Top 10 Adult Movies on Hulu 2023

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Adult movies have been one of the most prominent content genres people are watching. And now, we'd like to talk about adult movies on Hulu as Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services in the United States. With that perspective in mind, we thought of listing out the 10 best adult movies on Hulu in 2022.

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Top 10 Adult Movies on Hulu in 2022

Hulu is definitely creating a huge heat, and one of the ways that it is doing that is through the shows and movies available on the streaming service. The adult content on the streaming service is definitely worth the attention, and we will bring the top adult movies on Hulu here.

Beach Rats

This is one of the popular and award-winning movies on Hulu, and you would find it provides you with one of the most exciting experiences ever. The story revolves around a Brooklyn teen who is struggling with his sexual identity. He finds his father is extremely ill, and the aimless journey of the teenager is the crux of the movie.

hulu adult movie

The powerful characterization in the movie should be what would make it one of the formidable choices. The restlessness of youth is efficiently portrayed in the movie. The candid nudity should be one of the strongest factors in its favor.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Erotic movies offer you a huge deal of nudity, but they do not have any sort of sensuality attached to them. This is what is negated in the movie Portrait of a Lady on Fire. The movie is quite slow, has a historical angle and is filled with lust.

adult movie hulu

It is an art film but defies all the logic in terms of being extremely horny and poignant in its approach. The protagonist of the movie is hired as a model for a portrait of a reluctant bride. However, they get closer to each other, and the passion between them is sparkled.


The movie stars Maggie Gyllenhaal and revolves around a girl who is admitted to a mental hospital. She is moving towards the trait of self-mutilation and comes out after it after the treatment. She undertakes the training for the secretarial job.

best adult movie hulu

She gets a job but finds that her boss is quite different. He has a sexual fetish of a unique kind. She finds herself in a love triangle between her boss and her boyfriend. An emotionally difficult movie.

You're the Worst

The adult Hulu movie is criminally underrated, and the anti-romantic comedy can be one of the best movies that you would find quite interesting in almost every way. The modern romance depicted in the movie is quite sharp and exciting.

The performances in the movie are quite interesting. You would find a huge range of super hot sex scenes as well. The series and movies are available on Hulu and should be something you would find quite exciting to quench your thirst for the best adult movies on Hulu.

White Bird in a Blizzard

The adult movie on Hulu is one of the prominent and interesting options for enjoying the best erotic content along with one of the high-end content. You would witness the movie offering you access to an interesting mix of mystery, drama, and suspense.

The movie follows the chaotic life of a teenage girl, and she finds herself disturbed when her mother disappears. The sexy movie should definitely be one of the best options ever.

The Housemaid

The Hulu adult movie is set in 1953 French Indochina. This movie is all about romance and revenge. The revenge is taken beyond the grave, and that is what makes this movie one of the horror movies as well.

best adult movie hulu

A girl who is orphaned gets a job as a Housemaid in a rubber plantation. She begins falling for her French employer. The ghost of his dead wife comes in between them, and that would make it a great movie in every sense. You would definitely want to fall in love with the hot, but also brooding sex scenes.

This One’s for the Ladies

This movie is all about the strippers and focussed primarily on the male dancers. The plot revolves around the male stripping party held somewhere in New Jersey. The hilarious sequences in the movie should be one of the prime aspects that would make it an incredibly great movie ever.

hulu best adult movie

The scandal and the unique storyline should ideally make it one of the much-preferred adult movies on Hulu. In fact, it can be quite close to the best porn on Hulu that you can ever experience. The sensual tale of a community should definitely make it a great option ever for most of the expectations.

A Teacher

The independent film made a huge name for itself at the Sundance Film Festival. This movie comes with a plot where an English teacher has fallen in love with one of her students. They tend to be active sexually, but the student does not consider the relationship seriously.

There are a few incidents where you would find that they are likely to get caught in the act. She finds her job likely to be overdue to this scandal. The story further focuses on how they get out of the situation.

Four Lovers

The movie blatantly questions our modern relationships. The way we label our romantic relationships is set to change after you watch this one. The plot of the movie revolves around two couples.

hulu adult movie

The couples find attracted to one another and thus the story of throwing the rules and boundaries apart. But, that isn’t as easy as it would sound initially. The four lovers realize that it would not be as easy to follow what they have signed up for. The complicated affairs finally take a huge toll on their relationships.

Wild Things

The movie Wild Things has been one of the excellent options for providing you access to one of the excellent options ever among the best adult movies on Hulu. The misogynistic movie should be what would provide you with an insight into the bad side of things.

top adult movie

In fact, the movie is known to be one of the rare cases to showcase a threesome in a mainstream movie. The erotic thriller is definitely a worthy watch and is all about a high school teacher accused of sexual misconduct.

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The Final Words

Hulu is perhaps one of the strongest options for full-fledged entertainment. Available in the United States and Japan as of now, the content available on Hulu has always been extraordinary and impressive. One of the prime content that you may be searching for should perhaps be the best adult movies on Hulu. The list of the best options outlined in this compilation should ideally be helpful in getting access to one of the high-end options for you.

Now that watching adult movies in public view may not be advisable, opt for a good third-party downloader for Hulu to assist you in downloading and watching your favorite adult movies offline. StreamFab Hulu downloader should be what would provide you access to a perfectly formidable experience ever. The ease of use, simple interface, high-quality downloads, and customized subtitle download options are a few of the options that you would find extremely impressive on the StreamFab Downloader.

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