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Lossless Backup or Compress any DVD and Output to Blank Disc Directly.

Did you ever use burn DVD Windows 10 software? We may have seen a reduction in the use of DVDs though, they are still convenient. You can store movies, videos, and files in it. You can make the disk bootable and store OS installation files in it. So, it is important for you to learn how to burn a DVD on Windows 10.
We will tell you about some burn video DVD Windows 10 applications. We are going to use the built-in DVD burner. In addition to that, we will also tell you about our favorite third-party burn a DVD Windows 10 software.

How to Burn a DVD on Windows 10 by File Explorer

Step 1
Insert a blank disk into the optical drive.

  • If AutoPlay is enabled, a wizard will pop up as soon as Windows detects the blank drive. You may even see a notification on the top-right section of your screen which says that a blank disk is inserted. Click on the notification, and you will see the list of actions your PC can take with the software installed in the PC.
  • If AutoPlay is not enabled, you have to manually go to File Explorer. Find the drive that is assigned for your DVD, right-click on it and click on “Burn files to disk”. After the wizard opens up, on the text box, give a title to your disk. Below that, you will see two options – “Like a USB flash drive” and “With a CD/DVD player”. We recommend that you select the first option as it is more compatible with the older versions of Windows.

burn dvd windows 10
Step 2
Click Next, and the wizard will start preparing the disk to burn DVD on Windows 10.

  • Once done, go to your File Explorer. Select the files that you want to put on the disk. Drag and drop these files into the drive that contains your DVD. This will help you burn DVD on Windows 10.

how to burn a dvd on windows 10

Step 3
Once the wizard completes burning the DVD in Windows 10, go to File Explorer. Click on the DVD drive, open the menu, and press Eject.

How to Burn DVD in Windows 10 by Third-Party Software

You can use built-in burn a DVD Windows 10 software to burn videos into DVDs. However, the process like what we introduced above is complex, plus you will spend a hard time solving problems about how to burn DVD on Windows 10 if AutoPlay is not enabled or if Windows cannot detect your blank DVD. Plus, you cannot do any customizations to the disk. For a quick job, they are okay. But if you want to ramp up your experience on how to burn DVD on Windows 10, you need something better.
So, sometimes it is better to use third-party burn video to DVD Windows 10 software to burn DVDs as their advanced features will make your work easier.

DVDFab DVD Creator - The Best Third-Party Program to Burn DVD on Windows 10

This is the software that we regularly use to solve problems about how to burn a DVD on Windows 10. This is one of the best DVD burner tools on the internet. You can use this burn video DVD Windows 10 software to burn DVD from more than 200 video formats like AVI, MP4, MKV, M2TS, FLV, MOV, etc. Using this burn video to DVD Windows 10 application, you can burn any video format to a standard DVD that will be supported in any standalone home player.
.ISO files are supported by a lot of DVD players. If you want, you can convert videos to .ISO files, store them on your HDD, and watch them on laptops or tablets. So, if you have some DVD playback software on your PC, you can view your videos and movies whenever you want. In addition to that, ISO files can be burned into a DVD faster. Quality is something you need to put a lot of focus on when you are watching movies on big screens or in a home theater. Some third-party DVD writer tools burn videos on DVD but the quality of the output becomes far lesser than that of the source video. However, this burn video to DVD Windows 10 software makes no such compromises. The output on the DVD will be of very high quality, and you will be able to play it on DVD players and consoles like XBOX and PS5 to get the best experience.
We all love a pleasant experience when we navigate through the playback menu on DVDs. Also, you may want to store multiple movies in a single homemade disk, and having a navigation menu will help you to quickly select which movie you want to play. We can get the best experience if we can customize the menu based on our preferences and aesthetics.
That’s what DVDFab DVD Creator gives you. There are several static and dynamic menu templates at your disposal that you can use on any DVD that you like. These templates will make your homemade DVDs look like they are commercial products. They have a vast library of templates that gets updated regularly to meet the needs of their diverse users. These settings enable you to address how to burn video to DVD Windows 10 available.
You can burn DVDs in Windows 10 that support multiple languages, as all the menu templates will allow you to switch audio tracks and subtitle files.
There is much more to these menu templates than just choosing them from a library. Each navigation menu template is flexible, and you can customize them in whichever way you want to. You can set and change background art, add thumbnails, change text font and color, or customize the playback buttons.
If you want, you can even use a specific menu template as default. GPUs on your PC can do a lot more than just play games or do graphics-related tasks. You can speed up the process of every software if they have the proper tools required for hardware acceleration.
That’s what DVDFab DVD Creator provides us. It comes with the latest GPU acceleration technologies like Multi-core CPU, NVIDIA CUDA, AMD, Intel Quick Sync, Video Toolbox, etc. This will allow you to burn DVDs in Windows 10 50 times faster than any other DVD burners.

How to Burn a DVD on Windows 10 by DVDFab DVD Creator

Step 1
Download DVDFab DVD Creator from the official site and open it. Click on the Creator button from the option bar.
burn dvd windows 10
Go to Creator Mode Switcher and select DVD Creator. After that, locate the files and videos that you want to burn into the DVD. You can either click on the Add button and select the files from your directory. Else, you can drag and drop these files into the window, and they will get added automatically.
Step 2
Now let us get into customization. Once the videos have loaded successfully, click on the Wrench icon present on the window. From there, you will be able to select the output size and preferred quality of the video that you want to burn into the DVD.
how to burn a dvd on windows 10
You can choose between menu templates and further customize them by selecting them from the Set Menu icon that is located next to the Wrench icon.
Step 3
On the bottom-right corner of the window, you can select the disk where you want to burn the files and videos. Or you can save it to your hard disk in the form of .ISO files. Then click on Start. As the process goes on, DVDFab will give you detailed information about what is happening.

how to burn a dvd on windows

Thanks to this hardware acceleration, you will be able to burn multiple videos of different formats simultaneously a lot faster. It doesn’t matter whether you are burning a few DVDs or a bunch of them - DVDFab will ensure that you are able to burn videos into DVD quickly and make your life a whole lot easier.
We may love a movie so much that we may want to know more about it. And you can do so by DVDFab DVD Creator. It has a media server where it stores meta info like the movie title, cast, etc. When you select a movie, DVDFab will automatically search for more data in their servers and synchronize them with the source video. This will also give a professional touch to your videos.

Wrapping up

DVDs can be useful in storing stuff like videos and movies. Even if your digital copy gets deleted, you can get back your stuff from DVDs. Also, if you like to be a collector, then knowing how to burn a DVD on Windows 10 will prove to be useful. These are our favorite ways of burning videos and files into DVDs in Windows 10. We hope this article can enable you to tackle problems about how to burn a DVD Windows 10 compatible with. Also, don’t forget to check out DVDFab DVD Creator. If you want to burn a DVD on Windows 10 without the third-party program, you can click the link to learn more.

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