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Although online streaming services like Netflix have taken over the entertainment world and are used widely, people still prefer using a DVD player to enjoy movies, TV shows, etc. They might face problems as the media player provided by Windows does not support various video formats. To avoid such happening, we have discussed a list of CD DVD players for laptops.


Are you looking for a video player to use DVD files? Or, in other words, are you looking for a DVD player for a laptop? If so, then here we are about to discuss a variety of such players in detail. All these players have their significance and provide services in a particular manner.

DVD-video is a video format used by various companies to store data on DVDs. There was a time when the DVD video format was one of the most used video formats in most parts of the world. But with time, it was replaced with high-definition Blu-ray videos. The DVD video player was designed for standard videos while Blu-ray could support HD videos.

We must know that Windows also provides a media player to play audio and video files. But these media players do not support most video formats. For instance, the Windows media player primarily does not support high-quality MKV format. In such a scenario, we are left with the only option to use a DVD player for laptop. Here we have discussed some well-known CD DVD player for laptop in detail.

DVD Player Software for Laptop

Although Windows provides a media player to use audio and video files, these players might not be enough to play high-quality videos on a laptop. Various third-party tools have been designed to play high-quality DVD videos to avoid such happenings.

1. PlayerFab DVD Player Software For Laptop

PlayerFab is undoubtedly the best option for you if you are looking for a DVD player for laptop. It is entirely safe to use and is available for Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11. The most beautiful thing about the PlayerFab DVD player is that it is an advanced player and can even play videos that are not allowed in some areas of the world.

PlayerFab DVD player provides a free version, but this free version offers only limited functions. You can buy standard or ultra-version if need be. Furthermore, the system should have a minimum processor of core i3 and a RAM of 4GB if you want to use this software properly.

PlayerFab DVD Player Software For Laptop


Following are some of the features of the PlayerFab DVD player software for laptops:

It supports a large variety of audio and video formats. These formats may include MP3, FLV, FLAC, M4A, etc.

The player also supports DVD ISO files on a laptop.

Various DVD videos or movies may have some regional coding that allows you to play that video in a particular region. Most video players show a regional error in any other region, but PlayerFab can quickly pass through it.

PlayerFab offers both PC and TV modes. In PC mode, you can directly play videos on a laptop, while in TV mode, you can connect the PC to HDTV by using a specific cable.

2. VLC Media Player

Provided by VideoLane, VLC might be the most used media player worldwide. VLC provides its services for almost all electronic devices, including PC, Android, and iPhone. Also, it is available for most operating systems like Windows and Mac. VLC works as an open-source media player, and there is no need to buy a premium account to gain complete access.

2. VLC Media Player

VLC can support multiple formats and quickly act as a CD DVD player for laptop. All you need to do is press "Media" in the options bar and select "Open Disc" or press Ctrl + D to browse the DVD you want to play. Also. You can directly go to the DVD and play it through VLC.

3. KMPlayer

Like a VLC media player, KM Player also offers its services for most electronic devices. The media player is well-known for playing high-definition videos efficiently. It supports different video and audio formats, including MP3, MKV, FLV, etc. Thus, it can quickly provide you with an enchanting experience of enjoying DVD videos.

The software is entirely free, and there is no need to buy extra functions. Instead, you can have a wonderful experience just by using the normal functions of KM Player. Moreover, the software does not require you to have a hardcore system or any specific operating system.

4. GOM Player

If you are not a professional but still looking for a DVD player for laptop that can provide all the essential functions, GOM Player is the answer for you. It can also support multiple formats and fantastically merge them. GOM Player is also considered among the competitors of VLC and KM Player.

GOM Player

As GOM Player can support multiple formats, it can also be used as a CD DVD player for laptop. You can either directly access the DVD disc or through GOM Player. It further allows you to make a lot of customizations as per need. The software has been adding various functions over time, like recently, it allowed the Mac users to add movies subtitles through the app.

5. Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic is among the best media players that can also act as a DVD player on laptop. It is also a primary media player and can even support PCs from back 2000s. It is free to use, and there is zero chance of malware while using MPC.

The software provides a large variety of functions and can support almost all kinds of formats. You must know that the software has not been under development since 2017, so there has been no upgrade ever since. But still, it offers plenty of functions.

Portable DVD Player For Laptop

Nowadays, the world is quickly moving toward online streaming platforms; but people still seem to enjoy DVD versions of movies or TV shows. The DVD player for laptops are familiar and are readily available to the users, but you might find the size of your laptop too much to use as a portable DVD player.

Various portable DVD player for laptops have been devised to assist you if such is the case. These are lighter than the laptop and have a built-in setting to support the DVD player. So, you can use a portable DVD player to watch movies or TV shows while traveling.

portable DVD player

These were primarily designed to be used in Airplanes but have made their way to cars. Also, you can use them at home by connecting them to TV and enjoying movies on a big screen. Following are some of the features of a Portable DVD player for laptops:

The Portable DVD player for the laptop should support the DVD format. Some of the laptops have excluded disc drives and are unable to play DVD files. Therefore, the portable DVD player should possess a DVD disc room.

The battery is another necessity for Portable DVD players. The purpose of designing a portable DVD player for laptops was to allow users to watch movies while traveling or on a trip. As it is mainly used by airplanes, they might need strong battery performance for longer flights.

The size and weight of portable DVD players are also important. The device's primary purpose was to create a low-weight and small-sized device to make it portable. The portability of the portable DVD player decreases as the size or weight increases.

Some of the best portable DVD players may include Apeman Portable DVD player, ieGeek Portable DVD player, and Pyle Portable DVD player, etc.


The DVD format has been enormously used for the past decades. Years ago, there was no proper way to watch movies online, and you had to rent a DVD. And to access the video on DVD, one cannot solely rely on the Windows media player. You may need third-party software to perform this function. Here we have explained some of the best DVD player on laptops.

Google People Asked Questions

What are DVD players?

DVD players are media players designed to play videos from a DVD drive. Most of these players are well-known for general use as media players. A DVD player can also be termed as the device that supports DVD.

What is a USB DVD player for laptops?

USB DVD player for laptop is a USB port and DVD player that allows you to view videos and images on TV or any other screen. Thus, you can connect a USB thumb drive with the screen and enjoy a cinematic view at home.

Can we get an external DVD player for laptop?

Yes, external DVD player for laptops are available, and you can also call them USB DVD player for laptops. You can connect these drives with your laptop via a USB port. It will start installing, and you can use it after the installation is completed. But make sure that the drive you are using supports Blu-ray videos.

What are the best external DVD player for laptop?

You may use Ausus ZenDrive U9M, Pioneer BDR-XD07B, or LG BP60NB10 for better results.

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