How to Burn a DVD on Windows 10 without Third-party Software?

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Do you know how to burn a DVD on Windows 10 without any third-party software? Windows 10 itself includes a tool to burn your CD or DVD. You can burn media or even an operating system iso files with the help of this Windows inbuilt DVD burner. Let's see if this Windows DVD burning tool works or not.

Steps to Burn a DVD on Windows 10

Step 1: Insert your CD or DVD on your computer DVD player Wait a second. I am inserting a CD. It takes a little time to load

how to burn a dvd

Step 2: Locate the files you want to burn on the CD. I have some video files stored in a single folder that I want to burn into my CD. So I am going to select this entire folder and burn it.

burn dvd

Step 3: Right-click on a folder or file you want to burn, and hover on a send to button
Step 4: Choose your DVD drive. In my case, it is E drive

how to burn dvd on windows

Step 5: Configure disk burning options First, give a name to your disc. Now it will ask you how do you want to use this disc? You have two options. If you choose the first option called a USB drive, then your DVD works like a typical USB drive. In other words, you can always delete, insert new files at any time. People are very likely to choose this option. But if you choose the second option to burn files into the DVD, then you won't be able to delete or edit the data. I mean once you burn any files, they will stay forever and become read-only. This is the preferred way to use a DVD. I am going with the 2nd option.

copy dvd

Step 6: Click next You see, the files you selected have been copied to the DVD. But wait, the burning process is still not finished. Only files are copied, but still, we need to burn them.

burn a dvd

Step 7: Right-click inside a DVD drive and click on the burn to disc option

a dvd drive

Step 8: Hit next to start the burning process The burning process has been started. Just keep one thing in mind, do not cancel the burning process. If you do, there are high chances that your DVD will get corrupted and won't work anymore. So, I am speeding up this video, because burning takes time. The burning process has been completed.

dvd burning

Step 9: Click the Finish button to close the window After burning, you will notice that your DVD will automatically come out from your PC DVD player.

dvd burning

If so, then you have burned the DVD correctly Let's verify if the files have burned or not Insert DVD back to the computer again See, only 41 MB space is remaining in the DVD, which means your files has been stored permanently on this CD. You can also verify by right-clicking on the folder, you will notice no delete button is available. Window disk burner is an amazing tool, it is perfect for individual use.

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