  • Provide support for the latest protections as well.
  • It is available as a free trial version for 30 days and the paid version cost around $39.99


Which DVD Rippers are the best DVD ripper?

With a bundle of amazing features, DVDFab DVD Ripper is the best DVD ripper that can be used for the purpose efficiently. There're numerous alternatives for the software, and you can read the article to try more DVD ripping software.

What formats can be played after ripping a DVD using DVDFab DVD ripper?

After ripping a DVD using DVDFab DVD Ripper, you will be able to play 1000+ formats including MP4, FLV, etc. on any device.

Which is the best Windows 10 DVD ripper?

DVDFab DVD Ripper is one of the best options that can work as a Windows 10 DVD ripper.


If you are very fond of having a DVD collection and you love to recall your pleasant memories with your favorite DVD is anytime and anywhere then, DVDFab DVD Ripper can be useful for you. By looking at its features you will be able to have a glance at what this fabulous DVD Ripper can do for you. Whether you want to fix any kind of playback error in a DVD, or you wish to get a good quality backup of your DVD before it gets too much scratched, or you simply wish to rip a DVD because you want to play the content on your Android or iPhone, then this software can be of great use to you. Additionally, DVDFab DVD Ripper also allows you to rip your DVD in an MP4 format so that all the given conditions and requirements are fulfilled quite easily.

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