Blink vs Ring, Which Home Security Cameras Are the Best?

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Blink and Ring are the top players in the home surveillance industries. The cameras from these companies may seem similar, but there are some major differences between them. Today we will have a detailed comparison between Blink & Ring. If you are one of the users who is mulling over buying a home security camera and is confused between Ring and Blink, then this article is perfect for you. Read below to know which is the better option for you between Blink vs Ring camera.

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Overview of Ring & Blink

Ring is an Amazon-owned company and is much more than just doorbells. The firm has grown into a complete security company. It provides different smart home integration, camera solutions, as well as professional monitoring. Ring is ideal for you if you wish to level up the security at your home without long-term contracts and unreasonable costs.

Speaking of Blink, this company is also owned by Amazon. The firm is popular for its simple security camera options that are budget-friendly. However, the company only sells cameras along with camera accessories. It does not sell other home security products such as door and window sensors. In addition to this, there is no enhanced security monitoring options when it comes to Blink.

If you’re choosing between Blink camera vs Ring, remember that the cameras from these players have various similarities. Read below to know what are the key differentiators and similarities between Ring camera and vs Blink camera.

Blink vs Ring: The Cost

Blink Indoor comes for a price tag of $79 per piece, which is a very practical cost considering the functionalities users get. Remember that users can also bundle and save with Blink—with 5-camera, 3-camera, and 2-camera kits saving users almost $100 or even more. Blink Outdoor falls in the range of $65 to $100 per piece, and users will get the same packaged savings if you buy more than one camera at once. Lastly, the Blink Mini indoor cam has a price tag of just $25, but the functions are fairly minimal. The table below shows the detailed cost of Blink vs Ring outdoor camera. Have a look:

Blink Camera


Blink Indoor


Blink Outdoor


Blink Mini


On the other hand, Ring is the more costly option when it comes to the Blink mini vs Ring indoor camera comparison. Although Ring Indoor begins with a price tag of $65, the outdoor cameras will cost you in the range of $79 and $249.

Ring Cameras


Spotlight Cam Battery


Spotlight Cam Wired


Spotlight Cam Solar


Floodlight Cam


Stick Up Cam Battery


Stick Up Cam Plug-in


Stick Up Cam Solar


Indoor Cam


Stick Up Cam Elite (2nd Edition)


If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, then Blink is the better choice. However, Ring provides more features and enhanced protection for your family and home. It is worth every penny you shell out.

Blink vs Ring: The Features

Below is a detailed list of the feature for both the cameras given separately. Have a look.

Features of Blink

  • The home security cameras from Blink come with in-built motion sensors. The devices automatically start recording when the sensors detect some motion. This saves memory, as the device records only when the activity is sensed, not continuously.
  • The video surveillance system of Blink has a huge capacity for different cameras. Users can connect almost 10 cameras with Blink to the same hub. This is the perfect option if users have a big house that requires more than one camera.
  • Blink devices can be installed in no time, which is ideal for users who are not that great with the tech. There is no extensive wiring or drilling to deal with. Users can use just a couple of screws and the step-by-step instructions do the remaining job. Also, the cameras are operated by a battery.
  • The home video surveillance system by Blink utilizes local storage, so the devices themselves save the video recordings. Though the memory is less, the fact that Blink saves media locally is very useful. Remember that users can also sign up with a paid subscription plan, permitting them to save an almost infinite amount of recording on the cloud.
  • Users can monitor their contractors, kids, nannies, or other workers within, while also watching on your backyard and front yard. Blink lately rolled out a couple of devices dubbed Blink Outdoor and Blink Indoor. The company also has a widespread Blink Mini indoor camera.
  • Blink devices offer clear 1080p HD resolution recordings. This is the industry standard nowadays, and it is very sharp to select the small details of users' requirements.

Features of Ring

  • The Ring doorbell cameras offer users to see a real-time live video feed of the front door and anyone who comes there. Other video doorbells devices can defend against break-ins and package theft with features such as two-way talk, 1080p HD image quality, and night vision.
  • The entry sensors of Ring Alarm will notify users when somebody enters the home via an exterior window or door, which is a clear benefit that Ring has over Blink. In addition to this, the entry sensors can flawlessly communicate with Ring’s cameras, too.
  • Ring provides home automation features such as automation of the cameras themselves and smart lighting. Home automation will let users control their security system and lighting as well as allow them to monitor from a remote location through a mobile device. This feature can be very useful.
  • Apart from providing a variety of different security devices, Ring majorly focuses on indoor and outdoor cameras. Ring’s outdoor cameras are developed to withstand harsh weather. Users will be able to monitor the activity around their home in any weather.
  • Ring provides cameras with in-built floodlights and spotlights.
  • Ring cameras are compatible with Alexa, offering users hands-free voice control over the home video surveillance system. The devices also work with Google Home, but since Alexa and Ring are both owned by Amazon, the Ring-Alexa compatibility is flawless.

Blink vs Ring: Their Apps

Below is a detailed review of the apps for both companies. Have a look.

Blink Home Monitor App

The Blink Home Monitor application is available on Apple App Store with a 3.3 rating and on Google Play Store with a rating of four. The Blink app can be used seamlessly to live-stream recordings from all security cameras. In addition to this, it works great if you set it up to get notifications if any of the cameras detect motion while they were armed. The app allows users to create activity zones, adjust motion sensitivity, and customize the length of event clips.

blink vs ring

The Ring Always Home App

The Ring— Always Home mobile app is available on Apple App Store with a 4.1 rating and on Google Play Store with a rating of four. While using the app, users will notice that their phones are synced to the Ring Alarm System, and the phrases “home,” “disarmed,” and “away” seem to appear at the top of the screen. The app is very useful when there are many people who can arm or disarm the cameras. The app allows users to look at a history of events, as well. While browsing the recorded footage from outdoor cameras, users can see people clearly. Other features worth appreciating about the app are the ability to change the sensitivity of the motion detector and set privacy zones.

Ring app vs blink app

Major Similarities between Blink and Ring

The below table details the major similarities between Blink vs Ring.



No Contracts

Neither Ring nor Blink needs any long-term contract. If users select to opt for a subscription, they can cancel any time without extra and hidden charges.

Simple DIY Installation

Both Ring and Blink cameras can be installed easily and within no time. The how-to videos by each company help install and makes it smooth.

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

Blink presently has indoor cameras and outdoor cameras. Ring provides indoor cameras and outdoor cameras as well.

Remote Connectivity

Each system provides remote connectivity via mobile apps that let users observe their homes whenever they need.

Major Differences between Blink and Ring

The below table details the major difference between Ring vs Blink.




Trial Periods

Blink provides a 30-day trial period on its cameras.

Ring does not provide any trial offer.

Professional Monitoring

Blink allows for self-monitoring.

Ring allows for self-monitoring as well as offers 24/7 professional monitoring.

Cloud-Based vs. Local Storage

Blink includes cloud storage subscriptions.

Ring includes cloud storage subscriptions. In addition to this, Blink offers local storage of almost 265 GB via the Sync Module 2.

Power Supply

All Blink cameras are wireless, apart from the Blink Mini, which needs an outlet.

Ring cameras are powered by batteries (with up to a year of use), cords, and even solar power. Some Ring devices even have the option to switch power modes.


Which is better: Blink or Ring?

Both Ring and Blink companies provide inexpensive cameras for monitoring user homes. The benefit of Ring is that it provides professional optional monitoring. On the other end, Blink provides Cloud storage for free.

Can blink cameras be hacked?

Similar to any other wireless technology, the Blink ecosystem can also be compromised. Amazon keeps on launching updates to the firmware to keep your cameras secured from bad actors.

Is Ring compatible with Blink?

Ring and Blink have their own individual applications. Hence, they are not compatible with each other within the box. On the other hand, since both cameras can be linked to Alexa, they can work in tandem via Alexa Routines.

Do blink cameras record all the time?

Blink records video whenever there is the detection of motion. However, users can set them to record continually. The live viewing functionality, on the other hand, only exists on Blink Outdoor cameras.


Having said that, we just had a look at the detailed comparison between Ring vs Blink home security cameras. Rest, we leave it to your fine judgment and requirements as to which device you need to opt.

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