5 Best Note Taking App for iPad in 2023

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The best note taking app for iPad provides multimedia features to make your life easier. For example, you can add images and video to any document for a more engaging experience.

If you're looking for the best note taking apps on an iPad, look no further than these following five great options. Whether it's simple or complex tasks that need to be done in your workday, one of these programs will be perfect and easy enough.

The 5 Best Note Taking App for iPad in 2022

1- GoodNotes

Price: $7.99

For data recorders with needs that go beyond the necessary, Nebo can handle it. Multiple apps only allow adding text into them. But this one also has features for an organization like adding paragraphs and titles/bullet lists so you'll never drop your thoughts again.

best note taking app for ipad goodnotes


  • The drawing tool of this app is great for sketching out your ideas and letting you experiment with different shapes.
  • You can also create diagrams, flow charts, or formulas easily and combine them with documents.
  • When documents are completed, they can be exported in various formats like HTML, Word, and PDF.
  • You can use Nebo for Windows 10, Android, or iOS, and it will look incredible in every single one.


  • It is a flexible note taking app.
  • There are handwritten notes that you can search for.
  • You can use it to convert your handwritten material.


  • There is no free tier.

2- Notability - Best App for Note Taking iPad

Price: $14.99 per year

Notability is a great, all-inclusive note recording app for the iOS program. It has won awards in multiple categories and is impressed with its feature set each year. This app continues to be one of Ginger Labs' most popular products, with more than 100 million users worldwide.

best note taking app for ipad notability


  • This app is like a virtual drawing board for all your creative needs! You can combine typing, sketching, and handwriting with photos in one place.
  • It also helps to create comments in PDFs.
  • You can share your notes through emails, and cloud-based services, like Google Drive, Airdrop, and Dropbox.


  • You will enjoy its uses with note PDFs.
  • The app is compatible with numerous input formats.
  • Besides all the above, you can use it to share notes in the cloud.


  • It is a bit costly.

3- Evernote - Best Free Note Taking App for iPad

Price: $7.99 per month

Evernote is a note taking program that can work with either your iPad Pro or Android device. The app can store multiple inputs, including images and text, alongside recordings of messages and clips from websites. You'll be ready to access all linked devices by one account for collaboration and storage purposes.

best free note taking app for ipad evernote


  • Now you can have all the important files at your fingertips, no matter where or when. They're accessible through a web browser interface on any device for better workflow.
  • The notes are searchable, and you can add a lot of detail to each one.
  • This application is available for free but with limitations. The syncing can be done on two devices, and uploads restriction ranges at 60MB per month.


  • The free version is available with a lot of exciting features.
  • It is also android compatible.
  • It is the best note taking app for iPad pro.


  • You should have a premium version for teamwork.

4- Whink - Best Note Taking App for iPad with Apple Pencil

Price: $2.99

Whink is a friendly, note taking iOS app that can be equally at home using your fingers. Whether you prefer to type with words or write out the notes on paper in handwriting, Whink makes it simple. It makes the documentation so easy by giving more options than any other similar program currently available today.

best note taking app for ipad with apple pencil free whink


  • There are many different ways to incorporate media into your article. You can add images, designs with colors, and geometric patterns.
  • With a list of many highlighting colors and styles available, it's easy to highlight the parts you want in each document.
  • It promotes multi-tasking, so you're able to take other notes when already reading a document.


  • You can use it to imitate a gel pen on paper.
  • It is best to use with perfect geometric shapes.
  • The app is available at a cheap rate.


  • There is no cloud integration.

5- Notepad+ - Best Note Taking App for iPad with Apple Pencil Free

Price: Free

Notepad+ is a digital notepad that allows you to do anything from typing notes and making sketches. It can add images as well. Notepad+, the most versatile note taking software on Earth, offers a wide variety of formatting options. With great fonts, it supports handwriting. You're never at risk for a dull old black text again.

best note taking app for ipad with apple pencil notepad+


  • Not only can you use it to explain PDFs, but also Excel files and even Keynote presentations.
  • A new and improved drag-and-drop function will make it easier than ever to copy content from other apps into your notes.
  • Icons and smileys give notes personality, but the text can be added next to them too.
  • The zoom function of this camera is one feature that helps you get the perfect pictures.


  • It is best to use or type handwriting.
  • There are numerous flexible color and image choices.
  • It is compatible with numerous file formats.


  • There are no disadvantages of this tool. It is amazing.


The battle for productivity begins with your note taking apps. But it doesn't end there! You will also need power adaptors, headphones, and USB cores to keep all of those creative ideas flowing smoothly on iOS devices.


What is the best note taking app for iPad?

The five best note taking apps for iPad are given below;

  • GoodNotes
  • Notability
  • Evernote
  • Whink
  • Notepad+

Is it worth using the iPad for note taking?

Yes, for those who want to take notes while they work, an iPad is worth it. Because you can use all of its features and carry around your information on one device, it's also easy to share digital notes with others.

Do students use to take notes on iPads? If yes, then which app will be most suitable?

Flexcil is a fantastic note taking app that can help you study and research more efficiently. Whether it's for taking notes, bullet journaling, or reading documents, Flexcil will have your productivity up in seconds with its great features.

Can we use the iPad as a notebook?

The Pencil is an innovative new input device that lets you interact with your iPad just as if it were paper. It's the perfect replacement for writing on digitized tablets and even better than expected.

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